The Hopeaholics

The Hopeaholics

Welcome to the Hopeaholics Podcast, where we tackle addiction and mental illness through sharing real life experiences, honesty and hope! Hosted by Chad Carlsen, who knows firsthand the destruction that these issues can cause, we're here to offer listeners a much-needed source of inspiration and understanding that will carry them through tough times. Through powerful, honest, and unfiltered interviews, The Hopeaholics provides a beacon of hope for listeners facing similar issues, banishing stigma in the process. If you're looking for an authentic podcast that'll motivate you to overcome hard times and live well, look no further. To get help for yourself or someone you love, call 949-989-6550


May 17, 2024 86 mins

Vinnie Montez: Using Comedy as a Beacon For Hope | The Hopeaholics Podcast 

In this episode, Vinnie shares his unique perspective on the critical importance of mental health in the first responders field. Drawing from his extensive experience on the frontlines and his career in comedy, Vinnie provides a heartfelt and humorous take on the challenges faced by those who serve our communities.

Vinnie opens up about th...

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Matthew Fiorenza: Fighting Fire and Fentanyl  | The Hopeaholics Podcast

In this compelling episode, Matthew opens up about his own battle with addiction and his courageous journey to sobriety. With firsthand experience of the opioid crisis, he offers unique insights into the challenges faced by those struggling with addiction and the urgent need for comprehensive solutions to combat the fentanyl epidemic.


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Mike Fiore: Facing Fentanyl by Inspiring to Inspire | The Hopeaholics Podcast

Welcome to a deeply moving and enlightening episode of the Hopeaholics Podcast, where we delve into the remarkable journey of Mike Fiore, a true testament to the power of resilience and faith. Join us as we sit down with Mike, once ensnared by the grip of addiction and the perilous world of drug dealing, now a fervent advocate for ending the fent...

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Cristal Aguirre: Healing The Universe From Within | The Hopeaholics Podcast

Join us on this empowering episode of the Hopeaholics Podcast as we sit down with the incredible Cristal Aguirre, a beacon of strength and self-awareness. Cristal, a dedicated advocate for self-awareness and inner health, shares her profound journey to sobriety, spanning an inspiring 26 months of triumph over adversity.

In this candid conv...

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Jimmy Queen: Discovering The Hope Around You | The Hopeaholics Podcast

In this heartfelt conversation, Jimmy delves into the challenges he faced on his road to recovery and how he found the strength to overcome them. He speaks passionately about the impact of addiction on those he loves, reflecting on the heartbreaking losses he has experienced. Despite the pain, Jimmy's story is one of resilience, hope, and the unwavering dete...

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Racing Fearlessly: Ashley Sanford's Drive to Victory | The Hopeaholics Podcast 

Join us as we peel back the layers of Ashley's remarkable journey – from her early days behind the wheel to her current status as a force to be reckoned with on the drag strip. With passion as her fuel and courage as her compass, Ashley has shattered stereotypes and defied expectations, blazing a trail for women in a sport traditional...

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Sara Price's Fueling Passion for Empowerment | The Hopeaholics Podcast 

Get ready to buckle up as we take a cruise through Sara's incredible ride in the world of motorsports. From the days of tearing up dirt tracks on her motocross bike to conquering the rugged terrain of off-road racing, Sara's journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. But hey, she's more than just a racer – she's a real pe...

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Dr. Courtney Tracy: The Truth Doctor | The Hopeaholics Podcast

In this episode, Dr. Tracy shares her wealth of knowledge accumulated over 10 years of direct client experience, specializing in substance use and borderline personality. As the founder of a groundbreaking mental wellness company, she's on a mission to redefine what it means to be human and provide invaluable resources to those navigating mental health cha...

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Jonathan Coyle: HOW NATALIE AND JONATHAN MET  | The Hopeaholics Podcast 

We are beyond excited to welcome Jonathan Coyle, the co-founder of NEM Recovery and husband to the incredible Natalie Eva Marie, as our special guest!

Join us as we delve into captivating conversations with Jonathan about resilience, overcoming challenges, and navigating the world of fitness. With his expertise as a co-founder of NEM Recovery...

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Kelsie Sheren: Brass & Unity | The Hopeaholics Podcast 

Kelsie's journey is nothing short of remarkable. From her time serving in the military to her transition into civilian life, she has faced challenges head-on with unwavering courage and resilience. In this candid conversation, Kelsie opens up about her experiences in the military, sharing the highs and lows, the camaraderie, and the sacrifices made in service...

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Keven Stirdivant: Selling over $2.5 BILLION | The Hopeaholics Podcast

Welcome back to The Hopeaholics Podcast! In this episode, we're joined by the inspiring Keven Stirdivant, a true force of resilience in the world of real estate. As the CEO and founder of KASE, Keven has not only achieved remarkable success, having sold over $2.5 billion in real estate, but he's also a beacon of hope for those facing their own ...

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Mike Diamond's Dose of Positivity | The Hopeaholics Podcast 

Join us on the latest episode of the Hopeaholics Podcast, where we delve deep into the power of positivity with our special guest star, Mike Diamond. Known for his infectious energy and uplifting spirit, Mike Diamond is not just a personality, but a beacon of hope in the entertainment industry.

In this insightful episode, Mike shares his journey, of...

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Lil Blurry's Pursuit For The Dream | The Hopeaholics Podcast

In this exciting episode of The Hopeaholics Podcast, we're thrilled to have the rising star Lil Blurry join us for an insightful conversation about his journey into the world of music. Tune in as Lil Blurry shares his inspiring story, discussing the passion and determination behind his decision to pursue a career in music.

Lil Blurry has taken ...

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Bart Zandbergen: The 8 Pillars | The Hopeaholics Podcast 

Bart Zandbergen's journey to success is one built on a foundation of integrity, dedication, and a commitment to helping others thrive. As he delves into the 8 pillars of life – encompassing areas such as financial planning, health and wellness, relationships, and personal growth – Bart provides invaluable insights and actionable strategies for listeners to enha...

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Lyndi Kennedy: Healing Through God  | The Hopeaholics Podcast 

Welcome to the latest episode of the Hopeaholics Podcast, where we dive deep into the inspiring story of Lyndi Kennedy. Lyndi isn't just an advocate; she's a beacon of hope, driven by her faith and fueled by her own experiences to make a difference in the lives of abused and trafficked children.

In this heartfelt conversation, Lyndi opens up ...

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Nate Boyer: Anything Is Possible | The Hopeaholics Podcast

Get ready to dive deep into the extraordinary journey of Nate Boyer in this compelling episode of The Hopeaholics Podcast. Nate isn't your typical athlete – his path from serving as a Green Beret in the U.S. Army Special Forces to walking onto the University of Texas football team and eventually playing in the NFL is nothing short of remarkable.

In ou...

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Rewiring Your Brain with Erica Spiegelman | The Hopeaholics Podcast

Erica Spiegelman is a beacon of inspiration in the field of addiction recovery and mental health. With her wealth of knowledge and compassionate approach, she guides listeners through the process of rewiring the brain to break free from negative patterns and cultivate positive habits.

Throughout the episode, Erica delves into the science behind habitual behavior and ...

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Ginjer Wulff's Life After The Intervention | The Hopeaholics Podcast

Ginjer doesn’t hold back as she invites us into her world, recounting the ups and downs, the setbacks, and the victories. Her tale is one of true human resilience, a reminder that behind every episode of struggle, there’s a face, a person fighting to reclaim their life.

This episode isn’t just about listening to a survival story; it’s about ...

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Ernest Colling: Taking Health Into Your Own Hands | The Hopeaholics Podcast

Whether you're a health enthusiast or someone looking to make positive changes in your life, this episode is packed with inspiration and actionable advice. Tune in as we explore the limitless potential of embracing a proactive approach to health with Ernest Colling and Transcend. 

Throughout the episode, Ernest provides practical tips...

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Clayton Echard: The Bachelor Speaks On Mental Health | The Hopeaholics Podcast

We're sitting down with the amazing Clayton Echard, a familiar face from his appearances on "The Bachelorette" and as the star of "The Bachelor" season 26. But here's the twist: Clayton's not just here to talk about his TV journey—he's opening up about something we can all relate to: his struggles with ins...

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