The Hedonistic Way Podcast

The Hedonistic Way Podcast

Enter the Temple of Expansive Eros, Permission, Embodiment and Evolution. The most decadent unfurling in your personal, spiritual, sexual and profession integration. For those who want to disrupt the status quo and live a life of opulence, hedonism and stereo UN typical success. Exploring the four elements to The Hedonistic Way and interviews with Epic Humxn’s who have built a business and live by their ethos. System Disruptors. Deeply Authentic Change-makers. Show More


September 21, 2020 59 min

She is an absolute breath of fresh who has my heart!

There is so much to love and absorb in this conversation.

Ummm, Ummm Ummm.

1. How to create an offering, service and business by working less, making more and in a way that fuels your soul.

2. How YOU are the Magick, not your certifications.

3. How to create and not control.

4. How our job is to be Human and brave so we can listen to what the universe is telling us.

5. The importance of...

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Mark as Played
September 14, 2020 30 min

Whoa... what a potent time!!!

Is physical touch your primary love language? If so, you'll want to tune in...

Where are you on the radar of trust?

What is dying in you right now?

What are our youth thinking and feeling right now?

What are you going to use this time to evolve?

Feels big!!!

Mark as Played

So much about this conversation that rocked my world.

The depth.

The humility.

The honouring.

Talking about the big topics that shape our world and our role in it.

We spoke about…

1. How silence shatters our self worth.

2. The difference between our comfort zones and safety zones.

3. Understand privilege and our role in that.

4. The TRUE meaning of vulnerability.

5. Courage and fear, how we can dance with them.

… and the list could go on, it ...

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Mark as Played

You always know when it's going to be a potent conversation when the internet goes cray cray. 

There is so much wisdom inside this episode that I know you'll get started on this extraordinarily honouring path. 

1. How to start honouring your flow. 

2. What is masculine and feminine beyond being a man and a woman. 

3. What food supports your flow and when. 

4. Until we start taking about taboo topics we can not change. 

5. How Sta...

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Mark as Played

Such a gentle, delicious conversation that has the undertones of peace and harmony in what will hopefully become an ongoing conversation you have for the rest of your life.

1. How rebellion is having the courage to be yourself … *Yeah!

2. The most misconceived belief about s-x and orgasms.

3. How your life changes when you show up in the bedroom.

4. Parenting and guiding children into a whole, empowered and healthy relationship with th...

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Mark as Played

... If you walk away wih ONE thing from this incredible episode, let it be the difference between emotions and feelings.

Get comfy.

Grab your earphones and listen while your walking.

... or maybe while you cook tonights dinner.

Whatever it is, this is an incredible conversation!

... How NOT listening to fear, sadness and anger is cutting off 3 powerful streams of information.

... The importance of understanding anger.

... What you can do ...

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Mark as Played

This epic Goddess is hijacked my show and she's interviewing me!

What will unfold?

What will transpire?

What will be revealed?

I don't think there is an area we didn't go...

1. The exact moment I ended all pursuits.

2. What is an Intuitive Dominatrix.

3. How I see the Universal Laws unfolding right now...

4. What I feel about COVID and how I feel about it.

5. The biggest fear in our 21 year relationship.

... The exact moment I re...

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Mark as Played

J U I C Y!

I just fell in love with this womxn more, YEAH!

There are so many moments in this episode that just makes your heart go, Y E S. Like when we spoke about...

1. What it means to truly love.

2. Why "finding your purpose" is INSANE.

3. Having something in your astrology charts and it NOT happening, why?

4. Stepping outside of the "spirituality entertainment industry"

5. How to run warm and keep the fire burning and ...

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Mark as Played

There is alchemy that started to happen in this conversation...

As we breathed life into...

1. Why the descendants of white Britian have so much shame.

2. What did the rituals look like pre colonisation.

3. How we as White Spiritual Leaders can embrace our lineage.

4. How to begin to transmute ancestral shame, trauma and wound.

5. Moving beyond surviving and victimhood and into divination.

... Oh and what Pat sees in her cauldron around w...

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Mark as Played

One of the most real, enlightening and beautiful conversations that we've had, discussing all the things that we love most... relationships, self, trauma, power and intimacy.

1. The secret to an exciting, wholehearted and juicy relationship.

2. What to do and what the real question is when you're beginning to look outside your monogous relationship to spice things up in your life.

3. How wanting power comes from a state of fee...

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Mark as Played

Imagine a world where you just got to be YOU?

It's a beautiful world right there...

Inside this ep we spoke about this and so much more, like...

1. How to begin to feel pleasure after sexual abuse.

2. What does it mean to be sexually fuild?

3. Why is it important to have conscious conversations...

4. How that correlates to better sex.

5. How a man who allows himself to feel, cry and do all the things we've been told a man "sho...

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Mark as Played


I don't think you could this and not feel the blood running through your body and your soul calling you to begin to delve into this space.

1. What the primal parts of us have been trying to tell us.

2. What do empaths and naricissists have in common?

3. The biggest misconsception about sex and intimacy.

4. The difference between self pleasure and masturbation.

5. The final frontier of you slaying this dragon!

... This coversa...

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Mark as Played

What a beautiful unfurling of truth!

Such powerful topics spoken about with such grace and gentleness.

Just listening to this will alter you into a an intregrated and embodied bundle of bliss.

Gosh... so much I loved and hard to pin point my favourites...

1. Lack of boundaries means the more armour you wear.

2. What is fear, what is a full NO and how to tell the difference.

3. How you're one breathe away from transformation and a min...

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Mark as Played

We went into such depth with topics that are often marked as the shadow of the most enlightened people, yet it was shared with such a gentleness and grace that humbling.

I am so glad this Mystic left her cave to share her wisdom with us!

1. The evolution of emobodiment.

2. Feminism and why we can't crush the patriarchy.

3. What is the unedited self and how do we honour it.

4. What is the great cosmic joke?

5. The dance with being abl...

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Mark as Played

Man, I can't even...

Heart is full and bursting, tears of gratitude for this amazing soul ALPHAMAMA. Eff me, what an epic conversation!

Every minute had me leaning in and wanting more and I am deeply curious as to what you loved!?

For me...

1. The difference between expression and communication, where a lot of people/ leaders miss the point. 

2. How to dance between boundaries and honouring the ripple effect we create when we don...

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Mark as Played

This fabulous human always has the most divine things to say!


1. How meditation and journaling can be a distraction to entering the void.

2. How move through the world with zero f@cks and still have an open heart.

3. How everyone is safe to enter into the dark.

4. How being depressed is OK!

5. Why we should stop feeding our brains with “stuff” and start emptying it out instead.

... Oh and my favourite, creating from the infini...

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Mark as Played

The chemistry is through the roof and the wisdom Maya Luna speaks is sound, just and delicious. 
There is so much to enjoy in this episode...
1. What the patriarchy is and what it isn't. 
2. How the feminine is not the same as being a woman. 
3. Death. 
4. How we are yearning for real people, minus the perfection. 
5. How to honour the dream and not immerse yourself in it. 

... and how she values and prices her service. *WOW! This was...

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Mark as Played

... Well that was such an honour and a privilege to share this beautiful woman with you!

I feel completely activated and invigorated by this conversation, and she absolutely is an activation catalyst.

There was so much magic and deliciousness in this conversation.

1. How to reinvent and create a new currency.

2. The noise and how to remain true to yourself online.

3. Stepping outside the time matrix and not let the chaos and responsibil...

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Mark as Played

What a beautiful conversation!

Her outlook is a-mazing and her depth of perspective is divine.

Ilsa shared so openly and beautifully about same so many things, like...

1. What eroticism is and the innocence in which it comes from.

2. How to begin to explore discovering your own essence.

3. The importance of trust and discernment.

4. How the path to wholeness looks differently to everyone.

5. How honouring the copycat is a beautiful thing.


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Mark as Played

What a delicous and lush conversation!

Zapheria service is so incredible and she just radiates wisdom and love so freely and powerfully. Lots to enjoy in this episode.

1. How life self organises for you where everything just happens.

2. How you can use your womb to magnetise.

3. Sharings on parenting sensitive children and how we can best guide them.

4. How to stay in a love frequency and not succumb to the fear in the world around us.


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Mark as Played

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