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The Hedonistic Way Podcast

Enter the Temple of Expansive Eros, Permission, Embodiment and Evolution. The most decadent unfurling in your personal, spiritual, sexual and profession integration. For those who want to disrupt the status quo and live a life of opulence, hedonism and stereo UN typical success. Exploring the four elements to The Hedonistic Way and interviews with Epic Humxn’s who have built a business and live by their ethos. System Disruptors. Deeply Authentic Change-makers. Unapologetic.


July 9, 2021 2 min

There is a sleeping giant that resides in me,

I used to think it was a child who just wanted to play and explore.

… Now

…Now I think it's WOMAN.

For she came out when I couldn’t be contained or controlled anymore.

When the conformity became unbearable.

When the delusion of the good girl made my skin crawl.

When I unleashed my holy rage,

Even when the faces of shock and disgust looked back at this mad WOMAN.

When I was done with...

Mark as Played

The Hedonistic Way Show

I knew this conversation was going to amazing and enter into territory that made my heart beat a little faster.

Inside this chat you can soak up,

1. Moving through the Paradox

2. The connection to self.

3. Spirituality beyond the wank factor.

4. What Integrated Business looks like?

5. The feminine in business.

… and what's unfolding for the Visionaries right now.

About Jessica Anne.

She is throwing a big...

Mark as Played

This conversation was so divine, there is a grace, ease and understanding of this man that is just beautiful to witness.

There really is so much to enjoy about this conversation,

1. What happens when you don’t play the game, but change how the game is played?

2. Who are we when we tap into that part of ourselves that is completely trusting?

3. How there is no competition when you allow yourself to operate from this space.

4. What h...

Mark as Played
June 9, 2021 23 min

On  The Hedonistic Way Show today I am going to be talking about Voyeurism  as k!nk and an unconscious k!nk and how we can play out in our lives.  I've not seen a profile yet that doesn't have voyeurism on it so it  affects everyone.

Mark as Played

The Hedonistic Way Show.

* The Art Of Letting Go.

* Awakening Aphrodite.

* The Natural Death Of Personal Development, Spirituality and LOA.

* DEATH is alive right now!

* Resilience is rubbish.

* The unspoken truth about death.

Mark as Played

The Hedonistic Way Show.    

Creating a new conversation around s€xual education is crucial for the  health and growth of our children and society. 

Jasmine and Sacred  Pathways has an amazing curriculum and approach to teaching our children  and teenagers, so get comfy and tune in.    

1. Why feeling safe is an important part of s€xual literacy,  

2. The connection between emotional intelligence, mental ill-heath and  s€xual healt...

Mark as Played

The conversation around consent and sexual assault is a big elephant in the room, but in this panel discussion it was grace and ease.

This is an important conversation and one I invite you to listen to as we speak about-

1. Our journey with sexual assault.

2. How we can inflict our trauma and pain on all those around us.

3. That natural biology of teenage boys.

4. Female’s feeling safe in their bodies.

5. How consent is more than w...

Mark as Played

The Hedonistic Way Show.   

This was a beautiful unraveling that went into many juicy areas, like- 

1. Shamanic businesses and the energy of business.  

2. How do you know when a vision is for now or later? 

3. How to anchor the intangible.  

4. How honoring self is honouring the mystery.  

5. Hierarchy business models.  

… And how to create union in all your ideas, threads and desires.  

She is unearthing a village of grounded cre...

Mark as Played

On the show we soak up Tia Marie, a Next Level Potential Coach for Leaders in Pursuance of The Soul Apex.

We spoke about-

1. What is the Luxury Mind.

2. What the ego really is and it's function.

3. How to reconcile time and why we need to.

4. What is really available to us when we ditch the drama.

5. What is soul language and sensory technology.

... oh and how to create your own navigation system!

About Tia Marie.

Her words don...

Mark as Played
April 26, 2021 65 min

Today I was joined by my sisters of the The Institute for Intuitive Intelligence to talk about Shame and Cancel Culture.

Our ?journey with Shame, how we move through it as a Priestess and breaking ?the societal, religious and family conditions as we speak our truth and ?shame stories.

1. Personal shame and public shame.

2. Addiction.

3. Choice and worth.

4. Mental illness and shame.

5. Cancel culture when we share our truth.

... Ho...

Mark as Played

We are fundamentally flawed as a society when we deem Hedonism and Pleasure a characteristic weakness.

Mixed messaging and we relate.

Women are in power to make real change, contrary to inequality and how men can support us.

What women really want.

Mark as Played

We took a deep dive into some uncomfortable conversations about-

1. Shame

2. White patriarch, misogyny and privilege.

3. How women also have bias to work with.

4. How we need to stop speaking and listen.

5. Generational pain and trauma.

... The importance of sharing our stories and taking these conversations mainstream.

She is one of Australia’s leading Soul Strategists and Psychic Medium’s.

She is a fierce devotee in supporting wo...

Mark as Played
April 7, 2021 37 min


I am determined to revolutionise how we feel and see the world.

How we see ourselves, our Eros and our magick.

To build an army to create the most decadent, courageous and sustainable way to melt into life.

I am here to teach you how to suck the marrow out of life,

How to melt into it like it’s the most delicious piece of chocolate you’ve ever had.

By the time we’re through you will no longer seek anything,

You wil...

Mark as Played

Inside this episode is the real and honest unfurling of s-xual repression and feeling unfulfilled.

We spoke about all sorts of things that don't usually get soken about, like-

1. How it's more common for women to be s-xually repressed than not.

2. How Sacred Sovereign S-xuality has nothing to do with s-x.

3. How Sarah's transformation has nothing to do with body size or shape and everything to do with her claiming all p...

Mark as Played

Strap yourself in because there are lots of juicy bits to soak up in this conversation.

1. Toxic friends, relationships, people and listening to your intuition.

2. Grief.

3. Why is worthiness such a key piece.

4. Abuse, rape, suicide and how Vanessa found herself in it.

5. Mental health and social media.

... Oooo and how she will never rewrite her story.

So delicious!

About Vanessa Haldane,

You wouldn’t believe what this epic human...

Mark as Played

There are so many delicious nuggets in this episode and so much to love, not to mention how divine Chelsea is!

Some pearls…

1. How to be all of who you are and not care about what others think.

2. Understanding beliefs and constantly questioning them.

3. The difference between being all of who you are and sharing all of who you are.

4. How being authentic in business is the only sustainable way.

5. Journeying through the realness o...

Mark as Played

Damien Bohler’s incredible mind is awe-inspiring.

You can’t help but lean in and absorb all that he shares…

We spoke about so many epic things, like-

1. What is really happening when we’re depressed?

2. How transcending and inclusion need to go together.

3. How our se.xual exploration is crucial in our evolution.

4. Why validating others is needed in our growth.

5. Objecting the masculine and feminine and why we need too…

… UNION, ...

Mark as Played
March 2, 2021 4 min

A spoken piece by Renee Mayne and her journey with sexual abuse, family violence, domestic violence, suicide and inequality. 

Trigger Warning. 

Mark as Played

This was the most beautiful conversation about sexual abuse, domestic violence and chronic illness I’ve ever had!

Vera-Lee Curnow’s outlook, wisdom and experience with this is out of this world!

About Vera-Lee

She is giving airtime to some of the most insidious and globally suppressed issues we face.

When most people remain silent, she speaks.

She is your everyday inspiration that is making a big difference.

She cares more about cr...

Mark as Played

Ummm this episode is pretty spesh.

We talk about subjects that are edgy and a lot of people avoid, like…

1. Kids and Body Dysphoria and practical things you start doing to guide them through it.

2. How health is more than a number or size.

3. The harm we are doing and creating by NOT stopping the inner critic.

4. A step y step guide to starting to embrace yourself.

5. How we are not talking about ALL facets to our perception around...

Mark as Played

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