The Loud Whisper Takeover

The Loud Whisper Takeover

Featuring interviews with actors, stunts, dancers, filmmakers, action movie directors, athletes, Krav Maga teachers, acting coaches, and more. Epic tales of changemakers, authentic personal stories, and top tips about the industry, the podcast is a treasure of knowledge helping storytellers of all kinds on their own journeys, and inspiring people to take action upon their own dreams. Ever heard your inner voice getting louder and louder, urging you towards a new path? When our inner guidance starts to become so loud, we can no longer ignore it, and we MUST take action... This is often a time when life changes direction drastically. We are literally being called to take that leap of faith, make that phone call, write that script, make that film in other words, time to embrace our wildest dreams, shift gear, and grow exponentially. Let's dive into the art of listening courageously to our inner compass. Because every one of us is destined to live a grand story and adventure while walking on planet Earth! Headphones on, notebooks out, and buckle up! Hosted by Cindy Claes.


July 17, 2024 55 mins

What if you could transform your financial struggles into a source of creative power? Join us for an eye-opening episode with Lisy Butterfly, a liberation and leadership coach, as she guides us through the nuanced relationship between artists and financial stability. Lisy shares how somatic intelligence and embodiment practices can revolutionise your financial mindset. She offers profound insights on how to break free of survival m...

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Join me, Cindy Claes (action actress and filmmaker), as I sit down with Justyna, an extraordinary event organiser (also singer and actress) who has transformed the networking scene for filmmakers in Barcelona!!

Justyna's journey is nothing short of inspiring. Her background in casting, singing, and production fueled her passion for creating high-end networking events that have profoundly impacted professionals in...

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Unlock your full creative potential with international leadership coach and former professional dancer, Lisy Butterfly. This episode promises to revolutionise your understanding of body-based practices and their power to foster creativity and self-expression. Lisy designed two practices called "Dance Manifestation" and "Dance Metamorphosis", helping us to tap into specific brain waves and creative states to open...

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With a tight six-week timeline from pitch to production, Lee Alan Donaldson (Essex, UK) and his team are now taking their new short film "Jackal and Hide" into a season of film festivals,   

From securing breathtaking locations to ensuring weapon safety on set, this episode is addressing important components to make a short action film a success. Join us as we unpack the intricacies of casting and choreography fo...

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Join us for an eye-opening discussion with Attorney Vera Zambrano, Lead Attorney at Law Firm Vera Zambrano and Associates, as she unpacks the maze of intellectual property (IP) in the creative sector. 

This episode is a treasure of insights, from the fundamental aspects of what constitutes IP, to how artists can navigate this new world increasingly dominated by AI, and how creatives can protect their well-thought-through e...

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Step into explosive action filmmaking with George Karja, where every punch, jump, and kick is a meticulously crafted dance between the actor and the camera. 

George unveils the secrets behind the seamless integration of choreographed fights and storytelling. He is not only the founder of the renowned LK Stunts Academy and La Katana Films in Madrid, but also embraces the raw intensity of independent film making. Learn how h...

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This BONUS episode is in Spanish. For subtitles in your preferred language, we recommend our listeners to watch it on Youtube. This is a beautiful interview about VFX, creativity and creating joy for others.


Lali Rizza, una visionaria en el mundo de los efectos visuales y VFX, nos cuenta su historia, desde las calles tranquilas de Mendoza (Argentina) hasta las luces de Barcelona. Su relato es un himno a la...

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When the bullets flew... he was shot 14 times. Derrick McManus's story (now retired Australian Special Operations police officer), is nothing short of a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. He joins us to recount how he faced some of the most perilous situations in the line of duty. This very day that could have been his last.

As an action actress, I am obsessed with these kind of roles. What better way t...

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Krump is a dynamic and expressive dance style that originated in South Los Angeles. As a powerful form of self-expression, it allows dancers to release pent-up emotions. This dance style emphasises the importance of community and provides many young adults with a positive lifestyle alternative in an area where joining gangs or following the wrong path is not uncommon.

When longtime friend Fudd, founder of the Demolition Cr...

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Have you ever considered the profound impact numbers may have on your life's journey? Patrice Turlet, a brilliant artist (TEDx speaker, stand-up, TV host, actor, singer, dancer, coach) from Guadeloupe, joins us to share how numerology has influenced his creativity. His story takes us from his spiritual quest to the powerful realisation of his life's purpose, which became crystal clear once he dived deep into numerology. <...

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Have you ever peeked behind the scenes of a movie set, or even the first conversations before the script was even written? Arnaldo Stafa  (Aki Studio London) invites us into the thrilling world of filmmaking as he documents the birth of his next short film, sharing the unvarnished truths of production, from conception to completion. Our conversation with Arnaldo, he elucidates how he is using his business / management skills as a f...

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This BONUS episode is in French. For subtitles, we recommend our listeners to watch it on Youtube. This is a beautiful interview about dance and entrepreneurship.


Sandrine Nsita: son parcours de danseuse hiphop et dancehall était un échauffement pour son avenir en tant qu'entrepreneuse accomplie. 

Notre invitée nous plonge dans l'essence même de la mission sociale de ses projets à Bruxel...

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Embark on an inspirational odyssey not just with me, but with yourself!

We are all driven by a tenacious pursuit to transform dreams into realities. Have you ever beheld a feat so daunting, you deemed it 'impossible'? 

Today, I'll share some stories, as your athletic creative guide, from the cobblestone alleys of Paris to the colourful expanse of Barcelona, and the bustling energy of London, you wil...

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When Yorgo Glynatsis stepped onto the set of his first short film, 'Trigger,' little did he know the profound impact his work would have on Amazon Prime viewers and beyond. On our latest episode, the mastermind behind House of Glynatsis Productions takes us through his transformative journey from dance and acting into the director's chair.

Strap in for an inside look at the nuts and bolts of the film distrib...

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Ever found yourself wondering if a change in mindset could really chart a new course in your artistic life? 

Simon Maestre's journey is a testament to this transformative power. He grew up carrying the weight of a family “secret”. Born in Caracas Venezuela, growing up in the US in Oklahoma, his love for acting guided him and helped him to stay centered.  A few years after breaking the shackles of the chains and finall...

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What is your Future Self trying to tell you right now? - with Cindy Claes

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