The Dogevity Show: Tales & Tails From the Pack

The Dogevity Show: Tales & Tails From the Pack

Dogs and humans share a special strong spiritual connection unlike any other and the Dogevity Show highlights this with ‘tall tales’ of sweet spirited and heroic dogs and their humans.The Dogevity Show shares inspirational stories, and practical advice with host Wendy Latorre and her world class expert guests sharing their vast knowledge to touch move, inspire and teach dog lovers everywhere.Each of these stories of extraordinary dogs and people that adore them truly demonstrates the meaning of love, as their devotion and undying love illustrate the very real miraculous bond that exists between dogs and people.We all know that dogs are man’s best friends. But the stories in this show demonstrates that canines can go well beyond best friend—Our four legged angels whether thwarting muggers, rescuing entire families from life threatening fires, roaming over hundreds of miles and perilous conditions to return home, or communicating and connecting with their owners beyond the physical world, dogs are truly miraculous creatures.This show will delight and inspire dog lovers everywhere !


November 25, 2022 16 min

If your pup suffers from allergies, dry skin issues, paw problems, or you just love and want to pamper them big time, and have some fun, today’s episode of The Dogevity™️ Show is one you don’t want to miss!
Dianne has a fascinating chat with Anthony Ivancich, business development executive for Warren London Pet & Grooming Products. 

Founder Eric Bittman started the company about 12 years ago after searching in vain for a soluti...

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Do you enjoy fun, fascinating, quirky stories about funny dogs? Do you find yourself binge-watching silly dog videos on social media and wishing you could be treated to a “behind the scenes” look?
 Would you like to find out more about becoming a social media “canine content” creator yourself?
 When you listen to today’s episode of The Dogevity™️ Show, you will! Dianne visits with Chris Equale, an unlikely social media content crea...

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Lisa Baronoff had a problem. Her beloved dog, Toffee, an adorable cocker spaniel, was sick. Here’s what happened…
 She took him on a walk through the streets of New York in the snow. Now, that may seem like a safe thing to do. But it wasn’t.
 Toffee’s paws got covered with dangerous, toxic chemicals used to melt snow.
 As dogs do, he licked his paws. And he got sick. Violently sick. On the advice of her vet, Lisa put boots on him....

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Today, Dianne’s guest on The Dogevity™️ Show has a story that will inspire both entrepreneurs and dog lovers.

Ally Concannon had a pit bull named Bella that suffered from allergies and was constantly scratching her belly to the point where she had no fur in that area.

Clothes were a possible solution, but Ally had a hard time finding clothes to fit Bella. So what did she do? She created them herself!

This venture became a sid...

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Dianne’s guest today, Kathleen Wojtowicz, has an amazing story that will resonate with dog lovers big time! It’s story you’ll will hear in this episode. 
Originally hesitant to adopt a pit bull because of the negative, and false, stereotypes surrounding this misunderstood breed, she finally got one and named him Chip.

He passed away in 2018. To fill the void in her life, she started volunteering at her local humane rescue alliance....

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November 4, 2022 35 min

Today’s episode reveals an intriguing conversation Diane had recently with Carlyn Montes de Oca, an award-winning author, international speaker, animal and human health expert and passionate animal advocate. 
 Carlyn firmly believes that our dogs are trying to tell us about ourselves and our well being and that, if we listened to them, we would be better off physically, mentally, emotionally, even spiritually. 
 As you listen to th...

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Plenty of dog owners also have cats. Maybe you do too. If so, you will love Dianne’s conversation today with Nohely Mejia.  Her company, Pet Pals Group, offers some innovative solutions to many problems cat owners face. 
 They produce cat furniture that is functional, high quality, eco-friendly, and looks awesome! It will actually compliment your home décor, not stick out like a sore thumb!
 But let’s say you don’t have a cat. You’...

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Today, Dianne has a fascinating visit with a creative and entrepreneurial juggernaut. Kelly Sallaway is an Emmy Award-winning TV producer and creator of several documentaries. She’s also the creator of Goodbye Buddy, an online portal which offers mental health and counseling services for pet owners suffering through grief after the loss of their pets.
 But she and her team have even bigger plans to help grieving pet owners, plans ...

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Here’s a problem LOTS of dog owners can relate to…
 Trimming your dog’s toenails. Or at least trying to without drama, chaos, or worst of all, hurting your beloved pup.
 If you have trouble trimming your dog’s nails, you may have tried restraining them. You may have tried prescription pills to relax them. You might even have tried full-blown vet-induced sedation.
 There’s a good chance you’re at your wit’s end.
 But what if ther...

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October 19, 2022 32 min

A single act of kindness…
It may seem small and insignificant. But is it? Maybe not. 

That single act of kindness may change your life. It may change the world.
 Today, Dianne visits with Ed Ehlers, an entrepreneur and children’s book author who has done so much for animals, fellow humans, and the planet.
 While on a walk in the woods one day, Ed demonstrated an act of kindness to two lost puppies, Australian Shepherd brothers he na...

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October 14, 2022 50 min

Today, Dianne visits with Sue London, known across the globe as the Animal Communicator. Sue has a very unusual occupation. She helps animals cross over through the death process and helps their human families manage their grief in this very trying time. 
 She discovered at a very young age that she had the ability, when she would talk with her dog, to hear the dog’s response back to her. 
 She thought this was normal, that it was ...

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October 12, 2022 24 min

On to today’s episode…
Do you love doodles? Are you thinking about getting one for your family? Maybe you already have one, and you’re looking for professional advice to help you have a more enjoyable relationship with your precious, curly-haired pup.
If so, you’ll want to listen as Dianne visits with Corinne Gearhart, the Doodle Pro.
Corinne is an expert doodle trainer who specializes in force-free, positive reinforcement train...

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We get it. We understand the importance of good nutrition for ourselves. But what do we do for our dogs? Often, we just toss some dry, unnatural, heavily processed kibble in a bowl and forget about it. This may work OK for a while. But eventually, the consequences of this approach to feeding our dogs leads to devastating health consequences.
 Not only do dogs need good, natural, wholesome food to thrive and enjoy optimal health, t...

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It's no secret that CBD oil is a very popular natural health supplement for people. But have you ever considered that it might have health benefits for dogs? 
 A CBD supplement may be a good addition to your dog’s holistic lifestyle.
 There are more and more CBD products for dogs hitting the market every day. And they are not all the same. So what should you look for in a CBD supplement? And what should you avoid?
 Wendy’s gu...

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August 22, 2022 26 min

Adoption can be a scary thing for a dog. A lot of dogs in shelters come from abusive situations. And the shelter experience itself can be traumatic. So how can this process become less frightening, even enjoyable for the dog? How can the dog and their adoptive family experience a greater chance for a happy, successful relationship?
 Mara Velez has plenty to say on this topic. As a certified professional dog trainer and the creator ...

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August 15, 2022 25 min

Dogs and kids…
 Seems like a natural, normal thing, right? A lot of parents of young children seem to think so. Many of them say “We want a puppy”.
 And having a dog can be a wonderful experience for the kids and the dog. But it can also be a nightmare for both of them.
 Jennifer Shryock. a certified dog behavior consultant. She is the owner and founder of Family Paws LLC. She’s an expert at helping parents cultivate an environmen...

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We love our dogs, but let’s face it! If they aren’t properly trained and well behaved, they can be a handful. Like a lot of dog owners, maybe you’ve decided your pup needs training.

Wendy’s guest, Shannon Riley-Coyner, felt the same way. As a teenager, she took her lab puppy to a training class, but she was shocked at the methods used; choke chains and too-tight collars were used as punishment. Positive reinforcement was nowhere to...

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Here’s something we can all relate to…
The difficulty of taking your dog to the vet. It’s stressful for you. It’s stressful for your dog. And it’s stressful for your vet. 

They are hurried and harried. In such a hectic environment, they can’t give your dog the degree of attention and care they need. The level of care they want to give your dog. The level of care you expect. The level of care your dog deserves.
 But what if there wa...

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Preventing dog bites…
We often think the risk of dog bites comes only from stray dogs. But here’s a shocking statistic…77% of dog bites suffered by children come from their family dog or a friend’s dog. 
This is dauting to read. But it also gives us a strong epiphany. If a family dog bites a child or a friend, it’s easy to blame the dog, to think it’s somehow “defective”. 
But here’s the thing…
These are our dogs. “We” are the ...

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Today’s show talks about a critical topic—our environment and the impact dogs are having on the health of our planet. Specifically, let’s talk about single-use plastic poop bags.
 Now, maybe you’re reading this and thinking that there are lots of different ecofriendly dog waste bags you can buy. Actually, that’s not true. Here’s the thing…
 There are plenty of recycled options, and there are plastic bags that claim to be biodegrada...

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