The Engineering Emotions and Energy Podcast

The Engineering Emotions and Energy Podcast

What if you could have the life you want, now? Your emotions and energy are a key component and engineering them engineers your life. Justin Wenck has a PhD in Electrical Engineering and over a decade of experience with yoga, meditation, nutrition, fitness, and personal development and he'll be your guide on this journey.


December 5, 2023 26 mins

Ever thought about the last time you wore diapers?

Yep, you've already quit something in life, and it was a big deal! This episode is all about the power of quitting and how it’s often a necessary step towards personal growth.

Join me as we trade tales of adrenaline-pumping riverboarding in New Zealand and recount how holiday season demands can sometimes push us to reconsider our choices. In the midst of al...

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Ever found yourself wondering, "Are the experiences unfolding in my life truly my own choices, even the negative ones?"

I found myself pondering over this very thought during my exhilarating journey in the breathtaking landscape of New Zealand. This episode is the fruition of that contemplation, a discourse on the power of choice, and our incredible ability as humans to shape our lives through our decisions.

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November 21, 2023 22 mins

Ready for a little mind magic?

Prepare to deconstruct your conventional notions about wealth and learn the surprising truth of what it means to be rich. Unearth your deeply ingrained perceptions about wealth and abundance, shaped by your upbringing and society, and discover how discipline and effort can unleash true richness in life.

Challenge your beliefs about power, money, and relationships and learn how they...

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Ever find yourself in a loop, pursuing a long-term relationship without leaving some breathing room for self-discovery and self-enjoyment?

Join me as I take you down memory lane, revisiting an insightful episode from three years ago where I discussed creating space, not just in relationships but in life itself. This classic episode, aptly titled "Creating Space in Your Life," resonates even more today as life ha...

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Change is in the air!

Ditch the usual and join me, Justin Wenck, Ph.D., for a thrilling trip down this podcast's memory lane. With the holiday hustle and bustle approaching, I'm taking a detour from the norm, presenting you with a 'best of' episode, a flashback to a timeless gem from our archives. 

This is a treat from me to you, before the holiday season kicks in, ensuring you'll have fre...

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Are you ready to see the world in a whole new light?

We promise that after tuning into this episode, you'll never consider your view of the world in the same way.

We venture into the captivating domain of filters, exploring how they determine our perception of the world around us. With a gripping account of witnessing a solar eclipse through special glasses - we shed light on how, by simply tweaking our filt...

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Did you know your attention is the most valuable possession you own and it's constantly under siege?

Everyone is vying for a slice of that precious resource. As the gatekeeper of this treasure, you have the power to reclaim control and channel it for your benefit, and I'm here to show you how. Buckle up as we explore the significance of attention, its power, and how to master its control.

Picture this - ...

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Ever considered how your perspective can influence your self-image, your relationship with money, and even your day-to-day life decisions?

Prepare for a journey of insight as we unpack the transformative power of perspective, using my personal experiences as a roadmap. This episode unravels how a simple shift of viewpoint can open avenues for self-improvement and provide a profound understanding of life's challenges.<...

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October 10, 2023 22 mins

Can happiness breed success and not the other way around?

Yes, you heard right. We’re flipping the script on the age-old belief that success begets happiness, and we’ll show you why happiness is not only an obligation to yourself but to those around you.

In this animated discussion, we debunk the myth of happiness following success, rather than focusing on how our emotional state influences those around us and ou...

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Picture this: you're strapped in, ready to embark on an intriguing exploration into the human experience and our incessant search for escape.

Our roadmap? Two classics of the silver screen, 'Half Baked' and 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,' serve as our guides to delve into the idea of escapism, the transformation into a 'beast' to diminish human suffering, and the big question - is ther...

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Are you equipped with the grit and resilience of a sea turtle?

Get ready to challenge your beliefs as we journey through an exploration of parental relationships and their impact on our lives. This episode focuses on the perspective sea turtles give us on independence and the significance of finding alternative sources of support, be it friends, coaches, or therapists. We question the expectations we hold for our parents ...

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Ever feel tethered to your current life by a cycle of constant wanting? You're not alone, and the truth is, that cycle could be keeping you from your ideal life.

This episode is dedicated to helping you break free and transition from wanting to having. We're taking a deep dive into why the strategies that got you to your current life aren't the key to unlocking your ideal life. Plus, I'm sharing some p...

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Have you ever wondered how successful people initiate and create success in their lives?

Well, in our latest episode, we're joined by soul alignment activator, mentor, speaker, podcaster, and author, Keri Lynn Norley, "The Wealth Alchemist" who reveals her journey of stepping into the world of paid professional speaking. The conversation uncovers the emotional rollercoaster she experienced through this tran...

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Life is an extraordinary journey of learning and growth, sometimes marred by judgments we've been carrying since childhood.

Join me as I revisit my own past and discover the impact those early judgments have had on my life. As we journey through boxes of childhood memorabilia, we'll uncover trials of the past and learn how to embrace change, navigate judgments, and move towards a more fulfilling future. 


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Ever thought about how the world mirrors your existence?

This episode unpacks this profound concept as I share my unique journey in Tulum, Mexico. I've explored the sprawling underwater freshwater cave system of cenotes to encounter bats above, and hydrogen sulfide gas below, and came face to face during my dive with one of the most powerful feminine forces there is Barbie. I've also weathered unanticipated chal...

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Hint: It's Not What You Think

While I was in Lake Atitlan Guatemala I had the lesson reinforced that literally anything we want in life is possible and that it really only takes two simple things.

The lake is surrounded by many small and modest villages along with some of the most spectacular resorts and villas that can rival anywhere in the world. That might not sound so special until you hear about HOW these posh pla...

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Have you been wanting something for a long time, but you just haven't gotten it?

In this episode, I talk about how continuing to want something prevents you from actually having what you want. This can seem counterintuitive. How can I stop wanting something if I don't have it?

I like to call this the Amazon Prime way of living, where you only click the order button once, and then (at least where I live) ...

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Could you leave behind what you cherish most in your life right now?

Even if it meant you could replace it with anything you wanted?

For the past few days I've been staying near the base camp of Chirripó mountain, the highest peak in Costa Rica. I've had a chance to stay with and meet many Americans who have moved to this beautiful region of the world to experience the peace and natural beauty that&apos...

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What if you could Choose Your Challenges? Would you choose the ones you currently have, or would you make a different choice?

I'll show you how it's worked for my travels, but this also works for all aspects of life and I'll explain it more in-depth in the podcast which is recorded right next to the Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica. 48 Hours before I was in Northern California, and getting to Costa Rica always f...

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July 25, 2023 19 mins

Is it okay to want anything you want? I mean ANYTHING. 

There's a trending topic going around the inter-webs of a text message Jonah Hill sends to a girlfriend at the time making some big demands. The consensus tends to be that Jonah is being a giant A$$ Hole and has no right to ask for what he's asking. 

He 100% has every right to ask for what asked for. Now before you start bashing me….

She has 100% every ri...

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