Live All Your Life

Live All Your Life

Tali Zabari and Cody Limbaugh explore the balance of self-improvement between living with gratitude in the present and developing a vision for your future. As veteran coaches, we often use fitness as an analogy for foundational principles that carry over into living a good life. Success has many definitions, we offer different perspectives on goals, achievements, and hustle culture. Curiosity and practice lead the dance. Special guests add perspective and you, our listeners are invited to contribute to the conversations! Personal development has never been this fun! Shall we dance?


March 31, 2023 69 min

What we're thinking or feeling at any given moment is often dramatically different from our external reality. Aligning your internal dialogue to be closer to the objective truth can be a valuable skill for progress, happiness, contentment, and confidence. Tali and Cody offer up some ideas on how we might develop a healthier outlook. 

08:20 Pat Flynn "Hard to read the label when you're inside the bottle"

11:55 Expe...

Mark as Played

So you hire a coach, a mentor, a teacher, how can you trust what they're teaching you? 
Tali and Cody discuss some key elements and strategies for getting the most out of your mentor relationships. 

00:43 Intro

01:53 Nuno Bettencourt

09:36 How to judge your mentors, teachers, leaders, and coaches. Having a guide is good. Blind obedience is not!

11:28 How can you know something? Francis Bacon and the scientific m...

Mark as Played

Explore some key components to a thriving relationship with us as we unpack some of the Philosophy Of Fitness! 

04:11 Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones by James Clear: Your environment can have a massive affect on your actions. So one way to develop a new healthy habit, is to construct an environment that prompts you to do those things you want to do. 

05:52 Relationship Fitness, how le...

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Cody and Tali explore the idea of slowing down to get better results, drawing lessons for life out of the weightlifting cue: Slow Is Smooth And Smooth Is Fast!

00:45 Icebreaker: Favorite Coaching Cues

04:18 Our First Podcast Video! <<Link To YouTube>>

05:27 Today’s Topic: Slow Is Smooth And Smooth Is Fast! How does this carry over from a weightlifting cue into the rest of our lives? 

20:56 Essentialism: The Discip...

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We hear a lot about boundaries these days but we're not all well equipped with how to set boundaries and how to decide what boundaries will serve us well. In today's episode, Tali and Cody explore these ideas and leave you with some actionable take-aways. 

00:46 Icebreakers

05:32 Setting Boundaries - Why is it hard? Perhaps because the way kids are raised is typically with little to no autonomy, rarely given the o...

Mark as Played

GET UNSTUCK! WOW! This is a powerful episode, packed with actionable takeaways to get you outside your comfort zone and in a growth state of thriving so you can Live All Your Life!!!

00:00 Icebreaker: What are your "gym superstitions?"

06:43 Atomic Habits An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones by James Clear, The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business Paperback by Cha...

Mark as Played

How do you prepare for the challenges of life? Perhaps we can once again take some lessons from the gym and learn to warm-up into the hard things. Ep. 23 of The Philosophy of Fitness.

Do you have thoughts on today's episode? Now you can join our conversation! Click on the orange button here to ask a question, or give us your thoughts! 

00:45 Bloopers and Ice Breakers

04:46 Warming Up for life's challenge...

Mark as Played

Teaching is a separate skill set from the subject that is being taught. Seeking the best mentor can sometimes be tricky because that person may or may not be a shining example of where you want to go. This week we discuss some of these nuances and some valuable tips about some counterintuitive ways to learn. 

00:00 Intro

00:44 A Jewish Christmas?

05:48 The difference between being an athlete and being a coach, is it true tha...

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It's easy to default to comparing ourselves with other people. But how valuable is this, and are there better ways to strive for improvement? Today on Live All Your Life, Tali and Cody bring another episode of The Philosophy Of Fitness where they discuss the pros and cons of comparison, and how we might develop better strategies for personal development both within and outside the world of competition.

00:43 Icebreake...

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It's easy to get overwhelmed when considering our progress. We can underestimate ourselves and fail to act because we lose faith, or we can overestimate and get into trouble. In this episode, Tali and Cody bring some strategies for self-awareness, so we can realistically and effectively Start Where We're At! 

00:00 Intro and Icebreaker

05:06 Start Where You're At: You can't get ready to get ready. You ha...

Mark as Played

Avoiding pain is the same as avoiding growth. Of course, we shouldn't be seeking injury, but when it inevitably comes at us, we can re-frame our approach to it to create opportunities that might not have come without the injury! This applies to the gym as well as in the rest of our lives! Relationships, professional pursuits, and even hobbies. 

00:00 Intro and Icebreaker - Does Insta out you when you screenshot someon...

Mark as Played

Tali and Cody discuss ways to be more effective (hint: it doesn't include doing more, in fact, it might even mean doing less!)

00:00 Intro

00:55 Icebreaker

06:30 Today's Topic: Essentialism, Pareto's Law, and Opportunity Costs

09:09 Want an incredibly effective productivity tool? Try timing your tasks and rests. Sounds so simple that it might be easy to ignore but it can be a game changer. TrainHeroic. Read mor...

Mark as Played

We give a vulnerable look into our marriage and the intentional practices that we feel have made our relationship so exceptionally successful. Thriving takes intention. We explore making self-discipline easier through gratitude, developing a sense of wonder, and regular practices to build an intentional, thriving life. 

00:00 Intro

00:44 Icebreaker: Memorable Travel Experience

11:52 Today's Topic : Have To - or - Get To? It&...

Mark as Played

Explore some key concepts for leveraging the best outcomes. What practices, habits, and actions do you display that carry over into other, seemingly unrelated parts of your life? 

00:00 Intro

00:44 Icebreaker: If you could be great at any sport, what would it be? 

03:08 Shout out to History Memes

05:07 Today's topic: Carryover - Keystone Practices that can carryover to multiple areas in your life

06:17 A mental model for ...

Mark as Played

Cody and Tali discuss the pitfalls of "All Show And No Go!" and some possible strategies to avoid falling into this trap.

00:45 Icebreaker: Favorite moments of our wedding

05:50 All Show And No Go! Not everything is as it appears! 

06:52 Shout-out to David and Sadie Durante at Powermonkey

07:14 Respect for bodybuilding as a sport and Yoga as a practice and all of the work and dedication it takes, but don't le...

Mark as Played

0:44 Icebreaker: Your favorite pick-up lines! (Including some hilarious stories from our past!)

11:21 Intro: Showing Up (With Excellence)

12:52 Aiming high is good, but sometimes you just have to show up

17:27 Something is INFINITELY better than nothing

22:42 The Resistance; Steven Pressfield - Where does resistance come from and what can we do to overcome it?

32:53 Virtuosity

35:30 Sometimes just showing up is the same as giving 100%, d...

Mark as Played

This episode description includes bonus material not covered in the episode. Check out the links and resources provided here!

Do you track your progress in all areas of your life? How can you apply metrics to your relationships? Should you? Join Tali and Cody as they explore the magic of metrics!

01:19 Today's topic: Metrics

02:08 Track everything, or track nothing? Find balance, or accept the pendulum swings?...

Mark as Played

Apply these lessons to any area of learning or development! Tali and Cody discuss leadership and mentorship qualities from their experiences as coaches, mentors, leaders, and students. What to look for and how to get the most from a mentorship. 

00:45 Icebreaker MASH game

03:25 Coaching And Mentorship

05:24 Asking for guidance is not a sign of weakness

09:15 Culture is punishing us for asking questions

13:18 One Hallmark of a ...

Mark as Played

This could change your life! Learning the skills of self-ownership is likely the most important key to living the life you want.

00:00 Intro

00:46 A vulnerable icebreaker: Cody's introvertedness and feeling insecure about conversation, being steamrolled over by others, and why.

04:05 Tali's family was like the scene from Annie Hall

05:28 Being honest and bringing up your insecurities to people who are close to you c...

Mark as Played

00:00 Intro

00:44 You Can't Live The Life You Want By Fitting It In The Cracks

01:45 Universal Principles

03:23 Self Sabotage from being symptom oriented

05:48 Creating Cohesion in your life

07:52 Start small but don't stay small

09:19 Ratios of action can have enormous impacts on your successes or failures

11:27 Frequency fosters focus

12:15 Get Rich Slowly and where we started out financially; our ruthless adherence to our plan


Mark as Played

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