The Light Inside

The Light Inside

Our program explores the darkest corners of the human mind and reveals how our unconscious patterns play a pivotal role in our ability to make decisions as individuals and as a society. Lingering just below the surface of our conscious minds are patterns of thought, feelings, emotions, and motivations. We aren't immediately aware of them, but they wield a powerful influence over how we behave and react to events in our everyday lives. In our quest for self-realization, we're all on a journey to discover that light inside, the beacon that guides us back to our truest, most authentic selves. Support this podcast:


January 31, 2023 35 min

Having experienced both direct and indirect verbal and non-verbal abuse in a narcissistic relationship, Angela Myer became determined to learn how to make rational choices and avoid regrets. She discovers the End Game technique, a powerful tool for protecting herself from emotional abuse, gaslighting, and identity erosion.

In our last episode, author, wellness coach, and motivational speaker, Angela Myer, Shared how to uncover the ...

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Having experienced both direct and indirect verbal and non-verbal abuse in a narcissistic relationship, Angela Myer became determined to learn how to make rational choices and avoid regrets. She discovers the End Game technique, a powerful tool for protecting herself from emotional abuse, gaslighting, and identity erosion.

"When you really love someone, you think before you speak and you pick your words wisely. When you're...

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Maybe it's one of the most misunderstood psychological disorders of modern society.

It is with an increased frequency, we hear such refrains - “He was a total narcissist”—but was he?

What does that really mean? And are these assumptions often correct?

We’ve all experienced difficult relationships - from our significant others to our boss at work. In the relationship FOG of narcissistic, abusive, or other toxic behav...

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Our emotional reactivity frequently causes it to surface as the emotional turmoil we feel. You’ve perhaps heard this clique, and often worn phrase - “We can’t grow without pain; or maybe - it’s discomfort”?

But, what if we can and DOfrequently grow; in states that exist free of this existentially created and self-inflicted state of pain and suffering?

  • "If you're feeling helpless, frustrated, and overwhelmed as you tr...
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    When J. Stamatelos confronted his anxious insecurity; he discovered the underlying power of self-acceptance and the vicious cycle of validating oneself through the love and acceptance of others - creating a central conflict between self-validation and external validation.


    Perhaps it is the virtue that enables the existence of all others. True virtue is knowing the self - not by intellectual knowledge - but by pure silence....

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    -- What a year, what an amazing journey, and what a fascinatingly thought-provoking ride. We couldn't have been more thrilled to share that ride with you; yet now, we turn our eyes toward, a new year and new chapters.

    But first, we hope to share a little insight with this mindful reminder...

    Every new year we do it - relentlessly piling more and more on our plates. It’s really exhausting, is it not?

  • More to-do-lists.
  • More ...
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    Screen time.

    It’s the new currency utilized when measuring how our children spend much of their time interacting with the world.

    With the holiday season upon us, many of us will be giving the gift of technical access to the young ones throughout our lives. Spreading accessibility to gadgets, games, and even communication or learning devices.

    Yet, with this gift comes empowering access to a connected world of data, influence, and ...

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    Marina Yaney Triner, a self-proclaimed empath and trauma expert, dives into the world of repressed trauma and how it affects our everyday lives.

    This episode of the Light Inside Podcast is about Trauma and how it can show up in our lives in seemingly innocuous ways. Marina Yaney Triner learned about Trauma and its effects while working through her own experiences with it in counseling. She discusses how we often react out of trauma...

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    Recent research has revealed that this often-overlooked, yet essential element is a core value of personal growth and sustainable success.

    Somatic coherence is an evidence-based framework that dramatically changes how we manage our day-to-day stress - it’s also a necessary piece of our well-being puzzle.

    We receive regular emotional signals from the soma - meaning of the body. Emotion is the word we give to a synergy of...

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    Blind spots.

    We each have them. In the context of personal change, why is it we often settle for "good enough?” Our past emotional traumas amplify deflection and uncomfortable avoidance in most of us. with psychological blind spots that everyone else can see but us.

    So just how do we find these answers?

    - with a little daring, some honest reflection, and self-examination.

    One of the toughest self-awareness missions you can unde...

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    Yes…At the behest of alienation, testing the current trends, harsh judgments, losing listeners, and the endless guffaw of our peers… It’s true that we gleefully offer a rather playful and hardy - Bah, humbug! Despite the popular beliefs about what it means to navigate a successful podcasting venture, the Light inside is rather boldly and haughtily disregarding those beliefs. Bucking the prevailing notion of redundant constancy, o...
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    In the rise of both our race for human evolution and within the context of that ever-popular television series “Star Trek” -

    It once was viewed as the final frontier of our advancement as a species. Then began the dawning of a new age - the digital revolution.

    A time and place that seemingly and somewhat insidiously began to occupy nearly every nook and cranny of our shared sense of spaciousness as a human collective. Much l...

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    It implies movement. With all motion inferring a dynamic “mover”.

    Matter is dormant, yet humans are an active power - a free will; so it stands to reason, there must be within them an immaterial principle.

    A guiding force - something BIGGER. Both immortal and eternal…Right?

    As our questioning turns to the soul, science leads us to challenge the consensus. Are we souls, bodies - or some divine combination of the two? One fam...

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    It’s one of the only resources that grows as we share it. Yet sometimes, that’s not so easy. Why do we sometimes find it so difficult to share our knowledge?

    And furthermore - why does at times it seem so challenging to accept the valid input and constructive criticism of others?

    Since ancient times, when the words “know thyself” were inscribed at the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, sages and philosophers have hailed the imp...

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    That still small voice inside that sometimes whispers…while at others - it roars.

    Einstein once shared with us:

    “I believe in intuitions and inspirations; sometimes feeling that I am right - yet often, I know that I am. “

    How is it that we have come to so faithfully trust this inner sense of knowing, and how do we more effectively utilize it?

    Whether it's crucial business mergers or lunch decisions, we often assume t...

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    Your inner voice.

    That light inside - the being that we are being. Society and our daily interactions seem to increasingly focus on exploring the concept of "authenticity." Even going so far as to question - Does a self exist at all?

    As a result, we are left scrambling to find a meaningful way to define when someone is acting genuinely and authentically. What does this seemingly mystical and confounding thing look like and ...

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    Our bodies; for eons - we’ve been reminded to treat them like temples. Yet our view of that temple - can often be distorted, misconceived, and even downright inaccurate.

    Our Character is often said to define both who and what we are as human beings. And still, how we characterize ourselves, is generalized by unhealthy ideals guided by our generational opinions on body stereotyping.

    -Normalized social stigmas frequently surface as d...

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    The Earth.

    Not only is it our biological home. It also anchors us to our metaphysical and spiritual perception of place and being. As children - These effects were undeniable, as we wiggled our toes in the sand or walked bare-footed through our backyards. We felt connected, energized, and alive - A strong bond with our originals coursing through our being.

    The earth and us - one!

    We join Land Based Somatic Guide, Jonah Jensen as we...

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    We each experience it in a variety of ways.

    Oftentimes, the repeated and prolonged cycles of grief can reveal our deepest sense of loss. Several weeks ago - we began our exploring grief in episode #155.

    In this week's episode with guest, Victoria Volk - we share how you can gain a new perspective on grief - allowing you to see it in a new light!  As a Grief Recovery Expert, Victoria has dedicated herself to helping others...

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    In a world where we can each be ANYTHING we want.

    Ironically, we often discover a world that feels like it's filled with jerks. Some dick's are a special breed of jerk— they give offense to the world without a shred of awareness that they’re doing so, and deny they have a role when relationships go wrong.

    The sad truth is, that anybody can be a dick sometimes.

    Yet, Our guest today, Marc Ensign, is here to teach us that bein...

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