The Julie Parker Practice Success Podcast

The Julie Parker Practice Success Podcast

Listen to discover management insights and strategies for a successful dental practice. There are also interviews with key people in the industry who have advice and services to help you and your team achieve greater success.


March 3, 2024 46 mins

Rebecca VanZutphen, Founder of Staged Dental Coaching, returns to The Julie Parker Practice Success Podcast, having previously appeared on Episode 11 with her business partner, Dr. Heath Fraser of Airsmile. (See the following links to the episode and Aursmile:,

In this episode, Rebecca shares invaluable insights into starting or buying a dental practice,...

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In this episode, I am joined by Chartered Accountant and Wealth Coach, Salena Kulkarni. Salena is also Founder of Inkosi Wealth.

Salena has been a chartered accountant for 25 years, a certified property investment adviser and a wealth strategist.

She has helped 100’s of investors build wealth and shave decades off their timeline to hit their financial freedom.

After years of learning, testing and becoming an investor, she ma...

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In this episode, I am again joined by Chalita Tesler for a deeper dive into manifestation. 

Chalita is a renowned Transformational Coach, on a mission to empower people to live a more authentic and enriched life on a spiritual, mental and emotional level. 

Connect with Chalita via the following links. 

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In this enlightening episode, I had the privilege of chatting with Dr Mark Hassed, known as 'The Relaxed Dentist,' whose expertise lies in the critical domain of case acceptance.

Contrary to popular belief, success in dentistry goes beyond technical proficiency; it hinges on your ability to communicate effectively and master case acceptance.
Mark points out that, sometimes, it's better to keep things si...

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In this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with David Harris, an expert in dental embezzlement prevention from Prosperident.
David and I discussed the alarming issue of embezzlement within dental practices, its red flags, and the essential steps to prevent it from happening to your practice.

If you would like to contact David, go to the Prosperident website here:


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In this episode, I am joined by Cris Duval, a highly experienced Dental Hygienist and the developer of The Lifeguard Approach. 

With over 40 years in patient care, Cris has been recognised for her contributions to science and patient-centred dental hygiene. She also serves on the board of Oral Cancer Cause, Dental Entrepreneur Women and the Children's Airway First Foundation. 

Cris's proudest achievement...

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January 24, 2024 28 mins

In this episode, I delve into the transformative power of self-awareness and change. 

I introduce my process of improving your happiness and joy in life by using small, incremental steps. 

The article that I mentioned in this episode can be found here:

The fillable download worksheet for Getting Your...

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In this episode, Ameena and I delve into the powerful elements of our Annual Growth Plan, designed specifically for dental practice owners and managers. 

Drawing inspiration from Sandy Roth's six pivotal questions, we guide you through a journey of reflecting on your practice's past, assessing its current state and forging a vision for its future.

Go to the following link to discover more: https://jpps-o...

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In this week's episode, Ameena and I are thrilled to discuss our upcoming Goals Achievement Workshop. 

This workshop is an incredible opportunity for anyone looking to set and achieve their goals, be they in business or personal life. 

As we move towards 2024, it's the perfect time to get your plans in order. Don't miss this chance to join us! You can register for the Goals Achievement Workshop by v...

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Catch my latest chat with Dr Trudy Lin, a superstar dentist with a heartwarming mission. She's all about making a difference, whether it is providing health care to special needs patients, coaching fellow clinicians or initiating positive change in the community. 

Once you've tuned into this uplifting chat, you'll understand why Dr Trudy Lin earns the title of superstar in my book.

You can learn mor...

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This is another episode where I am joined by my partner in Dental Business Mastery, Ameena Basile. Today, we delve into the innovative ways dental practices can harness the power of ChatGPT for marketing your dental practice. 

Discover how to create detailed patient avatars from feedback, draft personalised communications, generate engaging content, design promotional campaigns and manage your online reputation. 


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This is our second episode on how ChatGPT can help you be wildly more efficient and productive in your dental practice. I am again joined by my Dental Business Mastery buddy, Ameena Basile. 

Today, we focus on how ChatGPT can be a tool for creating documents and content for your recruitment and human resources management.  Listen in as we give an example of reducing up to two days of work to just five minutes!

To ...

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In this episode, I am joined by Joshua Gwinn of Optimize Practice Services.

This was a truly enjoyable and insightful conversation. Josh has achieved a lot for someone who was raised in a trailer park. His career has equipped him with the knowledge, experience and skill to help dental practice owners achieve their dreams, no matter how big. Actually, the bigger the better!

Tune in to this episode and become i...

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In this episode, Ameena Basile and I delve into the transformative role of AI in the dental sector. 

Explore how ChatGPT, a leading AI language model, can revolutionise patient communications, streamline operational SOPs and create impactful, bespoke treatment brochures. Join us as we unveil how AI, used as a foundational tool, can be tailored to reflect the unique essence of your dental practice, ensuring effective commun...

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In this episode, I am joined by my buddy and Co-Founder of Dental Business Mastery, Ameena Basile.  We are excited to share the details of our newest offering; the Dental Reception Mastery Course. Listen in as we share why this course is essential to the growth of your dental practice, and then describe the course in more detail. 

If you have any feedback or requests for specific content, contact me at julie@julieparkerpra...

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In this episode,  I am interviewed by marketing consultant Ameeta Gangaram from Holistic Vision Consultancy. I was delighted to be Ameeta's guest on her marketing podcast and we had a great conversation about recruiting your best team and CANI, our never-ending journey of improvement.

Discover more about Ameeta can help promote your dental services by arranging a complimentary session with her through her website here...

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In this episode, I delve into the fascinating world of manifestation with our guest, Chalita Tesler, a renowned Transformational Coach.

Discover the key principles and techniques behind manifesting your desires, turning your thoughts into reality and creating a life you truly want.

Chalita shares her insights, experiences and practical advice to help you harness the power of manifestation and unlock your full po...

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How can you grow your dental practice? 

In this episode, I am joined by Ella Mullokandova and Tanya Kon of Converge Dental, a dental practice consulting company.

Ella and Tanya share their strategy to help dental practice be very successful. First, enlist the guidance of a coach or consultant; then, ensure your entire team is on board. 

The achievement of any business hinges on the collective efforts of i...

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In this episode, I am once more accompanied by Dr Simone Boer, a neuro-coach with a profound understanding of the brain and how to harness its potential.

As emphasised by Francis Crick, "There is no scientific study more vital to man than the study of his own brain". It is precisely in this domain of brain study and the empowerment to control it that Simone excels.

Simone is a true expert in brain hacks, boasting ...

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We are at it again! Employee dentist or contractor? 

In this episode, my buddy Ameena Basile and I are joined by Sarah Bartholomeusz, Principal at You Legal. Sarah provides an update on the ongoing issue of correct arrangement when taking on a dentist to work with your practice. The issue is not solved yet, but, Sarah has some great advice. 

If you would like to contact Sarah directly, go to her website: https://y...

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