The Extraordinary Everyday

The Extraordinary Everyday

Welcome to The Extraordinary Everyday with Wendy Johnson. The podcast is for women who want to create the highest version of themselves. How would you like a mentor to inspire and motivate you to elevate the quality of your everyday? Join, Certified Life Coach, Wendy Johnson, as she shares her wisdom and tools that will boost your mindset, shift your self-image, and elevate your environment. The most important investment you’ll ever make is in YOU. You are extraordinary. Come and dream, pique your curiosity for what’s possible, and believe you can create anything you want. You will feel better, look better, and live better when you practice these life-changing ways of being. I’m your host, Wendy Johnson, and I want to help you create a life you love by giving up the overwhelm and confusion and becoming more confident and joyful in your everyday life. Learn more at © OnTracLifeCoaching. All rights reserved.


July 3, 2024 15 mins

In this episode of "The Extraordinary Everyday," host Wendy Johnson dives deep into the topic of self-confidence by addressing the lies we often tell ourselves. From the damaging belief of "I'm not good enough" to the paralyzing worry of "What will people think?", Wendy explores how these negative self-talk patterns sabotage our self-esteem and hold us back from achieving our true potential. 

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Do you ever have bad feelings of regret or worry?  In our latest episode, "Three Life-Altering Lessons Learned from Eckhart Tolle," we uncover profound insights from Tolle's groundbreaking book, "The Power of Now." 

Discover how to:

- Embrace the present moment and reduce anxiety and regret
- Find peace by accepting the things you cannot change
- Free yourself from pain by observing your tho...

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Welcome to another episode of "The Extraordinary Everyday" the podcast dedicated to helping you achieve a balanced and fulfilling life. In today's episode, we dive into the crucial distinction between escapism and self-care. With our busy lives and constant stressors, it's easy to blur the lines between these two practices. However, understanding the difference is key to nurturing your well-being and avoiding th...

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In this transformative episode of "The Extraordinary Everyday Podcast" host Wendy Johnson talks about tiny habits and their immense power to create lasting change. Discover how starting with the smallest possible actions can lead to significant improvements in your life, from health and fitness to productivity and personal growth.

We break down the science behind why tiny habits work, featuring insights from behavior scien...

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Do you find yourself constantly second-guessing your choices or struggling to make decisions? You're not alone. In this episode of The Extraordinary Everyday Podcast, titled "How to Stop Being Indecisive and Make Better Decisions," we delve into the root causes of indecision and provide practical strategies to overcome it.

Join your host, Wendy Johnson, as we explore:

  • The psychological factors that contribute to in...
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Welcome to a transformative episode of "The Extraordinary Everyday Podcast," where we tackle one of the most common obstacles to personal growth: self-doubt. In "Overcome Self-Doubt: Strategies to Believe in Yourself," we delve deep into practical and actionable strategies to help you build unwavering self-belief and confidence.

Join us as we explore:

- The Roots of Self-Doubt:  Understanding where self-doubt come...

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Welcome to The Extraordinary Everyday, the podcast dedicated to helping you navigate the journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and transformation. In this empowering episode, "How to Believe in the New You," we delve into practical strategies and inspirational insights designed to help you embrace and believe in your evolving self.

Whether you're undergoing a career shift, recovering from a life-changing event, ...

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Welcome to the Extraordinary Everyday Podcast with your host, certified life coach Wendy Johnson! In episode 56, Wendy shares 15 practical tips to help you lighten up and enjoy life more. If you're taking life too seriously, this episode is for you. From playing more games and smiling often to balancing work, rest, and play, Wendy provides actionable strategies to reduce stress and boost joy in your daily life. Tune in to disc...

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May 9, 2024 14 mins

Welcome to the Extraordinary Every Day Podcast with Wendy Johnson, episode number 55. In this uplifting episode, Wendy delves into the art of lightening up and finding joy in everyday moments. Join her as she explores practical tips and insights to help you cultivate a lighter perspective on life.

Do you often find it hard to relax and go with the flow? Wendy shares how you're not alone and offers guidance on how to change your...

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May 1, 2024 20 mins

Welcome to the Extraordinary Everyday Podcast with Wendy Johnson! In this enlightening episode, I explore the profound impact of rituals on our daily lives. From transforming mundane routines into sacred moments to fostering mindfulness and connection, rituals can elevate our experiences and infuse our days with meaning. Join me as I delve into the key aspects of rituals, their emotional significance, and practical steps to turn yo...

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Welcome to The Extraordinary Everyday podcast dedicated to helping you overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of building self-trust. Join us as we dive into discussing ten obstacles such as perfectionism, fear of failure, comparison, past trauma, and unhealthy relationships. Discover how these challenges impact our ability to trust ourselves. This episode features insightful stories, expert advice, and actionable tips to hel...

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April 17, 2024 12 mins

Join us on a transformative journey as we explore the essential topic of self-trust in our podcast. In this episode, we delve into practical strategies and insights that can help you build unshakeable confidence. From cultivating self-awareness to embracing vulnerability, we offer valuable guidance to empower you on your path to personal growth. Tune in to discover how to trust yourself, unlock your potential, and create the life y...

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Welcome to The Extraordinary Everyday Podcast, where women come to be inspired, motivated, and empowered to become the best version of themselves and elevate the quality of their everyday lives. In Episode 51, host Wendy Johnson opens up about her struggles during a time of grief and shares invaluable tools to navigate through stressful times.

Join Wendy as she delves into the five transformative tools that have helped her find stab...

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April 4, 2024 17 mins

Do you feel overwhelmed and in need of a fresh start? This podcast is designed to help you reset your life, from organizing your space to developing healthy habits. You will receive easy-to-follow steps that will streamline an area of your life, leading to a renewed sense of calm, productivity, and fulfillment.

Helpful Links:

Download your FREE copy of the Mindset Makeover to show up as the highest version of yourself.

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Life can feel overwhelming at times, but I am here to help. In this episode, I will give you five helpful things to help you stay strong and resilient. We will explore techniques like deep breathing to find inner calm and the importance of taking care of yourself with adequate nutrition, hydration, and rest.

 I would like to invite you to join our More community, a group of dynamic women who are committed to empowering each other to...

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March 19, 2024 17 mins

Are you tired of chronic complaining and feeling trapped in a victim mentality? 

Join me, Wendy Johnson, on a transformative journey to help you break free from this cycle. Our conversation will explore how grumbling affects our mental state, robbing us of our zest for life. 

Drawing inspiration from renowned thinkers like Eckhart Tolle and Zig Ziglar, I'll share three powerful choices: embrace the situation,...

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Do you ever feel down without knowing why? This week's episode will teach you how to change your negative thoughts into positive ones. I'll guide you through identifying and changing your negative default thoughts that silently create your feelings and actions. By following a few steps, we'll create an awareness that encourages a shift in your inner dialogue. This shift promises to unlock feelings, actions, and resul...

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Have you ever found yourself stretched too thin, caught up in the whirlwind of daily distractions, or seeking validation for your choices? If your answer is a weary nod, I'm here to offer you a lifeline. Today, we're not just talking about the traps that steal your energy and time—we're devising an escape plan. As your guide, Wendy Johnson, I'll provide you with five transformative strategies that will help you ...

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Ever feel like you're your own worst enemy? That's the power of the inner critic—those nagging doubts and fears that seem to know exactly how to keep us from reaching our full potential. In an eye-opening conversation, we explore these pervasive self-saboteurs, identifying the seven most common types that lurk in our minds, from the relentless Perfectionist to the cunning Guilt Tripper. Together we navigate through their ...

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February 21, 2024 20 mins

Learn how to master the art of focus and productivity where the art of concentration becomes your most powerful tool for success. In our latest episode, we move through the chaos of daily distractions, providing you with the strategies to keep your eyes on your goals. We discuss how legends like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett attribute their remarkable achievements to a steadfast focus, and cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Sahar Youssef...

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