The Hart of Health's Podcast

The Hart of Health's Podcast

The Hart of Health is our podcast that is all about health, animal-based eating, biohacking, and self-optimization. We discuss topics such as the carnivore diet, animal-based eating, diet experiments, optimal performance, and becoming your best self.


May 30, 2023 66 mins

In this podcast interview, we spoke to Dr Sabrina Solt. She's a naturopathic doctor and carnivore who specializes in regenerative and anti-aging medicine. In this episode, we discuss various topics, such as:

- How Dr Solt's views on diet have changed since following the carnivore diet
- Diet while pregnant and breastfeeding (particularly the carnivore diet
- Feeding kids 
- Getting pregnant
- Plan...

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In this podcast episode, we interview Dr Robert Kiltz about fertility and the carnivore diet.

Dr. Kiltz is an accomplished fertility doctor who has gained recognition for his work in reducing the cost of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) to one-third of the national average. He has been featured in numerous media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, and The Today Show for his groundbreaking achievements in reproduc...

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In this episode of the Hart of Health podcast, we interview Dr. Sarah Zaldivar. She's a Nutrition Professor at Miami Dade College with a Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology & Nutrition. In this episode, we discuss a variety of topics, including:

- Clearing acne
- The carnivore diet
-  Sugar addiction and binge eating
- Slowing the aging process
- Bodybuilding
- Following your dreams
- Marilyn Monr...

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We interviewed one of the coolest carnivore doctors - Dr Anthony Chaffee. He has over 20 years of experience with the carnivore diet and has a lot of knowledge to share. In this podcast interview, we talk about various topics, including using plants as medicine, addictive foods, Parkinson's disease and introducing foods to babies.

If you want to learn more about the carnivore diet, I highly recommend you explore ...

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Here is part 2 of "Plant-Based vs Animal-Based Diet". In this podcast episode, we compare these two diets even further to show you which one is best. We talk about which diet is simpler to follow, which offers the best sources of protein, which will make you look the best, and which diet is best for your mental health.

If you haven't listened to part 1 of "Plant-Based vs Animal-Based Diet" yet, we ...

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In this episode of The Hart of Health Podcast, we're interviewing Lillie Kane who (in our opinion) is already a legend in the animal-based community. Lillie is a bubbly and bright hypercarnivore with a heart of gold and a passion for sharing information and helping others. 

She lives by example and has changed her own life through a hypercarnivore, animal-based diet. 

In this episode, we discuss various topic...

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Which diet is better – a plant-based or animal-based diet? In this podcast episode, we compare these two diets to help you figure out if a plant-based diet really is good for you and if an animal-based diet high in meat and other animal products is better or worse. 

We compare various aspects of diet, such as nutrient bioavailability, whether plant foods or animal foods are easier to digest, plant-based vs real meat, and w...

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In this episode of The Hart of Health Podcast, we interview carnivore doctor Lisa Wiedeman. On the podcast, we talk about her experience being on the carnivore diet for 13 years, the root cause of disease, sugar addiction and food freedom, if the carnivore diet is too restrictive, what causes macular degeneration, and more.

As an optometrist, this carnivore doctor can really help you see the truth about how your diet coul...

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I've been following Caitlin Weeks (also known as Grass Fed Girl) for years, so you can imagine my excitement when she agreed to do an interview with us for The Hart of Health podcast. Caitlin is a holistic nutrition consultant, mom, and carnivore queen. She's been on the carnivore diet for roughly 4 years and has been using the diet to help treat her Hashimoto's disease.

Caitlin was 99% carnivore while preg...

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Your health should be one of your biggest priorities in life, unfortunately, many people neglect their health — until something bad happens like heart disease or diabetes. 

The truth is that health is not just the absence of disease and you should do things to improve your health and become your healthiest self even before something bad happens. 

Learn more in this episode of The Hart of Health Podcast.


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Have you heard of the French Paradox before? It refers to the low incidence of mortality rates from heart disease in France, even though the French tend to consume a lot of saturated fat. This has led researchers to try and find other reasons why the French might be so healthy, such as their red wine intake, the fact that they snack less, their smaller portions, etc. 

In this podcast episode, we're taking a look at Th...

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We did The Lion Diet by Mikhaila Peterson for World Carnivore Month. That means we only consumed meat from ruminant animals, salt, and water for 31 days. We've done the carnivore diet before and generally follow animal-based diets, but this diet took things to another level.

In this podcast, we give our review of The Lion Diet and whether or not we think that this is a diet people should try. 

Hope you enjoy ...

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What are the benefits of doing the carnivore diet? Is it something you should consider trying? Well, that depends on your goals, current health situation and benefits you are after. 

If you want benefits like weight loss, less inflammation, improved blood sugar, simplicity, and better digestion, the carnivore diet might be for you. Check out this podcast episode and learn more about the benefits of a carnivore diet.  

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 It's World Carnivore Month, and we decided to do The Lion Diet this January to celebrate and to do it as an elimination diet,  but is The Lion Diet the ultimate elimination diet? 

You have probably heard of other elimination diets like the Whole 30 diet or the standard Carnivore Diet, but which one is the ultimate?

We explore this question in our latest podcast episode. 

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In this podcast episode, we're busting some myths about eating meat and following an animal-based diet. If you like eating meat but you've been told it's bad for you, you'll definitely want to listen to this podcast. 

Here is part 2 of Myths About Eating Meat. If you haven't listened to part 1 yet, we highly suggest you do.  Hopefully, we can help you find clarity on whether eating meat and followi...

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Want to know the truth about eating meat?  Are you considering an animal-based diet or even the carnivore diet because you've seen people get amazing results but you're scared because you've been told that meat is bad for you and that a plant-based diet is better? We're here to help shed some light on the meaty situation in this podcast episode about myths about eating meat.

Does meat rot in your colon?...

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In this week's episode of The Hart of Health podcast, we answer the question: "Do we plan on being animal-based forever?" If you're curious to find out the answer and to know if we think an animal-based diet is sustainable, check out the episode! 

Hope you enjoy the show.

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Do you want to simplify your life? Whether you are a minimalist or just someone who is looking for a simpler life, your diet could be a good place to start. A healthy diet does not have to be complicated. In fact, when we switched to an animal-based diet, we knew that we were simplifying the way we eat, but we had no idea how much an animal-based dietwould simplify our lives. 

In this podcast episode, we talk about the way...

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So you've started following a carnivore diet, but are there some mistakes you're making without realising it? Find out in this podcast episode. We explore the top and most common carnivore diet mistakes and also share tips on how to avoid them. 

If you're going to experiment with a new diet, make sure you do it in the best way, so you can get the most out of your experience. If you're following a carniv...

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I interviewed my husband, Jonathan about his carnivore diet experiment he did this year. Jonathan's been following an animal-based diet for the past three years and followed a strict carnivore diet for 75 days at the beginning of this year as part of the 75 Hard challenge. He has done a few 30-day carnivore challenges in the past, but this was the longest period of time he stuck to a strict carnivore diet. 

If you wan...

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