The Light Watkins Show

The Light Watkins Show

Host Light Watkins helps his guests uncover the story behind the story of how they started their movement for social good, by leading them through a retrospective of their “dark tunnel” moments to reveal how they found their inner light. If you’re in the darkness right now, hearing these stories will surely help you to find your inner light as well.


July 19, 2024 31 mins

In this Plot Twist episode of The Light Watkins Show, we revisit Neil Pasricha's inspiring story and highlight a pivotal moment that transformed his life forever.

Neil Pasricha, the author and motivational speaker behind the popular blog 1000 Awesome Things, began his blog during a tumultuous period. After enduring a heartbreaking divorce and the tragic loss of his best friend to suicide, Neil sought a way to lift his...

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In this week’s episode of The Light Watkins Show, Light Watkins sits down with bestselling author Steven Pressfield, known for his influential book The War of Art and his latest release, The Daily Pressfield. Steven shares profound insights into the creative process, discussing the ever-present struggle with resistance and the importance of showing up consistently to overcome it.

Steven offers a unique perspective on creativity, lik...

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In this episode, Light Watkins brings you an inspiring and heartfelt Plot Twist featuring Seb Terry, an author and speaker known for his adventurous spirit and unique approach to life.

Seb's story begins with a devastating phone call informing him of a close friend's sudden death. This tragedy prompted him to reflect on his own life, leading to a pivotal moment where he realized he wasn't living fully. Seb was working...

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In this episode of The Light Watkins Show, Light Watkins welcomes back the dynamic poet and spoken word performer Adam Schmalholz, better known as IN-Q. Light dives into an inspiring conversation with IN-Q, exploring the extraordinary journey of one of today's most electric spoken word artists.

IN-Q opens up about his latest project, The Never Ending Now Poetry Journal, a 10-week guided journal designed to help individuals expr...

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In this week's Plot Twist episode of The Light Watkins Show, we revisit the remarkable story of Shaka Senghor. This bite-sized Plot Twist episode takes listeners through Shaka’s life, highlighting a pivotal moment that transformed his path forever.

Here are some of the topics discuss in this episode:

1:12 - Introduction

3:39 - What's it like to be in solitary confinement

5:40 - How Shaka wrote a book in prison

11:05 ...

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In this episode of The Light Watkins Show, host Light Watkins sits down with author, podcast host, and meditation expert Cory Allen for an inspiring and insightful conversation. Cory, a daily meditator for over 25 years, shares his journey from a chaotic family environment to becoming a renowned digital creator, author, and podcast host. With a following that reaches over a million people weekly on Instagram, Cory’s content on ment...

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In this “Plot Twist” episode of The Light Watkins Show, Light Watkins sits down with Sahara Rose, a best-selling author and Ayurvedic expert, to explore her remarkable journey of resilience and self-discovery. Known for her books Eat Feel Fresh, The Idiot's Guide to Ayurveda, and Discover Your Dharma, Sahara shares how she overcame significant challenges to follow her true path.

Listeners will hear Sahara recount the difficulti...

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In this episode of The Light Watkins Show, host Light Watkins sits down with the renowned author Robin Sharma. Best known for his international bestseller The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, Robin has inspired millions with his transformative books. His latest work, The Wealth Money Can’t Buy: Eight Hidden Habits to Live Your Richest Life, quickly soared to the New York Times Bestseller list, and this episode dives deep into the insight...

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In this Plot Twist episode, we bring you an extraordinary story from Reverend Michael Beckwith, founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center. With a congregation of over 9,000 people each week, Reverend Beckwith is a prominent thought leader featured in the film and book, "The Secret," and has been a guest on Oprah several times. He's also the author of several spiritual books and hosts the popular podcast, Ta...

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In this episode, host Light Watkins sits down with the extraordinary Dr. James Doty, a neurosurgeon, inventor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Dr. Doty is also the founder and director of the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education at Stanford University. He has authored two inspiring books: "Into The Magic Shop" and "Mind Magic: The Neuroscience of Manifestation and How It Changes Everything.&quo...

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In today's special Plot Twist episode, we journey through the life-changing moments of Bronnie Ware, an ordinary person who experienced extraordinary twists and turns on her path to finding her true purpose.

Bronnie Ware dreamed of becoming a singer, but life had other plans. To support her musical aspirations, she took a part-time job in palliative care. Little did she know that this job would lead her to profound in...

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In this episode of The Light Watkins Show, Light Watkins engages in a compelling conversation with John Miles, a former US Naval officer and Fortune 50 senior executive who has successfully pivoted to become the host of the acclaimed Passion Struck podcast. John is also the author of the self-help book Passion Struck, where he explores themes of personal transformation and discovering one's true purpose.

The episode begins with...

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In this first-ever Plot Twist episode of The Light Watkins Show, host Light Watkins revisits the conversation with Arjuna O’Neal, whose life story is as dramatic as it is transformative. Arjuna takes us on a journey from his troubled youth in Detroit to a near-death experience that redefined his existence.

Arjuna recounts his childhood in the Hare Krishna community of Detroit, under the shadow of his father, one of the city's b...

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In this episode of The Light Watkins Show, host, Light Watkins sits down with Dr. Emma Seppala, a renowned psychologist and author of "The Happiness Track" and "Sovereign." Listen in as they explore the concept of true success and fulfillment, contrasting societal expectations with inner peace and happiness.

Dr. Seppala shares her fascinating journey from her upbringing in Paris to her transformative experiences ...

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In this solo episode, Light delves into the concept of toxic positivity, increasingly prevalent in wellness circles. Starting with the parable of the farmer and the horse, he illustrates how excessive optimism can dismiss genuine emotional experiences, leading to a superficial understanding of growth and resilience.

Light explains that toxic positivity involves the ineffective overgeneralization of a happy state across all situation...

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In this week’s episode of The Light Watkins Show, Light reconnects with Chris Pan, the founder of MyIntent and VOMO, for his third appearance on the show. Known for his mission-driven initiatives that spread the power of intention and promote emotional wellness through music and movement, Chris recently delivered a commencement speech at Ohio State University that garnered intense public scrutiny.

Chris Pan's speech at Ohio Sta...

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In this episode of The Light Watkins Show, Light Watkins sits down with Africa Brooke for the second time. Africa is a celebrated writer, speaker, and consultant to discuss her transformative new book, The Third Perspective. This conversation dives deep into the nuances of brave expression, self-censorship, and navigating the complexities of our polarized world.

Africa is renowned for her work in developmental coaching, fo...

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In this week’s episode of The Light Watkins Show, we revisit Light’s conversation with Joseph Bradford III about how the challenges of his childhood led him to dedicate his life to helping the homeless. 

Joseph started a non-profit called B.A.R.E. Truth, an organization that provides mentorship, independent living assistance, and wellness services to impoverished individuals and families. By helping them attain healthy, pu...

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In this inspiring episode of The Light Watkins Show, Light engages in a deep and revealing conversation with Laura Del Valle and her daughter, Angelica, the visionaries behind Mar de Jade, a unique retreat center in Nayarit, Mexico. 

Laura's journey began in the bustling streets of Mexico City, where she shifted from acting to medicine, driven by a desire to serve the rural poor. Despite her family's concerns abo...

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In this week's episode of The Light Watkins Show, host Light Watkins delves deep into the spiritual journey, sharing "Five Things to Avoid Along Your Spiritual Journey." Drawing on his extensive background in meditation, speaking, and writing, Light offers unique insights from decades of exploring the metaphysical, Vedic knowledge, and practical aspects of spirituality. This episode is designed not only for those who...

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