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The Judgment Call Podcast

A podcast where we talk to risk takers, adventurers, travelers, entrepreneurs and simply mind bogglers.


August 27, 2021 67 min
  • 00:00:20 How Maciej got started with Amtelon Capital and why he chose Iran as a primary investment target?
  • 00:05:33 Why is Iran like Russia (and Eastern Europe ) in the 1990s? Is there a catalyst for Iran making it back to be connected with the rest of the world?
  • 00:14:25 A short story of sanctions against Iran.
  • 00:26:06 How Iranians and the regime in Iran differ? Why is the regime so successful in controlling power?
  • 00:32:32 What are ...
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  • 00:00:23 How did Jared's path from Lehman Brothers to Internet personality develop?
  • 00:05:06 How did the finance industry develop during the last 20 years?
  • 00:08:18 Jared's experience on writing a novel (and how it compares to his other book)?
  • 00:11:29 What is Jared's view of the deflation/ inflation debate?
  • 00:17:03 Is productivity growth really as low as we assume? What role do stock buybacks play?
  • 00:22:01 Is individual r...
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  • 00:00:33 How Stephen got started in the world of finance and what motivated him to write his latest book.
  • 00:10:05 What is the basic premise of Stephen's analysis of financial statements (forensic accounting)?
  • 00:21:01 What is the fine line between fraud and creative accounting?
  • 00:27:22 What is Stephen's analysis of the Wirecard fraud?
  • 00:32:27 How well do the current accounting standards actually work for provide transparency...
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  • 00:00:31 How Mike researched and developed his theory of a market bubble in passive investing/ index investing? Are markets about information or transactions?
  • 00:08:01 Is the bubble of investing just a (bigger) change of the NIFTY fifty or the NASDAQ bubble in the 2000's?
  • 00:13:53 Does Mike's theory of passive investing predict higher volatility due to the changes in market structure?
  • 00:19:22 Is our low productivity growth li...
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  • 00:01:00 How Thaddeus got into philosophy and theology in the first place?
  • 00:05:45 How political pluralism should work? Is the US actually pluralistic?
  • 00:12:23 Has liberalism built a super structure of metaethics on top of religions. Are religions (too) boxed in by the liberal structure? How has our consciousness already been changed by this structure?
  • 00:19:13 Is the treatment of religions and reality comparable? How should philoso...
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  • 00:03:30 What regulation should we employ in the financial industry? Does it make us more safe?
  • 00:10:57 How Max got into his current career and what he has learned from his interviewees.
  • 00:17:01 Is the world going crazy? Is the 'attentionalism' already changing people and is the financial industry a good showcase for this? Is 'career risk' actually the most important part of financial decision making? How should ...
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  • 00:00:36 How Julio's entrepreneurial journey started?
  • 00:06:29 How do opportunities for entrepreneurs in Africa stack up currently?
  • 00:13:45 How knowledge based and digital content businesses are faring in coastal African countries. How staggered access to digital innovations delays opportunities outside of the US.
  • 00:20:48 How to find early adopters for your startup? Can you find them in a 'non early adopter market'?
  • 00:24...
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  • 00:00:30 How Alexander and his co-author Jan have managed to produce such an enormous (and prophetic) body of written work over the last 20 years
  • 00:04:43 What Alexander thinks about postmodernism?
  • 00:09:01 What are 'Netocrats'? How is the world changing due to the Internet? Who is ready for the digital future and who is not?
  • 00:14:01 What is the future of (representative) democracy and politics in general? What is a 'sens...
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  • 00:00:38 How Imran found his way from Wall Street to teaching option strategies at Options Insight.
  • 00:09:42 What retail traders should learn before trading options. Why meme stocks options are such a 'rational choice' right now?
  • 00:14:42 Where are the best opportunities for trading options to still have an edge?
  • 00:24:45 What is Imran's view on the delation/inflation scenario? Are commodities a good hedge?
  • 00:29:35 Why doe...
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  • 00:00:14 The short history of Erik's discovery (and theory) of faster than light speed travel.
  • 00:06:20 How Faster Than Light Speed travel would actually work?
  • 00:16:20 How much energy would be required for a warp drive propulsion? Is there enough energy in the universe to make faster than light speed travel feasible?
  • 00:25:29 Why the 'twin paradox' will be solved with a warp drive?
  • 00:32:47 Did Stargate get the 'warp&...
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  • 00:00:30 Thomas' experience at Wall Street (including running his own hedge fund and an insider trading investigation while working with Steve Cohen) and why he started his latest firm Hedge Fund Telemetry?
  • 00:18:40 How Thomas selects themes and timeframes for his daily newsletter?
  • 00:24:25 What Thomas thinks of the crypto bubble?
  • 00:35:44 Is deflation or inflation the bigger issue right now? Should low income jobs be made redunda...
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  • 00:00:30 How did Peter get started studying intelligence and how he envisions computers and AI should become more intelligent?
  • 00:06:31 What better approach can we take to build a thinking machine?
  • 00:12:18 When will we have machines that can build and improve themselves?
  • 00:16:50 How will the third wave of AI look like?
  • 00:19:06 Is GPT-3 like magic or is it a failure?
  • 00:21:06 Will we need to create a 'Free Will' to create an i...
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  • 00:01:00 What is Convexity and how does it express itself?
  • 00:02:59 Why startup founders usually enjoy positive convexity. Why bonds often come with negative convexity?
  • 00:08:33 Why taking a flat fee is a good idea for money management?
  • 00:14:03 Did Softbank create a 'Gamma Melt-up' buying an extraordinary amount of call options in 2020?
  • 00:21:45 How to profit from increased interest rates? How to open up the upside without tak...
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    00:00:23 How Esther got started working on the intersection between mind and body and healthy living? 00:13:32 What impact Ether’s research has on the ability to improve living conditions with autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Are we getting to few germs and viruses so that our immune system turns on ourselves? 00:21:11 How stress and our environment impacts our body and mind and how we can model it. 00:28:01 How do we identify...
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    00:00:34 What drove Bill to start back in 2011? Why is fundamentally different than other social networks? 00:07:31 Why did the ‘legacy’ social networks get so big? 00:11:22 Is there a better engagement algorithm? How ‘manipulative’ is the current engagement algorithm? 00:14:20 Why social networks all have such a similar business model and why they all struggle to keep you on the site (through emotional manipula...
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  • 00:00:34 What drove Joe to research and write his latest book - The WEIRDest People in the World and what it suggests about the timeline of human development
  • 00:08:10 What made us these WEIRD people? Why and how did the nuclear family emerge? How did marriage rules contribute to this? How did public markets evolve to support the growth of WEIRD people?
  • 00:13:46 What role did the Catholic Church contribute to the rise of the WEIRD peo...
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  • 00:00:35 How Jeff got started with Amazon Web Services in the place and how innovation has been moving along briskly with Amazon AWS.
  • 00:06:15 How did it feel to promise an Internet File System and promise not to loose any data? How does AWS deal internally with failure and downtime?
  • 00:11:24 How did Amazon add so much transparency to their IT department?
  • 00:15:46 How did EC2 get so good so quickly between 2006 - 2011?
  • 00:19:35 Why Ama...
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    May 12, 2021 58 min
  • 00:00:36 What great investors does Marc admire?
  • 00:05:20 Why the world's policy to print money (in Japan, Europe and the US now) is misguided and prohibits innovation?
  • 00:13:32 Is the 'socialist utopia' upon us? What will happen to inflation? Why do we need a 'Central Bank' in the first place?
  • 00:23:48 Will we be able to escape the current malaise with exponential technology growth?
  • 00:28:45 Is there a 'revoluti...
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    00:00:35 How Matthew got started in the video game industry? 00:03:58 How the video game industry has evolved since Matthew started? 00:15:43 How video game studios elect plans for a new game? 00:21:06 How much revenue is there in video games really? Is the demographics of users changing? 00:30:23 Given the addictive potential of video games – should we emphasize the skills users learn from video games more? 00:53:49 Will we live i...
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  • 00:00:14 The origin story of Ecademy - the original social network for business.
  • 00:05:19 How social networks helped us get more connected but also made us more lonely at the same time. How can we find real trust and intimacy?
  • 00:12:03 How the way we 'make connections' has changed so much. Is Clubhouse a good tool to improve on that?
  • 00:16:06 What Social Media could have been? What went wrong in the last 10 years?
  • 00:28:28 Wha...
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