The Harsh Reality Podcast

The Harsh Reality Podcast

On this podcast, we plan to provide educated social commentary on various topics including but not limited to Politics, Hip-Hop, Family, Life, Pop Culture, and any Recent News that affects our society and/or grabs our attention. By no means do we claim to be experts, just three conscious people sharing our unique life experience from a blue-collar urban professional perspective.


February 18, 2022 84 min

•Introduction: Background info (upbringing, origins in pro-black movement, philosophy etc.)
•The Diaspora Wars continue with Yvette Carnell and Tariq Nasheed and their minions leading the pack. Grift? Psy-op? Why are these movements gaining traction? Anti-African/immigrant rhetoric. 
•Can a movement be successful without a strong defined leader(s)
•How to combat the influx of weirdos. Is a good percentage of black ppl beyond saving at...

Mark as Played

• Introduction: Background info (interest in firearms, podcast, goals, etc.)
• New York Mayor Adams and Joe Biden discuss more firearm restrictions without going into specifics despite NY having some of the most restrictive laws already. More of the same from the "gun grabber" initiative?
• The increase in crime in major cities highlights the importance of 2A rights.
• The Right's infatuation with authority, is it countera...

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January 18, 2022 62 min

• The divide between black men/black women continues led by Tommy Sotomayor hosting a controversial Twitter Spaces. Is the divide real or some internet weirdo nonsense?
• Banned in America, being blocked from running ads and views magically disappearing. Cancel Culture continues unabated. 
• Supply chain shortages and crazy weather were reported across the country. Do yall respect conspiracy theorists yet?
• Joey B has a 33% approval ...

Mark as Played
January 3, 2022 71 min

Featuring Guest Host Lero

• Stop the Begging movement: Stimmies, Reparations, College Entrance, housing, etc. Are ppl conflating “demanding” with “begging?”
• Cee-Dee-Cee lowers quarantines days from 10 to 5, plus Fraudci going on TV and dropping a truth bomb about hospitalizations. Is the jig up?
• G-Max trial: Epstein’s right-hand woman found guilty yet case is sealed. Will she actually be sentenced accordingly? Was this just a show...

Mark as Played
December 21, 2021 102 min

• Prez announces no plans for student loan forgiveness and payments to resume in February despite rampant inflation. Are blue voters finally accepting the L?
• Charlemagne's interview with the VP and the reactions with her "mad black woman" impersonation. Staged? Modern-day black face?
• Germany locking down unjabbed, Aussie camps, and Canada set to conduct trials on toddlers despite risks. Is the US the last stronghold a...

Mark as Played

• Introduction: Background info (upbringing, the reason for getting into podcasting, joining the KWAZ radio family, goals, etc.)
• The Great Divide: Is there a concerted effort to divide the Black Man and Black Woman
• Diaspora Wars: Thoughts on the growing divide between Pan-Africans and ADOS/Black Americans. Can there be common ground?
• Black Media Talk: Can an organic Black media outlet prosper in today’s climate without compromis...

Mark as Played

• Introduction: Background info (upbringing, influences, journey post-military to now.)
• Current mission of the Original Black Panther Party
• Thoughts on the current state of black ppl in America
• Has there been any progress from the founding of the party in the 1960s until now in terms of the police and black communities?
• Spirituality talk: is lack of a spiritual base as opposed to rigid religious systems part of the problems fac...

Mark as Played

• Introduction: Background info (upbringing, influences, how you became affiliated with Hotep Nation, etc.)
• Misconceptions about Hoteps. What does it mean to you?
• Dystopia Discussion: What’s next? Preparation? Economy? Mandates? How the hell are people still falling for the grift?
• Stephen A. Smith vs. Kyrie Irving
• What happened to masculinity and personal responsibility in today’s society?
• Wrap Up (plug business information, e...

Mark as Played

•Introduction: What has been new since your first appearance (“solutionary” summit, ad campaign, internet trolls)
•The George Floyd/Police Reform Bill Dies in Congress, thoughts on why.
•Masculinity talk
•Thoughts on the jab mandates and why the U.S. isn’t looking like Australia or Canada right now.
•What does the future of this country look like? What can be done to ensure it does not become dystopian
•Tips for those about to lose thei...

Mark as Played
September 27, 2021 99 min

• Crisis at the Border: The vastly different ways that the recent Haitian immigrants were treated as opposed to Afghans
• Mandatory jab mandates come down for private businesses. Is Ol Joe weaponizing OSHA part of an increasingly authoritarian push in the name of health?
• NBAPA comes out against jab mandates and Kareem Abdul Jabbar says any player/coach/staff that doesn’t get jabbed should sit out.
• Nikki Minaj goes back with Don Le...

Mark as Played
September 13, 2021 117 min

• Is old Joe gearing up for a martial law situation. Breaking down our thoughts on what happens in the near future of this country.
• Beyonce’s reaction to wearing the “blood diamond” damage control for the fake black conscious community?
• Amber Ruffin skit, are black ppl a joke when it comes to politics and cognitive thinking?
• Was Cam Newton released because he didn’t get the jab?
• California “ghosting” law. Thoughts and reactions...

Mark as Played
September 5, 2021 57 min

• Texas bans abortions after 6 weeks, is it hypocritical for people to call it a woman’s right issue? Black abortions have equaled births in places like NY and Mississippi.
• Joe Rogan gets the Rona and is then persecuted for stating what helped him clear it up in 3 days? Hypocritical of hyper-political ppl to criticize him for giving his health opinion?
• Are indoctrination centers (schools) on their last leg? Record number of kids ...

Mark as Played
  • Introduction: Tell us a little about yourself? [Upbringing, Interest in Pan-African movement, any relevant/interesting background info, etc.]
  • Inspiration for Book of Power, and brief summary of concepts explained
  • Haiti Talk: Between the assassination of the president to now an earthquake, what's next for Haitians? Is there a vested American interest in the island? What can we do, if anything, to help?
  • Economics Talk: With entities...
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    July 4, 2021 87 min

    ·         Bill Cosby freed from prison due to 5th Amendment violation, our thoughts. Do people have no idea how the legal system works? 

    ·         Thoughts on Sha’Carri Richardson’s disqualification for weed. Hypocrisy on both sides?

    ·         Olympic qualifier Gwen Berry protests anthem, is this another case of clout chasing or legit grievance?

    ·         The Ol' Joe Chronicles: Confuses Tuskegee Airman with Tuskegee Experiment? C...

    Mark as Played
  •  Analysis of man pulling gun supposedly because female rejected him. Clout Chasing went wrong, or fragile male insecurity?
  • Juneteenth declared a federal holiday, good or bad? Will it mean commercialization of holiday?
  • The Mount Rushmore of Atlanta and various cities.
  • Viral video shows a brother confronting an employee at his woman’s job and subsequently getting beat up. Thoughts on situation? Did she put her man in harm’s way unnecess...
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    June 14, 2021 112 min

    • The Kwame Chronicles: Emerging Black Media Star or Beef Driven Hype?
    • The debauchery continues, Meg the Stallion releases a new video “THOT Sh#T” and the over-sexualization of black women continues with much fanfare/criticism. 
    • Is accountability a concept of the past?
    • Financial News: As the fed continues to hand out money like Halloween candy, are we on the way to hyper-inflation? Crypto leveling off? Businesses reporting short...

    Mark as Played

    • Introduction: Tell us a little about yourself? [Upbringing, interest in politics(libertarian), any relevant/interesting background info, etc.]
    • Why aren’t more people, especially the black community, embracing the ideology of Libertarianism?
    • Is Victimhood mentality a real issue? Is the erosion of accountability part of the problem?
    • Raising children in this current climate: The Homeschool debate, Specific challenges from the pan...

    Mark as Played

    • Introduction: Tell us a little about yourself? (Upbringing, how did you first become interested in firearms, any relevant background info, etc.)
    • Expand on the history of the 2nd Amendment and how its suppression is rooted in racism.
    • What’s next to come with the gun control legislation being pushed by the current admin? Do you think any of the bills being proposed will pass?
    • Could more relaxed gun control actually help crime-ri...

    Mark as Played

    • Introduction: Tell us a little about yourself?
    • The attack on the 2nd amendment, why Black Americans should be wary of any attempts to limit firearm ownership.
    • Has this pandemic presented the perfect opportunity to switch up the education of our children? Why haven’t more people seized advantage of this opportunity by opening up education centers (I.E. King Randall).
    • With recent headlines involving Megan Markle and Kamala, are ...

    Mark as Played

    • Introduction: Tell us a little about yourself?
    • Thoughts on Texas becoming the preferred destination of people fleeing blue/strict lockdown areas? Could the state become liberal? 
    • General thoughts on Plandemic? Could the upcoming vax passports be the final straw?
    • The rise of critical race theory in higher learning institutions: Is this a divide and conquer tactic? Has dialogue between the races been purposely discouraged? Is ta...

    Mark as Played

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