The iamthepossible Podcast

The iamthepossible Podcast

The iamthepossible® podcast is the place where possibilities become perspective! Our mission is to share perspectives on life, that give life, to what's possible in life!


May 28, 2024 7 mins

I was locked up in jail, facing 15 years for grand theft. I was completely hopeless and I completely helpless, until Jesus became the hope and help I needed to turn my life around and here's the GOOD NEWS, He wants to do the same for you; if you will allow Him to!


In this short video I tell one of many stories of how Jesus has transformed my life from a place of hopelessness and uncertainty to positio...

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In this episode, I'll share the 3 essential steps for mastering confidence as a man in today's world. Learn how to embrace self-discovery, authenticity, and contentment to break free from comparisons and align with your true self.

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In this episode, Treveal C.W. Lynch discusses the importance of building confidence as a man in today's ...

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What makes a great father?

In this episode, I'll share my top 3 things (from over 24 years of parenting experience) that makes a father successful in parenting his children. Whether you're a first time dad or looking to become one, these 3 things are essential for building strong relationships with your children and being the positive role model you desire to be!

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In ...

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Learn how to free yourself from a hijacked mind and take back control of your life.

Discover the concept of the hijacked mind and how it limits you from living authentically in this eye-opening video.

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In this episode, Treveal C.W. Lynch discusses the concept of the hijacked mind and how it relates to not being free to be ourselves. 

He explores the i...

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Do you feel like you're stuck and your life isn't where you want it to be?

This is true for many of us and the interesting fact is, it's usually not the result of something you lack but rather some you have too much of!

In this episode, I'm going to help you reconnect with your purpose, focus on what matters and remove the obstacles so you can get to where you want to be!

YouTube Vers...

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Have you suffered great pain in your life and can't figure out how to make sense of it?

Are you going through a season of suffering and feel as though God has failed you?

In this episode of the iamthepossible, you will be inspired to imagine the purpose and plan God has for your pain by a woman who's been through it and is making the most of it!

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April 10, 2024 37 mins

I stutter, but it doesn’t stop me from speaking!

Neither should your “limitation” stop you from listening to God’s call on your life!

Are you ready to stop making excuses and finding ways to fail? 

Are you finally at a point you life where you are truly ready to say "I CAN" rather than "I Can't"? 

This episode is for the person ready to begin overcoming their limitations ...

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April 7, 2024 70 mins

Not as successful as you'd like to be in life?

The problem may be something you've never considered - your ego!

"The ego is the one thing that can keep you from everything."

Freddy Jackson / Bio

Freddy is an inspirational and transformational speaker, mentor, personal trainer, educator, author, and founder of The Love No Ego Foundation, located in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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Are you unhappy on your job?

Do you find it hard to feel satisfied with the work you're doing?

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In this episode, Treveal C.W. Lynch discusses the importance of finding enjoyment in your employment and how discovering your working genius can help. 

He shares his own corporate America story and em...

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March 31, 2024 78 mins

Are you struggling to believe in yourself and in your future?

Do you doubt you'll ever be able to achieve the kind of life you desire?

My guest this week will certainly provide a pick me up, BOOST your belief and help you become aware of all the reasons you can and should achieve all you've ever hoped for in life!

Deborah D. Ford / Bio

Deborah D. Ford, MA, BA, is originally from Brookly...

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Do you find yourself still questioning your value in life?

Do you continue to struggle with purpose and seeing what you have to offer and "bring to the table" in life?


In this episode, Treveal C.W. Lynch shares personal stories and insights about what changed his life. 

He emphasizes the importance of recognizing one's worth and value, and how being loved by our creator is ...

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Do you still find it hard to forgive yourself of something you did or said?

Are you still locking yourself up in a prison of pain and punishment?

Forgiveness is not something we earn from God, but rather something learn from God!


In this episode of Mental Health Monday, Treveal C.W. Lynch discusses the story of Cain and Abel from the book of Genesis. 

He highlights the grace and ...

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Your ultimate success can be and is often developed through unusual situations and circumstances.

If you find yourself in the mist of a situation that’s challenging and seems to be pointing you in the opposite direction of your goals and dreams, I want to encourage you to watch and listen to this AMAZING episode of the iamthepossible podcast, filled with stories and down to earth examples from the life by a powerful and pu...

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Does your life suck?

Do you always seem to be suffering and have no idea why?

Have you listened to a David Goggins video, gotten excited, tried to "embrace the suck" but it didn't work?


In this episode, I discuss the concept of expectations and how they can rob us of our enjoyment of life. 

I'll go in-depth on the importance of being aware of our expectations ...

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March 14, 2024 36 mins

Do you feel like you can't fully express or accept yourself?

Does it feel like life is against you and you don't have the confidence to be yourself?


In this episode, I discuss the importance of emotional intelligence and how it can help individuals express and accept themselves. 

I’ll share a few personal stories and highlight the impact of emotional intelligence on our decision...

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Do you feel like something's holding you back in life?

Are you interested in knowing what that is, how to get past it and how to get on with your life?


In this episode, Treveal discusses the power of stories and how they can limit our lives if we believe the lies we tell ourselves.

He shares a personal experience at the gym where he created a story in his mind about a stranger not w...

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In a culture built on control; controlling the way we think and the decisions we make, there is hope if you want to break free manipulation and start to think for yourself!


In this video, I'll talk how control, competition and dualism has found it's way into most of our day to day activities and how if we're not aware of this it can limit our ability truly think for ourselves.

I sha...

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February 25, 2024 31 mins

If you feel overwhelmed today, go to God and get the rest you need!


In this conversation, Treveal C.W. Lynch discusses the importance of rest and the pressure to constantly do more. 

He emphasizes the need to filter opinions and not let them become burdens or prerequisites to God's promises. 

Treveal encourages listeners to find rest in God and to seek His wisdom rather than relying ...

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Are you discouraged about a situation in your life?

Is there something you're dealing with that has you a little deflated or down today?

The truth is, being a Christian doesn't protect us from getting discouraged in life, we all, no matter who we are will face discouragement at some point and time and when this happens, it's important to know how to seek God and find the strength we need to carry on...

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February 1, 2024 25 mins

Your life depends on your self concept!

If you have a poor quality of life, it's likely you have a poor self concept!

Do you really want a better life? If so, it starts with your self concept?

Not many people understand how much their self-concept (the image we have of ourselves which is mainly influenced by the external information we allow ourselves to be exposed to over and over) influences their ...

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