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November 18, 2022 6 mins

Are you looking to purchase a home today, but wish you could have gotten a lower rate on your loan? Well, what if I were to tell you that even though market rates today are hovering around 7%, you can still purchase a home with a 3.5% interest rate or even lower intrigued? Stick around as I go through how that's a very real possibility for today's buyers. I want to quickly answer these top four questions I get asked all the time. L...

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The cost of borrowing of a business, borrowing funds is still going up trying to slow down the spending that Americans and businesses are doing to inflict pain, right? We talked about this, that the Fed is trying to inflict pain. The Fed is trying to slow the roll to just slow down demand, slow down buying and allow supply chains to catch back up again.

The cost of everything is just not going to drop like a rock, but it's going to...

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November 11, 2022 4 mins
Seller Concessions and Rate Buydown Explained

Let's walk through how you can actually buy down your interest rate! You can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars by buying down your interest rate. But, there are some limitations to how much seller concessions you can receive, based on your loan and down payment. Let's also walk through the numbers of buying down your interest rate.

Today we're talking about a permanent buy down...

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What does a first time home buyer today have that they haven't had for the last two years and might not have next year? The benefits of being a first-time homebuyer in today's real estate market are PLENTIFUL. In this episode I talk about some first-time homebuyer loan programs and opportunities to take advantage of... including getting a lower interest rate! Buyers today can still get a great deal!

Let's go through the loan progra...

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November 4, 2022 11 mins

As we continue to see FED rate increases to slow the economy, we are starting to feel the fear, and it all comes with a price. The price is fear, instability, and job loss. Which in turn creates volatility as markets react to economic reports without the stabilization of a Federal Reserve buying mortgaged-backed securities and treasuries. But, I want to break housing down into four buckets this month: supply, demand, affordability,...

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November 2, 2022 20 mins

Nicole has had a lot of conversations with first-time home buyers making assumptions that aren't correct. So that's what we're talking about today. She is busting eight home-buying myths. Nicole goes through the myth, misplaced logic, and the truth about home buying. There are a couple of them that may really surprise you about being debt-free before you buy, and shopping for the lowest rate to determine your lender. Listen to this...

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October 28, 2022 5 mins

what is a seller concession? I mean, that's kinda like a dinosaur these days. I haven't seen one of those in several years. So a seller concession is when they agree to provide funds that support the buyer during the transaction. You can bump into a seller concession several times throughout the transaction. Usually, it's in the beginning. A buyer might use a negotiating tactic that says, I'll pay full price, but I'm gonna ask the ...

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The Froth is Off The Top from the recent history of waking up one day and saying, "You know what I would like to have, I would like to have a backyard with a water feature. There's one down the street, so I'm gonna go buy that one."

It depends on who you are and what your goals are and what your finances look like. And that's always the case. I mean, there was in 2021, it wasn't the right time for some people to buy. They just cou...

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I want to talk about interest. I want to make this all about what's going on with the fear around interest rates. When are they going to come back down? That's a huge question right now, and I'm bringing it up because I'm getting asked that a lot.

I was on a Market Trends committee meeting yesterday with DMAR and that also became a debate, whether it was going to be eight months or 24 months from now before we see some sort of drop...

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Listen to this 4-minute episode with 3 quick tips on how to get rid of your mortgage insurance. It depends on the type of loan, and the current value of your home. But this episode is filled with good news in "3 Ways to Get Rid of Your Mortgage Insurance."

1. Call your servicer to talk about what you just heard in this epsiode.

2. If you can't reach them, reach out to Nicole Rueth at The Rueth Team 303-214-6393 nrueth@theruethteam....

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So you finally got in, but the rate is five, five and a half, six, seven. The down payment assistance is seven, seven and a half. And all of a sudden, it doesn't seem fair, but it's still locked in, right? It's still your mortgage payment that you can count on that isn't going to go up any further. And if anything go down because interest rates will go down. But when, so housing, it's a lock against inflation.

  • It's a fixed mort...
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October 7, 2022 8 mins

After July's momentary celebration of 5% interest rates, August ended the month at six, then September just finished having crossed 7%. Only a few months ago, six and a quarter seemed like the absolute ceiling as the US continued its strong stance against the slowing global economy, but that didn't last. We saw European economies bear the brunt of Russia's war on Ukraine. Japan struggling with lower global demand for its manufactur...

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October 5, 2022 18 mins

The Denver Real Estate Market is still up in price growth. In September, we saw a year-to-date price growth of 12.8%. I get this isn't the 21% increase Y.O.Y we saw in March, but IT IS STILL UP. We have to recognize that a real estate market slowdown does not mean a loss in value, it just means a shift in perspective. In this episode we take a look at the Denver Real Estate Market price growth and what it means for buyers and selle...

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Just because you want a different house doesn't mean you have to wait for the perfect deal in the perfect area to become available. You can, instead, create the home of your dreams, even if it's your first home, a starter home that you will sell later. You can build a home instead of waiting.

With home prices climbing and very limited inventory on the market, it may be more difficult to find your perfect home. So, why not just buil...

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So while we were sleeping, we were seeing the European bonds were selling off, which we opened up Monday morning to this bond selloff here in the United States, dropping the bond prices and raising our interest rates.

Powell was just in Switzerland trying to speak to the Switzerland bank and convince them that he's got everything under control. I'm gonna debate that right now. I think they were a little late to the party.

It's star...

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September 22, 2022 4 mins

Are we in a recession? Can the recession just get here?! We have been talking about the looming recession long enough, and I'm ready for it to happen so we can just move on! 

It seems like the more we continue talking about a recession, the scarier it gets for consumers! Unfortunately, we still aren't there yet. We know that it's coming as the FED continues to take big action to control inflation and stop consumer spending. BUT HOW...

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September 20, 2022 16 mins

What is happening with interest rates? Realtors' businesses are picking up steam, even though we know rates are ticking up. The 10-yr Treasury just hit a high since 2011 (3.51%), and Sweden just raised their bank rate by 100BPS last night! As the FED gears up to meet again and controlling inflation remains top of mind, they've got a .75-1% FED rate increase on the table. We know the recession is coming, and the FED is trying to fas...

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Co-Signing can be an excellent option for increasing borrower qualifications and eligibility. But, it's also a big commitment that shouldn't be entered into without full knowledge of the responsibilities. Here's a breakdown of the responsibilities a co-signer carries and how a co-signer can later be removed from a loan.


Nicole Rueth

The Rueth Team Powered by OneTrust Home Loans 750 W Hampden Avenue, Suite 500 Englewo...

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There's good news for homebuyers! I understand that affordability is being put to the test. We just saw a 44% increase in prices and a 3% increase in interest rates. We also just saw the new conforming loan limit increase to $715,000! This is HUGE! The current conforming loan limit is $647,200, meaning those homebuyers that might not qualify for a jumbo loan or need a quicker close now have the means to make it happen! Much more of...

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Historically the best forecasters have been able to consistently recognize that we are in a recession. Once we are actually in one to preemptively determine its onset has riddled economists for decades. Yet, an AR is Lawrence soon called a recession in August when he said, "In terms of economic impact, we are surely in a housing recession."

A recession is defined by Oxford is a period of temporary economic decline during which trad...

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