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Welcome to The Empowered CEO Show. I’m your host, Elley Mae & I am a business coach & host of this podcast, specialising in helping coaches & online service providers to work less, earn MORE & scale their businesses to 6-figures and beyond by saying f*k the rules & doing it YOUR WAY. After making $130k in my first year of business, I went on to help entrepreneurs worldwide to make the income they *know* they’re capable of making, enjoy their businesses waaaay more & ultimately have more financial and time freedom to actually LIVE. THEIR. LIVES. Wana work less, earn more, attract your dream clients, create better content and fall in LOVE with your business all over again, (whilst making more money & having more freedom AND FUN than ever!)… THIS IS WHERE WE DO IT.


February 6, 2024 33 mins

Want the kinda clients that fall head-over-heels in love with you, get the BEST results & never want stop working with you?! Like... the kinda clients who join your low-ticket masterclass, then your coaching program or membership, sign for 6 months in your mastermind and then upgrade to private 1:1 coaching? 😍

Today's topic on the pod: CLIENT EXPERIENCE.

In this episode I'm breaking down four of the most ...

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Ready for more "SEND ME THE LINK" messages in your DM's? 👀💬  rather than "maybe next time" or "I dunno if I can afford it..." messages?

If you're a seasoned coach, you're really good at what you do (like HELLO epic client results?!) & you're a well-known coach and expert but... you're still getting money objections, this episode is for you.

Today we're tackling the topic of what to do when your Instagram...

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Running a business with a 7 month old is not for the faint hearted 😆 LOL.

But seriously... In today's episode I'm taking you behind-the-scenes and being totally raw & real with you guys about how I'm running my business with a baby.

Posting on Instagram 5 days a week, replying to client WhatsApp messages, restructuring my coaching containers & more. This episode is where I'm sharing it all ✌️

Loved this e...

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More sales. More clients. More money in the bank. Want it? 😎 Listen to this episode.

Today I'm breaking down 4 ways you can INSTANTLY upgrade your messaging in your content to start making more sales.

Whether you're a coach or online service provider, if you're ready to sign more clients, make more money online & do it all by creating simple, powerful Instagram content, podcast episodes & content all roun...

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January 9, 2024 46 mins

Six months ago I had a baby & became a mum, and oh my gosh!! This episode is finally here... MY BIRTH STORY! 🥹💘

In this episode I'm breaking down a few of things I did leading up to my birth, in preparation for me having the birth that I wanted,

Plus of course... my birth story! 😍

This feels super exciting but also vulnerable AF to put out there on the internet. And yes, there's absolutely some TMI (so ...

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And just like that... WE'RE BACK!! 😍

Listen in to today's episode (and the first episode of 2024!) for the tea on where I've been, why I took an [unplanned] break from the podcast and more!

Plus there's a cheeky giveaway for one lucky winner 🤸🏼‍♀️ so open your earholes and enjoy your favourite podcast being back babbbyyyy!!!!

Loved this episode? Make sure share a screenshot on Instagram Stories & tag me...

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Feeling kinda drained or consumed by social media right now? Find yourself constantly checking your DM's, scrolling Instagram or TikTok & then wondering where your day went? 👀

In today's podcast episode I'm taking you behind-the-scenes in my business to show you the EXACT boundaries that I have with social media including:

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If know you need to upgrade your client boundaries - whether that's to create a better client experience 🫶, help your clients get better results 🔥, take care of YOURSELF & your health and wellbeing 💓, reduce your workload 😌 OR all of the above...

This podcast episode is where we do it!!

Today I'm breaking down for you the 4 main types of boundaries you'll want to have a coach or mentor (honestly even a...

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There's a common theme in all of my clients who get the BEST results (& have the best experience working with me as their coach) like...

  • A who, whilst pregnant, filled 3 spots in her mastermind within 24hrs-ish & had her best month yet at $8,475! 💸

  • Read more
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Well folks... I'm officially on maternity leave & I could not be MORE FREAKIN' EXCITEDD if I tried!!!! 🥹

In this episode I'm giving you a full behind-the-scenes look at how I've prepared for maternity leave, what I'm doing whilst I'm ON maternity leave, when I'll be back etc..

Plus I'm giving you the low down on what's happening with my clients, Instagram, THE PODCAST & more!! 😍🧸💓

Loved this episode? M...

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Be honest with me here... Do you kindaaaa feel like you're undercharging right now? 😬 Like maybe you should've charged a higher rate but now you're IN IT with your clients & there's nothing you can do about it?! 😅

Look.. I get it. I've been there. I've had plenty of clients be there. And I'm here today, in this episode, to help you shift your perspective around your pricing, raise your rates (if you need...

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Wanna know my secret to having ENDLESS content to share on Instagram Stories without hustling or burning out?

This podcast episode is where I'm spilling alllll my secrets & sharing with you the 4 easiest things you can share on Instagram stories today (like literally, right now 😍) –

Plus how to make showing up on stories way more FUN and enjoyable, so that it's actually something you actually look forward...

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Not signing as many clients, filling as many spaces or making as many sales as you'd like to be? Fear no more, this episode is going to CHANGE. THE. GAMEEEEE baby!!!

Simply put - If you're ready to increase your sales and start signing MORE clients so you can make MORE money & change MORE lives... plus if you loved part 1 (aka episode 182!) then you're going to LOVE part 2 (aka this episode)!! 😍

Loved thi...

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Are you not making as many sales as you'd like to be right now & starting to lose confidence that you can turn things around?

In today's podcast episode I'm breaking down the simple energetic & mindset shifts you can make RIGHT NOW to build your confidence, shift your perspective and start feeling more in control of your income – regardless of how many sales you're making 😍

(plus I also share some of my f...

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Are you a Virtual Assistant or online service provider, stuck in a constant cycle of working on your client work, undervaluing your offers, charging by the hour & never having enough time to work on YOUR OWN BUSINESS because you're always "on" for your clients (+ responding to messages at all hours of the day and night?!) 👀


In this episode, I'm chatting with one of my incredible clients, Sarabeth Holweg...

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Ahhhh mindset. One of the hottest topics to talk about in the coaching & personal development world and honestly, one of my favourite things to talk about full stop.

Today I'm breaking down the key differences between those who have an "employee mindset" & those who think (and run their businesses) like a CEO 🥵

Wanna up-level your mindset & start thinking more like the badass entrepreneur that you are? Th...

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Life kinda hectic (actually... busy AF) right now and you're not sure how to navigate it all whilst ALSO running your business? I get it.

My life for the last few years has been pretttttyyy full on. Buying a house, getting married, renovating, growing a BABY – you name it, we did it (or are still doing it lol).

In this episode I'm breaking down how I'm able to continue running my 6-figure business whilst g...

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Wanna know how to chill out more & be in that "leaned back energy" whilst you make more money as a coach and see your sales go UP (instead of down, like they normally do)? THIS EPISODE IS WHERE IT'S AT 🥵

Today's topic was requested by one of YOU (you know who you are 😉) & to say I'm excited to be talking about making money, signing clients and chilling out is an understatement lol.

In this episode I'm de...

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With my baby due to enter the world in just a couple of months, I wanted to take you guys behind-the-scenes in my six figure business to show you just how I'm preparing everything as a first time mum! 🧸

In this episode I'm breaking down:

  1. My plan for taking time off & "maternity leave"

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Breaking news: Systems & workflows don't have to be complicated 👀 and in this episode, you'll find out just how SIMPLE they can be & how you can save literally 3-4+ hours per week just by implementing a few really simple, key workflows 😍


In this episode I'm speaking with Krystal Clark who is a Workflow Strategist helping service providers streamline their business with organised systems so they can str...

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