The Financial Coach Academy® Podcast

The Financial Coach Academy® Podcast

A weekly educational podcast from the founder of The Financial Coach Academy®, Kelsa Dickey, that will teach you how to create and grow a profitable financial coaching business that you LOVE and are proud of. At The Financial Coach Academy®, we are passionate about helping you create the business of YOUR dreams – whether that’s a side hustle, part time gig, or 6+ figure company. Get ready to elevate your success!!


September 28, 2023 27 mins

The income that you can make as a financial coach is quite literally up to you. According to Indeed, the Average salary for a financial coach is $59,277 – if you’re working for a company (like a bank or financial institution). In this case (working for a bank or other financial institution), you don’t pick your clients, you don’t pick or own your process, and you definitely do not have your own brand. 

But, if you are self employed,...

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Can you guess what the key problem is for most of your financial coaching clients? 

It’s a lack of visibility when it comes to our money — when you can’t see your money clearly, how are you supposed to effectively budget and manage your spending? As you already know, it’s challenging (to say the least). 

One of my favorite things about being a financial coach is being able to show my clients that they’re not actually “bad” with money...

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I don’t usually play favorites, but this topic is one of them. Probably because I’m someone who wasn’t celebrating my own wins…I was just moving on to the next goal. And, if your clients are like me, this can be a long-time habit that they’re not even totally aware of. 

This is often the case when you’re coaching someone who holds themselves to a very, very high standard. They’re not not celebrating…but they did it, and they still h...

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I’ve done a lot of goal setting with clients, and while this may seem like a pretty straightforward thing, when it comes to money…that’s not always the case. 

Goal setting is important to demonstrate, in real time, the progress that your client is making, and if the goals are too big, or even too specific actually saying “I DID IT!” may not happen as quickly as the client wants, or if they forget to do their “goal” one day, it can b...

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August 31, 2023 20 mins

You’ve likely heard someone, somewhere talk about “niching” down…but you may not truly understand exactly what that is, or how to do it. And that’s exactly what we’re going to cover today. Your “niche” is just a fancy way to describe who you serve – and how they fit into the world. For example, here at FCA, our niche is financial coaches and people who want to become a successful financial coach. 

“Niching” allows you to speak more ...

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In today's episode, Jill is sharing the steps needed for financial coaching success. She goes over the questions and analyses that she does with the Financial Coach Academy® Elite Coaches (get ready to take LOTS of notes!!). Learn how to analyze your offers, evaluate your niche, and assess your own brand presence using the questions Jill shares with you in this value packed episode.

Join the Elite Waitlist and be the ...

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Raise your hand if you’ve ever ended a conversation with a potential client knowing that you’d probably never hear from them again. It’s happened to most of us in the world of coaching — and today, I’m going to help you understand the psychology behind sales so that you can help your future clients make an informed decision (even if they need to think about it!) without feeling like you’re pushy, forward, slimy, or sleazy (or a use...

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Have you ever been asked, “What do you do?” only to launch into a way-too-long explanation of how you help your clients? Many business owners — financial coaches, especially — have had this experience at one time or another. Whether it’s the neighbor kid’s birthday party, or a local farmer’s market, or pilates class…you’re not alone. Sometimes you get stuck on all the cool things that your program offers…and sometimes, you get stuc...

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In today’s episode, we’re going to spend our time dissecting financial literacy as it relates to financial coaching. Now, this could be a boring and dry conversation…but it doesn’t have to be! 

Financial literacy is focused on education and knowledge. Financial coaching is focused on applying that knowledge and creating action steps so  your clients follow through with the financial goals they’ve set.

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When my husband and I were completely broke (as in, our bank was overdrawn again, broke), we hired a financial coach using a credit card. Now, this wasn’t a “for emergencies” type card - this was my husband and I making a conscious decision to nearly max out our cards (yes, plural) so that we could get a “handle” on our finances. And that decision saved our marriage. 

Now, prior to this, my husband had lost his job, we had two small...

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July 20, 2023 39 mins

First things first, friends: Imposter syndrome is not a thought: “I am an imposter” or a feeling: “I feel like a fake.” It’s a circumstance. And if we want to overcome it, we need to understand it…which means clearly identifying it for what it is, which removes SOME of imposter syndrome’s power. 

Think of imposter syndrome as the monster behind your closet door: you sit there, covers pulled up to your chin, staring at it the door. I...

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If you’re a new coach, it can be really, REALLY tempting to start with something that’s “scalable”...which, quite honestly, 1:1 coaching is not. But, if you haven’t tested your process, the LAST thing you need to worry about is scaling. 

In fact, I strongly recommend that those who are new or less seasoned financial coaches start with 1:1 clients because it’s easier, it allows you to focus on one client at a time and provide them wi...

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When you first start out as a coach – regardless of the type of coaching you do – often, your first clients come from people you already know: family, friends, that one kid from high school who likes all of your posts…you get the idea. 

But the magic doesn’t happen overnight – and it doesn’t happen if you don’t actually create opportunities to expand your network. In fact, if you want to grow your business, you need to become confid...

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I am SO excited to dive into today’s episode because I’m answering YOUR questions!! If you didn’t know you could submit your questions to me (or you have another one you’d like to ask), be sure to fill out the form located at because I’m sure that this will not be the last AMA of this podcast. 

Today, I’ll be answering these 5 totally random (team selected!!) questions: 

  1. Do you have a contract yo...
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In previous episodes, I talked about helping the client form their own conclusion, rather than just providing them with the “right” answer. As financial coaches, our job is not to make their decisions for them, it’s to EMPOWER our clients to make their own decisions with confidence. 

So when a client comes to you and asks you if they can afford a purchase, or wants to know if the decision they made regarding thei...

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Raise your hand if you’d LOVE to have more clients. If so, stay tuned, because today we’re going to talk about how to determine what your marketing efforts are actually producing, and how to adjust things if you fall into one of these categories: 

→ Not enough leads are coming in.

→ You have leads coming in, but they’re not qualified. 

→ You have qualified leads coming in, but they’re not saying “YES!”

Once you know what the probl...

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Want to know how you can make money as a financial coach? Get excited – in today’s episode of the Financial Coach Academy Podcast, we’re going to dive deep and discuss all the creative ways you can increase your revenue (from recurring/subscription options to 1:1 work). 

I’m so excited to welcome fellow financial coach, Jean Chatzky who is joining us today for this conversation. Jean is the CEO of and host of the p...

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June 1, 2023 28 mins

There’s a learning model that psychologists use called “The 4 Stages of Competency” which, put simply identifies the psychological state involved in progressing from incompetence to competence in a particular skill. 

I find these types of models fascinating - and if you do, too - Google has a ton of information that you can look up to learn more. Now, as financial coaches, understanding this model will help you set reasonable expect...

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After years of conversations with my clients where I spend the majority of the call trying to help them make smart decisions, I realized that it typically wasn’t me or the business - which meant that attempting to weigh pros and cons wasn’t terribly effective…and it was just scratching the surface of the “problem.”

Because the root of indecision isn’t just one thing - it’s a combination of knowing the price (it’s right there plain a...

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When it comes to the mindset around posting social media, especially video content, there are two mindset shifts that financial coaches need to make.
The first major mental shift that you have to make is being able to take financial concepts, which generally come pretty easy to us, and make them easy to understand for our ideal clients.
Imagine when you, coach, are stuck in a super boring seminar or social media live strea...

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