The Ego Project

The Ego Project

The Ego Project, hosted by therapist Cristine Seidell and author Lisa Heidle, explores how the healthy and wounded ego informs and impacts our relationship with self and others. Through candid conversation, thoughtful questions, and personal experiences, Cristine, Lisa, and guests explore therapeutic and spiritual modalities that can lead to healing, growth, and self-actualization.


November 14, 2023 62 mins

Therapist Joy Malek joins @theegoproject to explain couples and anxious and avoidant attachment strategies.

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From Heartache to Connection: 6 Strategies for Growing Secure Attachment

In this episode of The Ego Project, we discuss:
- Anxious Attachment
- Avoidant Attachment
- What Secure Attachment looks like in a relationship
- Strateg...

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Steph Zagorski from iScry with Steph joins The Ego Project to discuss  art, scrying, and intuition.

Visit The Ego Project Website to view the original ink blots created by Steph for Cristine and Lisa.

Topics include:

-What is scrying
-Steph's introduction to the metaphysical
-The ego work Steph has done as a scrier and tarot reader
-The intersection of art and the metaphysical

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Lisa Thrower (Creative Concierge | Art Consultant) and Connie Worthy (Licensed Mental Health Counselor) from Subtle-Arts joins The Ego Project to discuss creativity and collaboration.

Lisa and Connie created Subtle-Arts as a creative collaboration to provide inspiration and resources as support for others in achieving wholeness. As best friends and certified healers, they joined together in collaboration to offer a variety...

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September 18, 2023 44 mins

Chwynyn Vaughan joins The Ego Project to discuss how embracing Slow Living has brought self-awareness, deeper connections, and joy to her life.

Chwynyn is the creator of Slow Botanicals, an all-natural organic skin-care line.  With a background in healthcare and design, her passion for natural beauty, knowledge of healthy skin and a deep love of local botanicals inspire and inform her soaps, creams, balms, and other produc...

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Singer/songwriter Jordan Raye joins The Ego Project to discuss following your creative dreams.

Jordan is a pop singer and songwriter from Israel currently based in Los Angeles. Before launching her performing career, Jordan had written songs for and with many up-and-coming artists including the legendary “Kool & The Gang”’. Jordan has worked for Disney and performed at the FTX arena in Miami, She was an opening act fo...

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August 14, 2023 51 mins

In this episode of  @theegoproject therapist Cristine Seidell-Holland and author Lisa Heidle discuss Navigating Change.

Topics include:
-Why some people fear change
-Why some people create chaotic change
-How to know if a change is a "good" change
-The need for integrating change lessons
-How the spiritual belief of dharma and karma can support making changes
-How to embrace growth when ma...

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Eric Goldstein, Creative Director of EGD+ in Atlanta, joins The Ego Project Podcast to discuss masculinity, healthy communication, and how feedback from his daughters has helped him heal his ego wounding.

Listen to full podcast episode with Eric

Learn more about Eric and EGD+:

The Ego Project Podcast is for entertainment, educational, and informational purposes only. The opi...

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August 1, 2023 1 min

Therapist and INFJ/HSP Educator Joy Malek joined The Ego Project to discuss the struggles those with the INFJ Type often experience and the many gifts they have to offer the world.

Listen to full episode.

The Ego Project is for entertainment, educational, and informational purposes only. The opinions shared should not be considered  psychological or medical treatment. If you are experiencing a ment...

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Priyanka Surio joins The Ego Project to discuss her life as a digital nomad.

Priyanka is a traveler, author,  and educator who  has worked in the private and public sectors of healthcare. She has logged over 60 countries in her travels, much of which is documented in her non-fiction book, "Third Culture Kids of the World", which explores sustainable travel and the role activism plays in promoting a better world ...

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May 2, 2023 50 mins

Author Nicole Spindler joins The Ego Project to discuss loss and grief.

In her memoir, Beyond Life’s Moments, Nicole shares how her father's rare cancer journey impacted her and how she used creativity to process her loss and grief.

Nicole, Cristine, and Lisa discuss:

- How Nicole used writing to process her loss and grief
- Different types of experiences that can evoke grief
- The destruct...

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April 3, 2023 44 mins

Eric Goldstein, Creative Director and owner of EGD Agency, joins The Ego Project to discuss the ego and masculinity. Eric is a father, brother, son, friend, artist, and teacher. With four sisters and two daughters, he understands the importance of being a positive model of masculinity.

Learn more about Eric Goldstein
Learn more about Smallholding Farm owned by Daniel Bryant & Ellie Goldstein

Topics Eric, ...

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March 13, 2023 56 mins

In this episode, The Ego Project explores self-identity ego wounding and healing with identical twins, Hanna and Haley Newlin.

Topics include:

-Hanna and Haley's self-identity journeys
-The negative impact of comparison
-The power of returning to self to establish identity
-How ego wounding occurs when identity is focused on image
-Advice for people who are working on building self-identity

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February 25, 2023 57 mins

Joy Malek joins The Ego Project to discuss the INFJ Type and the ego work they can do to thrive.

Joy is a licensed Psychotherapist, life coach, educator, and thought-leader who weaves together attachment science, Jungian psychology, and personality theory to support those who identify with the INFJ type and/or HSP (Highly Sensitive Person).

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February 16, 2023 55 mins

In this episode of The Ego Project, Cristine Seidell and Lisa Heidle delve deep into Parental Wounding. Parental Wounding impacts many aspects of our lives, including attachment styles, co-dependency, poor boundaries, and self-efficacy.

Topics Cristine and Lisa explore:

-What is Parental Wounding?
-Birth to age 6 imprinting that can lead to childhood wounding
-How Parental Wounding appears in adulthood

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February 10, 2023 1 min

Hello Friends. Welcome to The Ego Project!

We are your hosts Cristine Seidell, therapist, Human Design Coach, and entrepreneur, and Lisa Heidle, author, entrepreneur, and workshop leader, and we are super excited you decided to join us as we take a deeper look into the Ego. 

Our belief is that the ego is an important aspect of who we are. If it is healthy and healed, it can be a powerful navigation system to help us thrive in all are...

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In this short conversation, Rhys-Thorvald Hansen shares how cultural conditioning has taught us to fear making mistakes, which limits authenticity and vulnerability.

About The Ego Project:

The Ego Project, hosted by Cristine Seidell and Lisa Heidle, explores how the ego informs and impacts our relationship with self and others.

-Cristine Seidell is a Therapist and the Academy Director of Rise Therapy Ce...

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In this short video, Cristine Seidell and Lisa Heidle discuss the difference between unconditional love and unconditional tolerance in relationships.

About The Ego Project:

The Ego Project, hosted by Cristine Seidell and Lisa Heidle, explores how the ego informs and impacts our relationship with self and others.

-Cristine Seidell is a Therapist and the Academy Director of Rise Therapy Center in Roswell,...

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January 19, 2023 61 mins

MJ from Soulful Revolution is on The Ego Project. In this season 2 premiere, MJ, Cristine, and Lisa take a deep dive into the ego and Spirituality.

Topics include:
- Defining Spirituality
- The importance of stillness when making life changes
- Gaining clarity through ego work to find your life purpose
- How to embrace the cyclic nature of life
- How to embody a spiritual practice and life


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December 30, 2022 40 mins

Cristine and Lisa have completed Season 1 of The Ego Project!

In this season 1 wrap up, they share:

- The ego work they've done while doing The Ego Project
- The challenges they've both faced this past year
- What they've learned from The Ego Project guests
- How they've navigated feedback
- What topics will be explored in season 2

About The Ego Project:

The E...

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December 20, 2022 47 mins

Dawn K. Batson, Ph.D., joins The Ego Project to discuss Cultural Identity.

Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, Dr. Batson is a creative professional with twenty plus years of experience in multicultural education and arts administration. She utilizes music and the arts with emphasis on the steel pan (often known as the steel drum in the United States) as a medium for cross-cultural outreach.

Learn more about Da...

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