The Level Up English Podcast

The Level Up English Podcast

🇬🇧 I'm Michael Lavers and this podcast will help you improve your English. I'm an online English teacher for students learning as a second language. In this podcast, I answer your questions about learning and help you achieve your goals in British English. Once a month I talk to a teacher or expert on topics related to language.


July 10, 2024 39 mins

I first covered this topic back in Episode 215, but it's such a huge one, I think it's time for a Part 2.

Today, I'm sharing 6 idioms related to animals that we use in daily conversations in British English.

While I share each one, I give you some examples from my own life to connect them with and make them more memorable and invite you to do the same.

How many did you know?


Mark as Played

Each generation has its own name in English, as well as distinct characteristics, differences, good points and bad points.

In this episode, I review each one and share a little bit about them while hopefully sharing some new and useful vocabulary as well. 

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Speak Your Vision
The Speak Your Vision podcast: Real stories, clarity, and life-changing...

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June 26, 2024 32 mins

This is a fun episode where I cover the topic of dreaming in English.

I start by sharing some strange and unbelievable facts about dreams, and then share some of my own wacky dreams and nightmares.

I also go through a couple common dreams that many of us have had and the possible meanings behind each one, while doing so, I make sure to share a new word so hopefully, you'll be able to end this episode having ...

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Natasha Broodie ( first joined us on Episode 135. Today, Natasha is back to discuss her new book: "Swaggart: The Art of Professional Schmoozing at Job Interviews".

We cover many topics around job interviews, including how to answer hard questions, discrimination and racism, and the biggest mistakes that interviewees make.

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The 80/20 Rule, also known as the Pareto Principle, suggests that 20% of actions cause 80% of the outcomes. 

There are so many ways in which this shows up in life, so I'm going to be discussing it and talking about some ways we can think about this rule to improve our language progress, make our lives more efficient, and increase our level of happiness.

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June 5, 2024 30 mins

This is a very special episode because we're doing something a little bit different. Today I'm bringing you to the centre of Bangkok for an outdoor episode.

▶️ Click here to watch this episode on YouTube -

I talk about relocating and moving away from your home while walking around one of the central parks in Bangkok, Thailand.

I discuss the difficulties, my personal...

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May 29, 2024 28 mins

Are you too old to learn English?

Maybe you should have started when you were a child, or still in school?

Well, in this episode I'm responding to this common concern or excuse by giving my opinion on learning a language at an older age, the benefits of learning as a child, and whether you should still make the same effort now.

Don't forget to share your own views and experiences in the comment...

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Lisa is an English teacher and Neurolanguage Coach from the UK but now living on the Spain-Portugal border. She joined me today for a talk all about languages and teaching. 

We covered the topic of curiosity and its importance, the best way to improve in a language, how to become a teacher if the language isn't your native one, and more!

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Your English S...

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May 15, 2024 44 mins

I'm back with another episode in the series on phrasal verbs. Today, we're looking at around 9 phrasal verbs that include the verb 'set'.

It's a really common one to use and the meanings can get confusing, so I'm going to go through each one and explain the meaning, but also follow up with a story related to my life to give some context to help explain the phrasal verb.

Show notes pa...

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In this episode, I talk all about transportation. I know - it sounds a bit boring! But there's a lot to talk about.

We'll be discussing my terrifying flight experience where it felt like we almost crashed, how to talk about different types of transport and commuting, and then we end with some super useful expressions that are related to transport.

My goal is you'll end this episode with something n...

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I go over some near and distant future predictions (as provided by Chat GPT) and share my views on how likely I think they are to happen.

I'm a big fan of science fiction and wondering about how different things will be in the future, so I invite you to make predictions with me and use the new words I mention in this episode to practice your English.

How accurate do you think I am?

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I share some of my opinions on debate questions provided to me by Chat GPT, ranging from general opinions to deeper more philosophical ones. While doing so, I share some useful vocabulary as well as phrases you can use to express your own opinions when debating or arguing.

Why not respond to this podcast directly? Leave a common on the shownotes page below using one of the phrases from today and give me your opinion on a t...

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Fabio Cerpelloni chats with me on the podcast today around the topic of his new book: 'Any Language You Want: 18 Conflicting Lessons for a New Kind of Language Learner'.

A collection of contradictory true personal stories in answer to "What's the best way to learn a language?" In each of the 18 chapters, Fabio -- a language learner and teacher -- shares a story about how he mastered English, his se...

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April 10, 2024 33 mins

A listener asked me how they can teach English to their friend, so I decided to give some tips and advice in this podcast episode.

I cover some tips you can do to help a friend, partner, or family member learn English - whether this is in a casual setting or a more structured lesson setting.

I also cover some mistakes that many beginner teachers make, which will you useful for you no matter what kind of teaching ...

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In Episode 255, we spoke about Linking.
In Episode 262, we spoke about Elision.

Now, in Episode 266, we're talking all about Assimilation. 

This is the 3rd and final part in our connected speech series, where I look at how spoken English can change the pronunciation of certain words. If you want to speak with a natural British accent, then this is essential to know. 

In this episode, I'll b...

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March 27, 2024 41 mins

Acronyms are words that use the first letter of each word in a phrase. NASA and LOL are two common examples from very different areas.

In the age of the internet, acronyms are now a part of everyday writing and reading, but did you know some are also used in speech?

In this episode, I go through some really common everyday acronyms that you need to know and follow each one with an example from my own life.

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In this episode, Clare from the Smart English Coach podcast joins us for a fun chat about confidence, limiting beliefs, and language learning. We explore how confidence is so important in language learning and the steps you can take to improve this skill.

We also cover interesting stories from our own language-learning experiences and answer the question of whether you can be too old to learn a language. We touched on so m...

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March 13, 2024 47 mins

Do you love the rambling episodes? Well this might be for you! Today, I go over my recent trip to Japan and discuss some of the things I did, but mostly reflect on the language experience I had there.

Learning Japanese, it was great to go back and practice. In this episode, I share the positives and the negatives and tie it up into some takeaways that should benefit all language learners.

Show notes page - https://levelupen...

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Textbook English is different from spoken English, and a big part of this comes down to pronunciation and how things are said in real conversations. 

This is Part 2 in my series on pronunciation, where we first looked at Linking in Episode 255, and now we're looking at Elision. These are both features of connected speech that share some similarities.

In this episode, I share an example of elision followed by ...

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I get a few requests to continue my series on Phrasal Verbs, and specifically, I had one recently to cover phrasal verbs that use the verb 'turn'. 

I thought of as many common ones as I could and made a list, and then I went through my memories to recount some memorable travel stories from my life.  While doing so, I used these 'turn' phrasal verbs in a natural context.

I encourage you to do th...

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