The How To Podcast Series - Revolving Podcast Co-Hosts, shorter episodes and a community for you

The How To Podcast Series - Revolving Podcast Co-Hosts, shorter episodes and a community for you

Welcome to the How To Podcast Series! Here we share great short podcast episodes designed as bite-sized, easily to consume tips, updates and suggestions to help you on your podcast journey! Grow your community, start a podcast, gear suggestions, podcast platforms, social media, guesting, hosting and so much more! We invite fellow podcasters to hop into the co-host seat here in the podcast to share where they are at and what they have learned so far. Join the conversation at for great support, suggestions, services and podcast tips to help you on your podcast journey!


February 26, 2024 42 mins

Episode 215 - CO-HOST - Adinah Johnson - Reflections on PodFest 2024 and How Research Can Help Your Podcast Content


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The Daily Dave - Podcasting Tips - Dave Plays with PodStatus - Get Your Podcast Reviews and Rankings All in One Place

Reviews and rankings of your podcast.

Monitor reviews for all of your podcasts. Track your ranks hourly in 175 countries. Daily in your inbox.

Your podcast under control

The tools you need to monitor your podcasts, know your listeners, and get more downloads.

Turn reviews into useful feedback with automatic review...

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Episode 214 - Foundations of Podcast Success - Navigating Quality Content & Patience

Podcasting Foundations: Building on Two Essential Pillars

Before delving into our top promotional strategies, let’s pause to evaluate the bedrock of our podcasting endeavor. We'll start by examining the two fundamental pillars of successful podcasting: quality content and patience. It's crucial to ensure that what we're currently pr...

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Episode 213 - American Idol vs. The Voice - Why This podcast exists in a sea of podcasts about podcasting

I was asked by a future guest co-host of the How To Podcast Series to share the reason why this podcast exists here as an episode. I go over this story with each of my guest co-hosts as I believe it helps us in our pre-interview meet and greet to focus in on you, the listener and why I do this show.

So, if you haven't been ...

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Episode 212 - Why People Tune Out of Your Podcasts and How to Keep Them Listening

Why People Tune Out of Your Podcasts and How to Keep Them Listening

In the realm of podcasting, capturing and retaining audience attention is a vital endeavor. However, it's not uncommon for hosts to wonder why their listenership might dwindle over time. Fortunately, the solution may lie in a relatively simple fix. Here are some actionable ti...

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Episode 211 - Gabrielle Pimstone - Insights for Podcasters from an active Podcast Guest

Wendy's Resturant had a commercial back in the day where they asked the important question.... "Where's the beef?"

Gabrielle and I share our Podcast Beef's as we tackle how to be a better podcast interviewer and guest - real examples from our experiences on both sides of...

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Episode 210 - CO-HOST - Suswati Basu - Podcasting Changed My Life and Continues to Create Legacy

Hi, I’m Suswati, journalist and editor, discovering what makes us human and “how to be”, whilst showcasing polarising conversations. Hoping to explore important social and psychological issues together with you.

Do you struggle with anxiety and overwhelm, does this stand in the way of you starting your podcast? Suswati joins us to talk...

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Episode 209 - Understanding Analytics, What Stats Mean, and What Stat You Should Focus on To Grow Your Show in 2024

We take a look under the hood at the topic of Analytics and Stats - what stat should you focus on this year?

We talk about downloading your Geographic Location list of your listenership and how you can upload this entire list into Google Maps - pinning all these listeners on a global map so that you can witness your t...

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Episode 208 - CO-HOST - Devon Jones - Beer, French Fries and 88 Podcasting Questions Answered You're going to have a ton of questions. Luckily, we have a book for that! We decided to comb the internet for questions so that we could compile them and turn them into blog posts.What started out as a simple idea turned into a 146 page interactive eBook that outlines in incredible detail, every answer to every question a podcast beg...

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The Daily Dave - Podcasting Tips - Spotify For Podcasters Joins With and Removes Some Native Features

Podcasting has evolved quite a bit since its early days. As a format, it is increasingly becoming more visual and interactive, with more people around the world creating, listening, and engaging with the medium than ever before.

And while the core vision of Spotify for Podcasters has remained — to make podcastin...

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Episode 207 - Foster enduring intimacy that captivates and retains an audience

Fostering enduring intimacy that captivates and retains an audience is paramount. Here are a few guiding principles I'd like to impart:

  1. Authenticity: Strive to be genuine. Avoid contrived attempts to win over listeners. Authenticity resonates deeply and invites engagement. It's the cornerstone of connection, although not the sole rule ...

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Episode 206 - CO-HOST - Paloma Bartschi - Building a Membership, AI Tools, SpeakPipe and Buy Me A Coffee

Born in the year of the horse Paloma felt drawn to these great creatures from an early age. At the age of five, she took her first riding lesson. She looks back now to over 40 years of riding experience of which she was blessed to share 21 years with her Islandic Horse companion Ljomi.

The animals have always been her frie...

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The Daily Dave - Podcasting Tips - Is it Time To Breakup With Your Obsession Over Your Stats - The NoStats90 Challenge

Download numbers, likes, reshares, and followers are useful numbers to track, but focusing on them too much can leave us distracted, frustrated, and eventually burned out. That’s because we’re focusing on stuff we can’t control, instead of stuff we can.

The 90-Day No-Stats Challenge is a fun way to see what can hap...

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Episode 205 - Solo Podcasting , Navigating Loneliness, Mental Health for Solo Podcasters

  1. Acknowledging the Solo Podcaster's Unique Mental Health Challenges:

    • Isolation and Loneliness: Solo podcasters often spend hours recording, editing, and promoting episodes alone, which can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness.
    • Pressure to Perform: Without co-hosts or a team to share responsibilities, solo podcasters...
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Episode 204 - Building Community - Authenticly Engaging Your Solo Podcast Audience

  1. Authentic Engagement Through Social Media Presence: As a solo podcaster, your social media presence serves as a vital bridge between you and your audience. Use platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook not just to promote episodes but also to interact with your listeners. Respond to comments, ask for feedback, and share behind-the-sce...

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Episode 203 - Tech Talk - Tech Essentials for Solo Podcasters - Microphones, Soundproofing and Post Production In this episode, we demystify the world of podcasting equipment and setup for solo hosts. Explore the essential tools and tech that empower solo podcasters to deliver high-quality audio and create a professional-sounding show. Closing Thought: "In the solo podcasting orchestra, your tech is the conductor. Tune your ...

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Episode 202 - Mastering the Art of Solo Scripting - Crafting Your Narrative

  1. Structural Foundation: Building Blocks of a Compelling Script

    • Point: Establish a clear structure for your solo podcast script, incorporating a well-defined introduction, body, and conclusion.
    • Supporting Detail: Break down your script into segments such as introduction, main content, and conclusion. Use hooks, anecdotes, or intriguing questions...
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Episode 201 - The Freedom of Solo Podcasting - Unleashing Your Voice

- Complete Creative Control: Solo podcasting empowers you with complete creative control over your content.

Unlike collaborative efforts where compromises might be necessary, solo podcasting allows you to shape your narrative, choose your topics, and control the overall direction of your show.

This independence fosters a unique and authentic expression of your v...

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Episode 200 - The Two Types of People - How To Demonstrate Confidence as a Podcaster

Dave does an exaggerated, self-indulgent intro to shed light on podcasters that puff themselves up in their podcast - a little tongue and cheek, but it seems in podcasting that some podcasters are way to inwardly focused at the expense of those that they come in contact with - what type of person are you when you enter the room, join a convers...

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E199 - CO-HOST - Jen Jones Donatelli - Find Your Groove as a Multipotentialite and Identifying Greatness in Others

Are you someone who loves to do #allthethings? If so, you’ll find your happy place here at Creative Groove! We offer classescommunity, and coaching around writing, creativity, freelance success, and the Artist’s Way. Pull up a chair (or magic carpet)—all are welcome here. Jen is the founder of Creative Groove and w...

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