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The DollarSprout Podcast

Want a business that offers consistent income and flexibility without all the hustle and grind? You, my friend, need a lifestyle business. Join us each week where we’ll interview lifestyle entrepreneurs on the tools, tips, and strategies you need to build a lean business that supports your ideal lifestyle. If you’ve ever thought about starting an online business or just want to escape hustle culture and the 9-to-5 grind, this show is for you.


May 14, 2023 28 mins

I officially took my business full-time 10 months ago!

In today's update, I share where we've been over the last year, what my business looks like today (revenue, revenue projections, and hours I'm working), and my goals and plans for the rest of 2023.

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Today’s guest is Adrienne Johnston. Adrienne is a freelance presentation designer who works with companies like Microsoft, Samsung, and Meta.

Adrienne left her job in finance in 2018. After working consistent 70-hour weeks, she was determined to build a business that gave her the freedom and flexibility she yearned for, but without the networking or sleazy sales calls. Today, Adrienne’s business brings in over $300k per year workin...

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Today’s guest is Jenny Weg. Jenny is a full-time mom and social media manager who started her business out of a desire to stay at home with her first child after maternity leave. 

Like many business owners, Jenny’s journey has been a nonlinear one. After building her business as a full-time freelancer and course creator, Jenny decided to go back to a full-time job and keep her business for supplemental income. She’s learned to adap...

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Today’s guest is Julie Berninger. Julie is a blogger, podcaster, Etsy seller, and co-founder of Gold City Ventures, where she teaches others how to start a successful Etsy business selling printables.

In 2017, Julie started her own Etsy shop, The Swag Elephant, selling temporary tattoos for bachelorette parties. After realizing she didn’t want to deal with the hassle of shipping orders, Julie switched to selling bachelorette scaven...

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Today’s guest is Whitney Hansen. Whitney is a financial coach and business mentor who I’m a financial coach who helps ambitious people manage their cash flow, pay off debt, work towards their goals, and live life on their own terms.

Whitney started her business in 2010. After working two jobs to pay off her $30,000 of student loan debt in just 10 months, friends and family started asking Whitney for help with their own finances. Fr...

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Today’s guest is Gillian Perkins from Gillian is a best-selling author, founder of the Startup Society, and host of the Earn More, Work Less podcast. Her mission is to teach regular people how to build online businesses that make passive income and provide them flexibility, fulfillment, and success on their own terms.

In this episode, Gillian shares:

  • Her entrepreneurial journey g...
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Today’s guest is Keldie Jamieson, founder of the OBM Leadership Academy. Keldie’s career as an online business manager began in 2010 when she realized she could leverage her experience in project management and operations to build a location-independent business.

After struggling to find ideal clients for a year, she took the Certified Online Business Manager® training and soon after landed her first 7-figure client. For more than ...

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Today’s guests are Rob and Melissa Stephenson, co-founders of Flea Market Flipper. Rob comes from a family of flippers, and he started his own reselling side hustle when he was just 16 years old. 

When he and Melissa realized they were about to have three kids under three with no health insurance, they decided to go all-in on reselling and take the business full time. That first year, they made over $130,000, more than $100,000 of ...

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Today’s guest is Emma Sloan. Emma is a full-time content creator in her business, The Wee Writer, where she and her team provide customized copywriting and editing services to small and medium-sized businesses.

Emma started her business in 2015 when she was still in university. She was in need of part-time income with flexible hours when she came across the idea to offer copywriting services. Since then, she’s taken her business fu...

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Today’s guest is Kelan Kline. Kelan is one-half of The Savvy Couple, a family finance blog that makes learning how to manage your money approachable, fun, and easy to understand.

Kelan founded The Savvy Couple in 2016, and the personal finance blog that started as a side hustle has now grown to a $500k/year business, putting them on track to reach financial freedom by age 35. Now Kelan and his wife Brittany spend a combined 35 to 4...

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Today’s guest is Kaci Ackerman. Kaci is a Certified Online Business Manager® (OBM®) and Verified ClickUp Consultant who helps her clients optimize and automate their work in ClickUp, saving them upwards of 10 hours/week.

Kaci started her business in 2020 after the dental office she managed was closed due to the pandemic. In the last 2.5 years, she’s grown her business from $0 to $150k, with half of her revenue coming from her Click...

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At the end of Season 1, Megan gave an update on her business and listed 7 things she had decided to differently from the first (failed) business that she started.

In this episode, Megan revisits that list and shares which items she followed through on, which she didn't, and what's changed in her business over the last 10 months.

Click here for the episode transcript.

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My first business was... not entirely successful. But it taught me a lot about myself, what I enjoy doing, and what I want my life to look like.

After 4 years working part-time in my business, I decided to close shop for a while so I could figure out my next steps. Now I'm back on the horse charging head-first into my brand new business. 

Today, I'm sharing with you 7 things that I'm doing differently in my business the second time...

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Today’s guest is Instructional Designer Melody Johnson.

Melody helps course creators develop customer success strategies that get them more and better customer success stories (AKA testimonials). And you know what they say – testimonials are the best marketing material.

Online courses and memberships can be a great way to build a flexible lifestyle business. We’ve talked about how to launch an online course in a previous episode wi...

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Ever wondered what’s the fastest way to make money in an online business (without selling a service? Affiliate marketing might be the answer.

Ben Huber and Jeff Proctor have made multiple 7-figures in revenue from affiliate marketing alone in the last five years of their business.

In this episode, they talk about what you need to start making money with affiliate marketing, how to connect with thousands of your favorite brands at...

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Today’s guest is Content Strategist Marisa Jo, also known as MJ. You might have read her story on HuffPost or Good Morning America of how she left her full-time corporate career in 2020 to become an entrepreneur and full-time content creator.

Today, Marisa helps creatives and coaches create a TikTok strategy to get seen, heard, and paid.

She’s also the co-founder of Spacetime Monotasking, which offers virtual coworking focus sessio...

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Today’s guest is Launch Strategist Lexi Merritt.

I first found Lexi on TikTok, and I’m just gonna say this upfront: if you’re a creative business owner, or interested in launching an online course, or you just appreciate fun and relatable content from REAL people, then you’re gonna want to go to TikTok and follow Lexi. Her TikTok is @leximmerritt.

Lexi has worked in marketing for over 8 years. She was the Director of Marketing and ...

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Is blogging dead? Should you start a blog today? How long does it take to make money with a blog? DollarSprout's Co-Founders, Ben Huber and Jeff Proctor, discuss how blogging has changed in the last 7 years, what it takes to make money blogging today, and who should consider starting a blog.

Links and resources:

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Today’s guest is High Performance and Mindset Coach Carrie Veatch.

Carrie helps ambitious entrepreneurs bust through their self-doubt so they can create wildly profitable online businesses. She has a Master’s degree in counseling psychology, which led to her working as a therapist before starting her coaching practice at Set Yourself Free.

Carrie now runs two online businesses, including her coaching practice, both built around her...

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Today’s guest is Jen Smith. Jen is co-host of the Frugal Friends podcast, which I highly suggest you check out if you haven’t already. Jen and her co-host Jill are so funny, you’ll literally just feel like you’re having a conversation with two of your best friends. They’re amazing.

And on top of having a very successful podcast, Jen has done a lot of other things in her business. She’s been a freelance writer and blogger, she’s sol...

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