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June 9, 2021 9 mins
Biden admin to buy 500 million doses of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine with American tax dollars & donate them to the world, and more on this episode of The George Dunn Show
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THE GEORGE DUNN SHOW 3-16-21 1. Dove soap gets politically correct 2. Memory verse Psalms 147:4-6 3. April fools day is canceled 4. Biden‘s dependence on rules for Independence Day 5. Democrat pipe dreams for conservatives to disappear but no Keystone XL Pipeline 6. Governor Cuomo wants his accusers to meet and discuss at Sunny acres nursing home 7. Kamala‘s broom isn’t eco-friendly 8. WAPO Makes up stories about Trump’s phone ca...
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1. $1400 stimulus checks going out this month 2. Can you really call it Covid relief stimulus, when only 9% of the 1.9 trillion dollar package goes to Americans for that purpose? 3. Reports of blindness and deafness in the UK after mRNA Covid vaccines. Ben Stein’s not feeling too hot either 4. Communist Cuomo intends to require negative Covid test blockchain passport app to attend sports events and theaters 5. Biden opens borders ...
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March 3, 2021 29 mins
Show 3-2-21 Trump’s Party 1. Memory verse Psalm 55:22 2. Three things to note about Trump’s CPAC speech 3. Trump is naming names of RHINO swamp donkeys 4. Mitch McConnell picked the wrong fight with Trump and his favorability has plummeted 5. SCOTUS is a better punter than those in the NFL, rejecting the Kraken lawsuits 6. Cuomo’s in trouble, Whitmer may be in trouble 7. Biden doesn’t know who is in his own party 8. Sheila Jackson...
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Show notes 2-23-21

  1. Scripture Reading Psalms 2. Or as Joe Beijing Biden says, a reading from "Palmist"
  2. Great quotes from the Maharishi Rush Limbaugh
  3. Trump's upcoming CPAC Sunday Speech
  4. New York backtracks on closure of Trump Ice Rinks
  5. New York DA is trying to subpoena Trump's taxes
  6. Supreme Court won’t halt New Yo...
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February 18, 2021 24 secs
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February 18, 2021 39 mins
Show notes 2-16-21 1. Voiceovers 2. Memory verse 3. Now that impeachment is over, New York Times walks back, quietly updates their release that violent angry Trump supporters didn’t actually kill officer Brian Sicknick, The same narrative that house impeachment managers used to prosecute their case against Trump and the impeachment. 4. Nancy can’t let go of here obsession with Trump. She wants a 911 style commission to investigate....
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February 18, 2021 25 mins
Show notes 2-9-21 (THE FAKE CHECKERS) 1. Memory verse 2. All y’all who utilize fact-checkers to argue against conservative truth claiming posts, articles, statements, pronouncements, etc... save it, they are all too often intellectually dishonest with left leaning bias 3. NEW TACTIC OF FACT-CHECKERS EXPOSED! They conflate 2 things when attempting to debunk an objective provable truth. One is objective (the stated truth claim) and t...
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February 18, 2021 19 mins
THE DEEP IMPACT OF A CONSTITUTIONAL COMET 1. Will ignoring the constitution make it an outmoded relic? 2. The bulwark of constitutional interpretation and protection is breaking 3. Lifetime appointments should prevent partisan bias 4. Is making the constitution relevant actually making it irrelevant? 5. A COMET is approaching 6. Roe v Wade, legislating new or extra rights, SCOTUS become political player 7. Obamacare, legislating e...
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February 18, 2021 35 mins
Show notes 2/1/21 1. Exciting news. This show may have an opportunity to go on the radio! 2. #BidenLied is trending super hot on twitter 3. What a great discount! Biden is killing jobs and slashing workers with his climate agenda. Probably a net loss for coal miners. 4. A CEO has a decision to make. 5. Fat-cat rich hedge fund players get their butts handed to them by the Reddit guys as their short sale beating now tops 1 billion...
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February 18, 2021 19 mins
Show notes 1-25-21 Shumer “incited the...” what? Besos doesn’t want mail in unionization voting Rand Paul will fight for election integrity New Mexico is mad at Biden Indians are mad at Biden Unions are mad at Biden Biden xenophobic? Patriot Party started Biden’s actual inauguration
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