The Life After Podcast

The Life After Podcast

Conversations with Courageous People Deconstructing Christian Beliefs | Brady Hardin interviews guests about their faith deconstruction, unraveling religious indoctrination, spiritual abuse experiences, religious trauma, the rebuilding of a personal community after leaving Christian Fundamentalism, and much more.


August 9, 2023 91 mins

In this episode, Brady and guest Erin discuss fatphobia, eating disorder recovery, and embodiment.


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After a break lasting over a year and a half, Michelle joins Brady to discuss deconstructing neurodiversity and eating disorder recovery.


If you'd like to donate to Brady's GoFundMe for expenses related to his family's legal battle and more, please visit or email him at for direct donations or with connections to other podcasts.


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CW: Spiritual, emotional, and physical abuse toward someone who is differently-abled and mention of suicide attempt

Dustin VanDyke (featured on HBO's We're Here Season Two finale) is differently-abled and trans. Dustin was restricted from being themselves while in an abusive home, but now they are free to be who they are while inspiring others who lack representation.


Follow Dustin's YouTube and Facebook.


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With one more new episode left in 2021, here's a classic episode with Jamie Lee Finch and my former co-host Chuck Parson. Before the new episode, if you're able, check out the Season Two finale of We're Here on HBO. My next guest is Dustin VanDyke and was featured in that episode. You won't want to miss this!


Unbuckling The Bible Belt: Brady Hardin and Chuck Parson takes the show on the road to Nashville, TN to interview Jamie Le...

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For this very special Thanksgiving episode, my ex-wife Jessi McCracken joins the show to deconstruct her high-pressure charismatic upbringing, the saga of our marriage and divorce, how Purity Culture sets unhealthy relationship expectations, coming out as queer, the life-altering power of therapy, co-parenting while deconstructing, and how chosen families become so important as we evolve into who we truly are.


Our 9-year-old son,...

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Vi La Bianca (Skeptic Generation co-host) joins Brady to deconstruct reason's relationship with mental health, rapture anxiety, being neurodiverse, and how to set boundaries with people AND beliefs.

With Special Intermission Interview Guest, Sherman the Dog from Adventures in Odyssey.


Find Vi's work with Skeptic Generation at | Follow Vi on Twitter on @AuthorConfusion


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Spiritual and leadership coach Taj M. Smith joins Brady to deconstruct Queer Theology, transitioning, and how his love for sci-fi shapes his outlook of the future. They also discuss the Star Trek Next Generation episode, Darmok.


With Special Intermission Interview Guest, "Angel" from Netflix's Midnight Mass


Find Taj's work here at


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Julianne King (Poet and old friend of Brady) deconstructs her LIFE AFTER spiritual abuse with intensely manipulative church leaders. A major event occurred while in the youth group and another afterward. Also, Julianne shares her theory about how the musical Cats represents Evangelicalism.


Find Julianne's book of poetry, Bible Belt Revolution, on Amazon


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Singer, Activist Jamar Rogers joins Brady to deconstruct his radiant LIFE AFTER repressing his queerness, receiving a positive HIV diagnosis, appearing on American Idol & The Voice, and learning to silence his inner critic so he could return back to himself.

Jamar shares passionate wisdom on how representing real-life experiences does more for the greater good than advertising for "God."


Get Jamar's single Flow wherever you purch...

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Sheri invited me to be on her YouTube Channel, FireSide Creators, alongside Catherine Wilcox, who has an M.A. in English Rhetoric and has researched the role of storytelling as a healing and community-building practice for individuals recovering from religious abuse and trauma.

Here's the audio from that conversation as a special bonus before next Thursday's episode!

Find Sheri's website at and her YouTube channel a...

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Rev. Dr. Sheri Pallas (activist, ally) joins the show to discuss "God" (and why she uses quotes), how an injustice done by a church toward her family pushed her to care deeply about religion, and her perspective on Deconstruction Culture as someone who left fundamentalism years ago ("deconstruction legacy," I'm calling it 😉).

Find Sheri's website at and her YouTube channel at



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Content Warning: This episode includes mentions of sexually predatory behavior and the retelling of a racial, anti-fatness comment


Emily Dukes joins The Life After to tell how her love for Christian fiction put her on the path to be groomed (use of privileged relationships to normalize exploiting a young person's body) by novelist Ted Dekker, what she's discovered about herself, and how she's pushing back.


This episode begins w...

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Welcome to The Life After Podcast Season 3!

Chuck Parson joins the show one last time as co-host to catch up, announce his departure, and tease his next steps.

Stay tuned this season of The Life After Podcast for more important conversations with courageous people about deconstructing Christian beliefs!


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Links for connecting with The Life Afte...

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Alice Grecyzn (actress and upcoming author) re-joins Chuck and Brady to update her life since the recording of the last episode months and months ago.


Follow her important work helping deconstructors at


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Alice Grecyzn (actress and upcoming author) joins Chuck and Brady to discuss her life after homeschooling as a PK, the Toronto Blessing (a charismatic movement in the 90's), and an almost-wedding pressured upon her by prophecy.


Follow her important work helping deconstructors at


Bookended with music by Nightlightr (CDBabyiTunes, and Spotify) | Find links for The Life After Community (our secret Facebook g...

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Denver-based counselor and coach, Suandria Hall, joins Chuck and Brady to unpack her Life After.

Suandaria's father was a preacher. So much of her life was entrenched in church culture, filled with rules and expectations. After learning beyond what the Bible could offer, she became interested in why people do what they do. She landed on counseling with an emphasis on religious trauma. Though her religious trauma experience didn't b...

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The Life After Podcast Hosts, Chuck Parson (R) and Brady Hardin (L), take a pause on their backlog of upcoming episodes to have a special, no-guest episode to address Coronavirus.


In this episode, they discuss:

-how to keep End-Time anxiety at bay during current events -recommendations for staying busy -grieving -meaning-making -Chuck says "fuzzy red balls" and Brady doesn't laugh -Plus A LOT more!


Bookended with music by ...

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Victoria Lynn Myers (model) joins Chuck and Brady to unpack her life after!

She grew up in a very strict, Independent Baptist home with many, many rules, but Victoria noticed she didn't value the beliefs over her experience like those around her. When her church community showed obsessions with modesty, she knew there were still horrible sexual abuse occurring.

Her world turned up-side down when Victoria had an empowering sexual ex...

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CW: Anorexia  Chuck and Brady are joined by Laura M, who opens up about her childhood struggling in silence with a Fundamentalism-fueled eating disorder.   Laura, like many women raised in Christianity, was taught to be silent and smaller. When tragedy struck her family, she developed anorexia out of a need to be seen and to have a feeling of control in a time of uncertainty. The eating disorder became increasingly dangerous, lea...

Mark as Played

 CW: This episode includes mentions of race-based physical abuse, racial slurs, sexual abuse, and mention of childhood violence.

Carrie Maya, calling from Australia, opens up to Chuck and Brady about her life after leaving a high-demand Charismatic community, spiritual abuse, and life-long conditioning to submit to authority.   A very tumultuous childhood and extreme Fundamentalism positioned Carried to be victimized by self-seekin...
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