The Intuitive Way of Love

The Intuitive Way of Love

I’m on fire to help women rise up. I’ll move heaven and earth to encourage women to speak their truth. To release their sacred feminine values and power. Join me for The Intuitive Way of Love Podcast. The show where I feature women who know they are love in motion. My guests have stepped up. They’ve become visible. They share unique messages of love and understanding so we can all have a better quality of life. They want to inspire you to know your worth. To take space. To share your precious gifts with the world. The world needs your story of love. Your love consciousness. Your love and understanding. Your message. Not tomorrow. Now…


December 29, 2023 45 mins

Weeks ago, I shared on social media that I was working with a life coach, Steve Hardison. Steve is the subject of a book, The Ultimate Coach, written by his wife, Amy Hardison and researched by Alan Thompson.  Steve calls the book, “The Book of Being.” Steve coached me  through writing a  “document” as a statement of “the you at your inner core...the you that soars.” [page 248].

 I think of my document as the song of my soul.  In th...

Mark as Played

Candid, insightful, focused – these are the descriptors that come to mind for this interview with Jamie Fiore Higgins, author of Bully Market: My Story of Money and Misogyny at Goldman Sachs.  Jamie speaks with clarity about the dangers of ignoring intuition and the cost of sacrificing personal values to the pursuit of external rewards – money, recognition, and validation from others. 

Jamie was named one of the Financial ...

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I’m so tickled to share this interview Carol Hampshire, the intuitive-creative woman who designed my new brand and website. 

“Branding is about connecting,” Carol said. Carol shared her top three secrets behind a successful brand and marketing presence.  

Carol also talked about her journey to find freedom in life and how hardship contributed to that.  She wants to help all her clients feel greater freedom in the way they show up in ...

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Whether you’re an elite athlete, an exercise aficionado, or someone who loves to follow competitive sports, you’ll love this interview with sports performance coach, Denise Holland. She is a leader in the spiritual [yes, the “S” word] nature of human psychology behind sports performance.

Denise spent over 30 years in elite sport, competing internationally as an athlete and, more recently, as the Scotland National Coach in...

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I’m delighted to bring you this lively conversation with Jacqueline (JB) Hollows.  We talk about her transformative work in the U.K. criminal justice system and about her forthcoming memoir/self-help book, “Wing of an Angel” to be published Autumn, 2023. 

We also talk about where life is taking her more writing and digital content creation.  JB is personable, funny, insightful, and so brimming with love!  She has followed t...

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Dr. Judith Sedgeman begins this fascinating interview with a description of how one thought about racism against childhood friends first unfolded into disillusionment but also, in the end, into a life of service to others.  In this candid interview she shares how mentors described in her memoir, “It All Began with a Bird” pointed the way to standing for what is right and following the intuitive way of love.  Judy shares powerful st...

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Kirstien Bjerregaard, Ph.D., MBACP is on a quest to awaken people to the possibility that they can bring well-being, wisdom, creativity, resilience and love to every life circumstance they meet.  She is a psychologist, transformative counsellor, coach, mental health and resilience educator and founder of a non-profit organization in the U.K., Field of Possibility, CIC.

After working for years on the front lines in countries requirin...

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Mara Gleason Olsen is the co-founder of One Solution, an international nonprofit dedicated to solving large-scale global challenges by helping individuals, communities, and systems to change from within. It is Mara’s life passion to help people reconnect to their innate well-being, resilience and capacity for new ideas because it is the most efficient and sustainable solution to any problem. 

Mara talks with me about her ...

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March 23, 2023 17 mins

Are you feeling daunted? De-energized? Unfocused? Unclear about next steps?  Scared? Chances are good those feelings are indicators of psychic dryness…a thirst for inner wisdom, hydration from the soul. The antidote is intentional solitude found both in small bites and larger chunks of time built around inward listening, pleasure, and sensory refreshment.

In this mini-podcast I share this bit of wisdom from the “Sealskin, Soulskin” ...

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March 16, 2023 58 mins

In this episode, Linda and Liz Scott talk about the intuitive step-by-step knowing that guided Liz and her husband, Stu, to found Inner Compass, a nonprofit organization that points people toward their natural well-being. Inner Compass functions in their local community and is creating a pool of volunteer listeners to help the lonely and isolated feel a sense of connection and belonging.

Inner Compass’ programs are called Well-being...

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March 8, 2023 13 mins

In “Artists of Life” Linda talks about the “ABC” of creativity: Acknowledging creative essence and its unique expression; Bamboozling your inner critic and Creating space with your presence to your creativity.

Check out Linda’s offering of 3-session package of individual consultations, the,
Apprentice’s Way Mini, and her Intuitive Way of Love Masterclass Series on the home
page of her website at www.lindasandelpett...

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Jane Lemmeke co-founded, alongside her husband, Sten, House in the Woods, a program based in Denmark which provides homes for people with severe learning disabilities who have tendencies toward violent behavior.  By following intuitive knowing, in just eight years, they effortlessly grew House in the Woods to 14 residences staffed by 130 employees.  This podcast describes Love in motion.

In this podcast episode, Jane talks about how...

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February 23, 2023 15 mins

In this episode, Linda weighs in on weight loss and her journey to lose more than 72 pounds. She talks about factors contributing to her slim down: asking for spiritual help, getting real about the simple equation behind weight, the value of commitment to her love relationship with her body, and intuitive eating. There are no judgments, prescriptions or diet recommendations here – just a few gentle, simple observations about insigh...

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Ami Chen Mills-Naim is a woman who has traveled off the beaten path. She tempers a rebellious spirit with a reflective heart. “I haven’t gone blindly,” she said. “I grapple with choices and go with what feels right, despite disapproval and disagreement.” Her path has called her to be a climate activist, social justice advocate, spiritual teacher, podcast and radio show host, coach, trainer, writer and author.

When she was ...

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February 9, 2023 9 mins

In this episode, Linda speaks of being reminded how powerful it is to make decisions, lead, build businesses, and connect with others from a place of stillness within. The knowing that we all seek about next right steps will come from silence in intuitive and synchronistic ways. Doing rooted in this place of being is rewarded beyond measure. Check out Linda’s offering of 3-session packages, Apprentice’s Way Minis, on the home page ...

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Jacqueline McMenamin is an expert in senior leadership development with Roche, one of the world’s largest biotech companies, as well as a leading provider of in-vitro diagnostics and a global supplier of transformative innovative solutions across major disease areas. In this potent and transparent interview, she discusses how the Covid pandemic created awareness that a new kind of leadership is needed in the world, one that integra...

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January 26, 2023 13 mins

Showing up for clients even when our personal lives are challenging is important for
helping professionals. Emotional maturity, self-compassion, and awareness of a
spiritual guidance system behind life can help us be consistent even in the toughest
times. Linda shares a story about a colleague who showed her that acknowledgment,
nonresistance, and presence allow us to be fully human and fully grace-filled in the fac...

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January 19, 2023 41 mins

Nearly two decades into a career as a psychotherapist and corporate trainer, Natasha
Swerdloff chanced upon the 3 Principles, a psychospiritual understanding brought to the world by Sydney Banks. As she learned about the 3 Principles, Natasha shifted into a quieter, less reactive, more peaceful state and observed less conflict in relationships, especially with her mom. The shifts were effortless. When she shared the understandi...

Mark as Played
January 12, 2023 10 mins

Before her introduction to an understanding that links psychology and spirituality, Linda was prone to moods and to seeing life through the eyes of a mood! Sometimes, not a pretty sight! In this mini-cast, Linda talks about a recent experience of being in a low mood and how she moved through it undisturbed, even with wisdom! Don’t miss this helpful conversation about our innate emotional maturity.

Dr. Linda Pettit’...

Mark as Played
January 5, 2023 47 mins

For Gayle Nobel, severe autism is up close and personal – she is mom to a 38-year-old son who is nonverbal, and guardian of an older brother. Over time, she has found her way to a space of Love, less resistance, and acceptance, which has allowed her to be a more present, intuitive, and wise caregiver. When Gayle came across a nonreligious spiritual understanding known as the 3 Principles, she discovered much greater ability to rela...

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