The Dr. Lam Show

The Dr. Lam Show

Carrie Lam, MD and Jeremy Lam, MD, host the Dr. Lam Show, where they show their passion for Integrative and Functional Medicine and share nutritional education to empower people to take control of their health. This pair of siblings started LAM CLINIC, where they're able to provide whole-person healing not only in person but also through telemedicine all over the world.


September 25, 2022 38 min

Every person, especially healthcare providers, can go through burnout. Dr. Carrie goes through some practical wellbeing tips and tools that helps her deal with stress and prevent burnout.

2:15 - What is the definition of well-being, and what does Dr. Carrie do for well-being?
8:00 - What's Dr. Carrie's calling for doing Medicine?
10:15 - What is functional medicine vs. integrative medicine.
13:00 - How does burnout happen? Ho...

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Everyone ages, but you can have quality and quantity of life if you do it correctly. Watch this episode to find out key ways of preventing aging and best ways of dealing with stress.

00:00 -3:35 The Difference between Functional Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Alternative Medicine, Anti-Aging Medicine
3:50 - 11:27 - Anti-Aging Pillars
11:35 - 15:50- What can you do to help cope with stress
16:00 -18:40 - Sleep and Day of Rest
18:40 - 24...

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August 28, 2022 46 min

It's important to look at the mitochondria and see how to help fuel it, from the right supplements, to fixing the circadian rhythm. Make sure to watch this episode for practical nutrients to take and lifestyle tips to improve mitochondrial cellular defense and energy output.

3:32 - What is the Mitochondria?
6:15 - Mitochondria in celluar defense
12:50 - How to Test for Mitochondrial health?
19:20 - How does Poor sleep affect mitoch...

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August 14, 2022 13 min

Different types of tiredness, whether it be morning fatigue, afternoon slump, or second wind can correlate to different cortisol responses in your adrenals. Watch and listen to this episode for more information.

01:25 - What is fatigue?
02:21 - Why do you feel tired in the morning?
04:40 - Why do you feel tired in the afternoon?
05:39 - Fatigue health issues
08:00 - Your second wind
08:42 - Symptoms of adrenal fatigue
11:24 - Treating the...

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July 31, 2022 11 min

Sensitive to sulfur foods? Having difficulty detoxing? You might be dealing with this genetic defect. Listen to figure out what CBS mutations are, what causes them, and what impact they have on the body.

01:03 - What is CBS mutation?
02:53 - What is BH4?
04:40 - CBS mutation health issues
07:30 - What can you do about it?

Trying to find an integrative medicine or functional medicine doctor who understands what you're going through? ...

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July 17, 2022 13 min

Watch and listen to Dr. Carrie Lam and Dr. Jeremy Lam talk about how to manage stress practically when you have Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome (AFS).

00:56 - Tip #1 Exercise
02:36 - Tip #2 Time management
03:55 - Tip #3 Checklists
04:43 - Tip #4 Engaging with others
05:43 - Tip #5 Adequate Sleep
07:06 - Tip #6 Letting go
09:00 - Tip #7 Seek help
09:34 - Tip #8 Complimentary Aids
10:17 - Tip #9 Don't self medicate

Trying to find an integrative...

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Lyme disease can be a temporary source of poor health. However, it can also impact your body very strongly, causing long-term poor health. If you’re experiencing symptoms over a long period, then it’s time to look at some other causes like adrenal fatigue and gentler strategies for health.

01:38 - What is Lyme Disease?
02:32 - Chronic Lyme
03:38 - Adrenal Glands
04:50 - Adrenal Fatigue
06:26 - What can you do about it?
07:54 - Paradoxica...

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June 19, 2022 15 min

Practical information on how the 5R Gut program can help restore your microbiome.

00:44 - What is the microbiome?
01:53 - Where is microbiome found?
02:16 - What causes Dysbiosis?
03:21 - 1st R = Remove
05:43 - 2nd R = Replace
07:45 - 3rd R = Reinnoculate
10:21 - 4th R = Repair
13:03 - 5th R = Restore

Trying to find an integrative medicine or functional medicine doctor who understands what you're going through? Lam C...

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Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome or POTS often occurs with other conditions and can cause troubling and debilitating symptoms. It can also be very frightening, so here’s what you need to know about POTS and what it means for your health.

01:19 - What is POTS?
01:55 - Who is most affected by POTS?
03:15 - Symptoms of POTS
04:36 - Is it POTS, or anxiety?
05:26 - What causes POTS?
06:55 - Adrenal Fatigue and POTS
08:37 - What you ca...

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Fatigue after eating is particularly common after lunch. It’s that time in the mid afternoon when you can barely keep your eyes open and all you want to do is sleep. If you want to avoid this state, you need to understand it, and here’s what you need to know.

01:11 - Why do you have fatigue after meals
02:30 - How digestion affects fatigue
03:52 - Food sensitivities and inflammation
06:00 - Size of meals and type of foods
08:55 - Adren...

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Want to lose weight and teach your body to live longer? Dr. Antoun of L-Nutra describes the perfect way to do it with Prolon, the fasting mimicking diet that is sustainable and attainable long term.

01:50 - Dr. Joseph Antoun's journey with how food can impact aging
04:45 - Analogy of Fasting with Business
06:30 - Walter Longo's fasting Research
09:40 - Fasting Mimicking Diet, Prolonged Fasting
11:55 - What does the Prolon diet l...

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Would you like to increase your quality of life and reduce pain? Are you prepping for an upcoming surgery or struggling with pelvic health? Make sure you know the right ways to go about it in this next episode.

04:34 - Common conditions that need physical therapy
05:00 - Pelvic health in perinatal space. You need to improve pelvic floor even if you've had a c section
08:55 - What is pelvic floor?
13:55 - Prepping for surgery with...

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Calcium D-Glucarate has the ability to help regulate the estrogen levels in your body. Find out why it is important to maintain a healthy level of estrogen in your body and how calcium d-glucarate can aid with it.

1:22 - What is Calcium D- Glucarate and how does it work
3:23 - Dangers of high estrogen levels
5:05 - Liver Health and Hormones
5:20 - Xenoestrogens
6:10 - Effect of Hormone Dominance
7:55 - Restoring hormone and liver balance


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Does watching stress you out? Are you checking emails late at night? Find out what is causing you extra stress and learn to prevent it.
03:42 What is a stress switch and what are the examples of a stress switch?
07:54 Defining stress response and what it does to the body
11:32 Determining stress switches and how to deal with it
17:05 Tips on how to find out what stresses you
24:16 Practical tips for working people

Trying to find an inte...

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Last week we discussed the basics and understanding of blood type diet and specifically dove into Blood Type Diet A. This week's video will be diving into Blood type B, AB, and O and what to eat for these diets. If you have been struggling with losing weight, this could be the right diet for you.

2:00 - Blood Type B Diet Foods To Eat
3:18 - Blood Type B's should avoid chicken and shellfish
5:50 - Benefits of Blood Type B Diet

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Choosing the right diet for your body and your health can be difficult with so many choices. But there is a growing body of evidence that it doesn’t have to be this complicated. Eating according to your blood type has a number of benefits and here’s how you can do it. Follow this 2 part series to find your blood type and see how to eat for it.

1:30 - What is the Blood Type Diet?
2:40 - How and Why does the Blood type diet work?

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What unknown toxins are you exposing yourself to in your daily life that could be disrupting your hormones? Make sure to listen/watch this episode for practical tips on how to find these toxins and clean up your life.

03;25 - What symptoms arise from exposure to toxins?
04:10 - What are the most common toxins in daily life?
07:15 - What is personal evaluation and how to cut out toxins?
10:50 - What is the goal of detoxification?

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Essential oils are a powerful tool that can be used for a myriad of issues, but must be used in the right way. Dr. Zielinski and Dr. Jeremy go through comprehensively all you need to know to get started and give key essential oils that are great for reducing stress and fatigue. 

7:55 - Symbiotic relationship with plants to get essential oils and therapeutic efficacy
10:00 - How to use essential oils and look at its purity
14:30 - Fir...

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It's always wise to look at the gut as it's closely related to the rest of the body and can manifest symptoms in many different ways. Dr. Vincent Pedre, author of Happy Gut, provides insight on what causes insult to the microbiome and how to fix leaky gut.

03:13 Causes for leaky gut
05:45 What is the microbiome and how does it affect our lives
09:10 How the microbiome causes inflammation and affects weight
13:58 What is leaky g...

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Having the right mindset can help you breeze through menopause and lose the stubborn weight. Dr. Michelle Gordon shares her experience with how she dealt with the weight gain, brain fog, and hot flashes and gives practical tips on how you can also come out to embrace the best time of your life.

7:24 Who experiences menopause symptoms
9:45 What type of oils give are good or bad
13:00 Top 5 issues that women suffer through during menopa...

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