The Living Courageously Podcast with Ashley Strong Smith

The Living Courageously Podcast with Ashley Strong Smith

Welcome to the Living Courageously Podcast! This is a place where women can really connect with themselves through the lens of courage. What does courage mean to you? What does it look like to live a courageous life? What does it mean to turn these dreams, these thoughts, these visions into these lived experiences and these realities? I’m your host Ashley Strong Smith. In this lifetime, I’ve been blessed to continuously live through a place of courage, turning my dreams into realities and truly experiencing a life that is far better than I imagined. My greatest inspiration is bringing the very tools, rituals, practices and tangible resources to you alongside the women who you’ll meet here! Ultimately building a community around women, choosing courage over fear – creating their dream lives! Because do you know what, it will be far better than you imagined.


November 28, 2023 43 mins

Tune into this week's episode for a deep dive into "What is an Expansion and Date Day & Why do I Schedule them Regularly?"

In this episode, Ashley introduced the concept of an expansion and date day, which involves creating a day to live and work as one's future self while celebrating and honoring one's present self. The day is designed to bridge the gap between one's present and future s...

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Tune into this week's episode of The Living Courageously Podcast - "Embracing the Courage to Live Fully Aligned with Lynn Turcotte-Schuh of Radiant Joy Motherhood" 

This episode is raw, deep, honest as we talk about all things motherhood, being in a same sex marriage, infertility, living a life of complete truth, how to support yourself during depression and living in joy! 

About Lynn:
Lynn is a Mentor, ...

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Tune into this week's episode for - 16 Tips to Stay Committed & Connected to Living an Intentional, Authentic and Courageous Life | Episode 63

Inspired by living from a deep sense of gratitude in this moment, these are 16 tips that I am currently implementing in my life to stay committed and connected to living an intention, authentic and courageous life.  

More from the Podcast : 

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[BONUS] Episode 62  - The Magic of Living A Courageous and Curious Life : REPLAY from Finding Flow State Podcast with Steph Ellen

Have you ever heard yourself speak, share, talk, reflect on something and have it reflected back to you?

And it quite stopped you in your tracks?

Recently I had the most incredible honor of being interviewed by women named Steph with the Finding Flow State Podcast. When the e...

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"So much of self sabotage is self protection.

It's not some evil inner critic that's pulling these puppet strings, and they're trying to conspire to make your life miserable.

It's a protection mechanism to stay in what you know, to stay in the confines of your comfort zone, which is known and therefore safe. You're not out to get yourself, even through it feels that way sometimes.&q...

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Tune into this week's episode, 60 - All thing [My Trip to New Zealand & The SIX Tools I Used to Ground Back Down]

This episode I shared my recent trip to New Zealand and the transformative experience it was. I discussed the challenges of dealing with jet lag and the importance of taking time to ground oneself after being away from home.  Throughout the episode, I emphasize the importance of living courageously and...

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Tune into Episode 59 - Check-In : How can you support yourself in the last quarter of the year?

In this episode, Ashley emphasizes the importance of quarterly check-ins and heart-centered living. She encourages listeners to understand their values and goals to live an aligned life. Smith shares her personal experiences and practices for replenishing her soul and provides eight questions for listeners to ask themselves as ...

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"All your power is living within you!

And you have the permission to access it whenever you want, wherever you want,  and however you want.

Most importantly, understand that the power is always living within you and FREEDOM is in harnessing your truth!"

Tune into this week's episode - Freedom is in Harnessing Your Truth with Niccole Hendrickson, Co-Owner of KALO Fitness!

This i...

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"Do it! Even with all the feelings - all the fear, all the questions, all the confusion, all the itty-bitty-shitty committee, all the unknowns - do it anyway.

As you take one step, it illuminates the next step, as you take the next step, it will illuminate the next and the next and the next and the next.

You have got to begin for the illumination to occur.  The questions will start to have answers. The fear...

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Answers Come to Those Who Take Action with Elizabeth Hartke, Founder Luminary Leadership Co. | Episode 56

Tune into this week's episode for an inspiring conversation with my very own business coach that I had for an entire year around courage, following the calling that's been placed on your heart, taking action and really moving through honoring both the hard AND light, diving deep into the person you ultimately...

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"Create the space and time to get clear! Then, once you’ve gotten clear about your heart centered foundation, start to take small actions every single day!

Pick one thing out of your values and let that be the focus for the week and next week one thing out of what you value about life and let that be the focus for a week and then another week and another week another week. Before you know it a month, two months, three...

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"If the thing that is keeping you up at night, if you haven't gone for it yet, do it!
Figure out a way to do it AND go for it and don't think twice about it.

If there is something you can't stop thinking about. You have to go for it.

There is no better time than now. Women are strong enough to figure it out and wear a lot of different hats, especially mothers.

If it's some...

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"What is the underlying thing?
What triggered me so much?

What I realized as I moved through the day, what had triggered me is that I've been so hyper focused on my goals and where I think I should be in this moment versus where I am and not acknowledging all that stuff, things, conversations, clients, wins that I have been having on a small scale and the compounding effect of them.

I haven't...

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"Believe in the magic.
Believe that there is magic.
And be courageous enough to love yourself.

That takes a lot of courage to really love yourself.
And really choosing you, then will catapult you onto the path to come into connection with soul.
Because there is this resilience with having so much self love that...."

Love Yourself Enough to Transform Your Life with Ash Rucker | Episo...

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"Today would never exist had I not let myself go through the exploration and go into the world and create the space and time to work on myself and on my business.

If you take anything from this, it's to create the space and time to work on yourself. Create the space and time to work on your business. Create the space and time to honor the highest of highs and lowest of lows.

All of this is where we gro...

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"I would say start small.
Definitely start small.

If you're interested in planting something, pick a few things to grow with where you're at now! If you want to bring some nature and nurture into your life and being that you grew and took care of. Thats the best place to start.

And be on the hunt. If that's really what you want and you want to move onto land and property, do your researc...

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"Actual accomplish it. Turn it into a reality. Do not stop. Do not take no for an answer. Let yourself experience what it feels like to do it completely and solely for you. The only people in this world who need to know about it are the people you need support from.

Do it for you.
Yes, you have a full life.
Yes, you have babies to take care of.
Yes, you have work and obligations and all the things.

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"Well first, you've gotta find your edge.

My recommendation is to find the thing - the desire, the goal, the ambition, the fill in the blank that feels really scary AND exciting! I say scary and exciting because if it's only scary you're probably not going to do it. If it's only easy, then you're not choosing growth, evolution, courage.

So, find the thing that is the edge. You don&a...

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"Yea, that may be true.
Okay, let's say you failed. 
You fell on your back - you tried this thing and it didn't work out. 

Even if that is the case, one of the biggest things I learned from my business mentor last year was that it's all about gathering information. You tried it on and it didn't work out, you now have the information to move forward in a slightly different direction. 

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“What did I learn in this process and what do I want to share? 

The biggest thing is to honor this season of what it means to live courageously. For me, that’s exactly what I did. Living courageously in this season (to me) was being present and intentional even in the fullness of what life had brought so I wouldn’t go into the habitual pattern of burning out. Not doing that. 

With that, these are the questions I r...

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