The Jamal Show - The Place to Get Intelligent

The Jamal Show - The Place to Get Intelligent

This show is meant to be the equivalent of your own subconscious, talking to you. If your subconscious was from Harlem. Everything interesting and nothing UN-interesting with Attorney Jamal C. Wright. The podcast is recorded live from the studios of WKND "The Power" 97.5 FM/1480 AM Hartford, Connecticut, every Saturday morning from 10 AM - 11 AM This broadcast is all about Current Events Analysis, Legal Commentary, Inspiring Stories, Consumer Intelligence and Life-Hacking. All from the Harlem perspective. Support this podcast:


August 12, 2023 60 mins


Attorney Jamal C. Wright

Dr. Alphonso Mack

Attorney John Rose, Jr

Special Guest Hartford Mayoral Candidate Giselle "GiGi" Jacobs


"Rehema" by Mex Cortez

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Show Topic: "Balance" 

Studio Attendance:

- Host - Attorney Jamal C. Wright

- Cohost - Dr. Alphonso Mack

Topics (not all-inclusive):

1. Florida schools start teaching how slaves gained good work experience from slavery

2. Climate Change on BLAST as a heat wave touches the world! The Number 1 weather-related killer, is HEAT!

3. Trump is about to be INDICTED for JANUARY 6th riots at the capital! This will be his 3rd In...

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July 2, 2023 52 mins


Host: Jamal C. Wright, Esq.

Cohost #1 Nichole Mayweather-Banks, LCSW

Cohost #2 Attorney John Rose Jr.

Guest Caller: "Jimmy With Books" in Segment 3

TOPICS: 1. Supreme Court Rules Against COLLEGE Affirmative Action

2. Supreme Court Rules Against LGBTQ Rights    

A. Businesses can now refuse service to LGBTQ Community!      

B. Bud Light fires back after Transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney cl...

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May 28, 2023 59 mins

Jamal, Dr. Mack and Nichole Mayweather Banks talk about the following subjects:

  1. Lead Oath Keeper Stewart Rhodes gets 18 years for leading Jan. 6
  2. Trump's about to get indicted again
  3. Shoutouts to the Late Great Tina Turner and others...
  4. Target relents to right-wing violence and removes Pride Clothing from stores
  5. Book Banning goes Awry in Florida
  6. Montana bans Tik Tok
  7. Jimmy with Books

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May 6, 2023 61 mins

Jamal, Dr. Alphonso Mack, and Guest host: Therapist Nichole Mayweather Banks discuss topics surrounding healthcare in America, as well as the following:

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April 22, 2023 58 mins

Jamal And Dr. Mack talk about Transgender issues with a studio full of guest hosts, that include:

  • Tarin, a transgender male high school student
  • Patty Nicarlo, of ⁠⁠, cofounder of CT's first LGBT highschool
  • Nichole Mayweather-Banks, LCSW, of ⁠Changing Faces, LLC.⁠, A Transgender and non-binary Youth Counselor in the Hartford, CT area
  • Attorney John Rose, former General Counsel of Hartford and New Hav...
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April 8, 2023 57 mins

Hosted By:

Attorney Jamal C. Wright

Dr. Alphonso Mack

Special Guest Host: Attorney John Rose (Former General Counsel for Hartford, CT and New Haven, CT)



  • The Tennessee Christian School Mass Shooting - The kids deserve more safety. But that's not what they are getting...
  • Donald Trump has FINALLY been "INDICATED," (as he says). Not a day too soon.
  • There's a NEW Mayor...
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March 27, 2023 52 mins

In this episode, Jamal And Dr. Alphonso Mack talk about:

  • How a Black male inmate can be killed in a hospital in VA. The Story of Irvo Otiendo
  • How Trump is about to get pinched by the NYPD with the Republican cult defending him to the end. Also,
  • Tik Tok is going BYE-BYE. And it SHOULD be banned.

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March 4, 2023 61 mins

Jamal Talks with Dr. Mack and Special Guest Host James Farley (from St. Louis) about:

  1. 1. The Case for Joe Biden's Reelection as President. 
  2. 2. Trump is about to get his ass indicted in Georgia. They got papers on him!
  3. 3. War and Ukraine, with Guest caller,  Victor from Arizona. (Marine War Veteran)
  4. 4. Alex Murdaugh is guilty of everything. Even stuff YOU did, a long time ago. 
  5. 5. Dilbert Creator Scott Ad...
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Jamal, Dr. Mack, and guest cohost Attorney John Rose, Jr. talk about the death of Tyre Nichols by the hand of Memphis police, and the accompanying video.

Independent Music selections are by:
1. TroubleDaChief - "Heathen"

2. Seeds Of Labor - "My Man, Hip Hop"

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Jamal and Dr. Alphonso Mack talk about the importance of Failure with Guest Host, Artist Cory Pane. Also, don't miss "Jimmy With Books!"

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Episode Music:
Troubledachief "Troubled Path"
Seeds of Labor "Quest for 5 Mics"

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1st Show of the 5th Season!

Special Guest Host Civil Rights Attorney Alex Taubes talks with Jamal and Dr. Alphonso Mack about Sentence Commutations and other matters of Justice in America. This episode is a MUST-Listen. One of the best, ever.

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December 3, 2022 52 mins

Jamal And Dr. Alphonso Mack talk about Shanquella Roninson, Trump's continued Association with White Supremacists and the state of mass shootings in America. And then there's "Jimmy with Books"....

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November 23, 2022 62 mins

*Sorry for the fascinating background noise! This show was recorded from WITHIN THE VOCAL BOOTH, so it captures all of the side talk!

Jamal And Mack talk about Boundaries and how important they are. With friends, family, and even in Ukraine. Jamal even tells a personal story about his ex-wife. This is a good one!

Other guests include:
1. Dr. Denise Wunderler, representing Team Vienna for SUDC Awareness, And 

2. Jimmy, with...

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November 5, 2022 59 mins

Jamal and Dr. Mack talk about Leadership or the lack thereof, with regard to:

The Paul Pelosi Hammer Incident; Bad leaders Kanye West, Elon Musk, Dan Snyder, and Kyrie Irving; The Death (or Intentional Murder) of Affirmative Action in College Admissions; AND... "Jimmy with Books," A NEW Segment on the Jamal Show - The Place to Get Intelligent

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October 22, 2022 62 mins

First, A Jamal Monologue on Luck. 

Then, a serious talk about the brother Kanye. This Broadcast includes clips of Kanye's recent crazy talk. Has he outlived his usefulness as a Black man? If not, why does he go with hate speech? The same question goes for Herschel Walker, but for different reasons. Why flash a fake badge at a debate with Senator Warnock? How UN-Harlemlike.

Then there's talk about the upcoming midterm elections...

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October 8, 2022 60 mins

Jamal talks about the importance of maintenance regarding the following subjects, with friends Attorney Anthony Johnson, Dr. Alphonso Mack and Jimmy Muwonge:

-Uncle Joe Biden Pardons Potheads
-Herschel Walker won't be a Senator from Georgia AND he sucks as a father.
- Midterm elections are super important
-Vladimir Putin needs to practice the maintenance of his army

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September 17, 2022 48 mins

From the WKND 97.5 FM Studios in Hartford, Connecticut, by way of Harlem, NYC.

Jamal talks behind the back of Queen Elizabeth II. Then Jamal Talks about how to take advantage of the Student Loan Forgiveness Program put forth by Uncle Joe Biden. Then Jamal unveils a new, exciting segment for the show. "Jimmy with books," is a biweekly Book Review Hosted by James "Jimmy" Muwonge. Then Jamal explores the young Black American girl reac...

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July 23, 2022 55 mins


Attorney Jamal Wright discusses The overly-secretive Secret Service, the Uvalde Shooting coverup, Racism at Sesame Place and Democrats' attempt to codify Interracial and Same-Sex marriage against Republican pushback.

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July 2, 2022 61 mins

The January 6th Select Committee investigating the Capitol Riots is turned up!

Jamal Talks about testimony from Shay Moss, Cassidy Hutchinson, issues with the new radical Supreme Court, Justice Thomas, Roe V. Wade, Inflation and Recession (Is Joe Biden Responsible???). 


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