The Metabolism and Menopause Podcast

The Metabolism and Menopause Podcast

Our mission is to teach women about how their bodies change during the perimenopausal period (and onwards) so they can finally reach their health and fitness goals, live a life full of vitality and feel in CONTROL and at home in their bodies again! There is no excessive restrictions, no taking out your favorite foods, no doing crazy high intensity exercise or cutting out carbs! We cover hormones, exercise, nutrition and answer all of your questions!


July 22, 2024 35 mins


And you know what that means, cocktails like mojitos and peach sangria if you are me!

But we “know” that alcohol isn’t good for us… right? At least that is what we are told.

But WHY?

In this episode I cover:

- Types of alcohol and their calories

- Alcohol’s effect on our liver in menopause

- Alcohol’s effect on our hormones

- Alcohol’s effect on our brain

- Alcohol’s effect on our sl...

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Summer time can be a fun time for most people and it usually comes with a lot of trips and travel along with a lack of routine with the kids out of school paired with all the festivities. This means it can feel pretty tough and overwhelming to “stay on track”.

This is exactly why I wanted to talk to you about how to navigate nutrition and not feel like you are “blowing it” over the summer without taking all the fun out of thi...

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It can be a SHOCK when you go to the doctor and find out your cholesterol levels are high despite feeling like you didn’t change anything!

In this podcast Coach Kirianna and I dive into:

- What cholesterol is

- What causes increases in cholesterol

- How menopause contributes to this

- How to naturally lower your cholesterol levels

Do not forget to sign up for our 3 months 1:1 Coaching Summer Giveaway!! https://1ck2g...

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Your cycle and the symptoms that come with it can tell us SO much about your body in terms of hormone balance and what your body is struggling with. It also will help address root causes of likely hormone problems so that your transition through perimenopause and menopause is a lot smoother.

In this podcast I cover:

- What the menstrual cycle is

- The 4 different phases

- How to eat and exercise to support what cycle phase yo...

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⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠This is for all the women out there who feel like they are doing EVERYTHING right yet your body seems to just store fat regardless of what you do.


⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠I cover:

⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠1 - What caused you to go into fat storing mode

⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠2 - How menopause affects your ability to lose weight

⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠3 - The 8 steps to go from fat storing to fat burning

⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠4 - How to actually implement the 8 steps for fat burning success



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There are SO many diets out there - so how do you know which one is best for?

Or maybe you thought you had it figured out - but now it stopped working.

In this episode I had a few of my coaches to help me go over the pros and cons of different diets to help you figure out what is best for you!

We covered:

- Keto/Low Carb

- Weight Watchers


- Fasting

- Whole 30

- Carnivore

- Vegan

-And MORE!


(00:00) - Intro


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The American Thyroid Association estimates that more than 27 million American’s have thyroid disease but more than half of them have no idea!

Women are 5-8 times likely than men to develop a thyroid condition too and risk increases as we go through perimenopause and the years that follow!

Why does this matter?

We have had a LOT of popularity and questions about the THYROID. So I covered a LOT:

- Symptoms of low thyroid functio...

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That is a lot!

But when chatting with women 1:1 I realized that they had NO idea how it affected their natural hormone production, how their body functions, how they feel AND how it affected their menopausal transition!

In this episode I had the wonderful Coach Brittany on to help us unpack the following:

- What exactly IS birth control?

-How does birth control work?

- Di...

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You hear it everywhere - you need to eat more protein.

But does that change in menopause?

How much do you need?

Why do you need it?

So let’s dive right into it.

For a copy of our 3 day sample meal plan on how to reach 100g of protein head to this link:


(00:00) - Intro

(01:08) - Overview of protein & sample meal plan (link in show notes)

(01:59) - Blood ...

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I had our in house gut queen, Coach Hannah on the podcast today to cover a topic we get asked about ALL the time. Pre and Pro-biotics.

In this episode with covered:

- Different types of “biotics” and their roles

- The key to a healthy gut

- What wipes out gut bacteria

- If you should take them in supplement form

- How to replenish the gut after taking antibiotics



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I can’t believe it! I want to take this time to cover some of the most popular moments from the last 100 episodes, highlight the guests who have been on the show but also I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has tuned in and subscribed.

I am so thankful for each and everyone of you and please continue to write in on what topics you want to see in the future because I want this podcast to help you get ex...

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Step number 1: we need to figure out if you are ready for a fat loss phase and where your metabolism is at.

To do that for free take our menopause metabolic quiz here and it will also walk you through steps to move in the right direction:

Step 2: everything I cover in this podcast like realistic expectations and what to anticipate + how to maximize your results in menopause...

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For anyone who is 40+ and feels like they just woke up one day and no longer recognizes themselves when they looked in the mirror - you just don’t feel like you - then THIS is the episode for you.

Jessica Gunn is a fitness coach, business colleague, and someone I consider to be a close friend.

I love her story - she went from being a mom who was taking care of everyone else, loved sugar and hated working out to now bein...

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So first before you all freak out - YES we want to eat 80% whole foods and 20% highly processed/fun foods.

The type of food you eat will absolutely influence your inflammation levels and provide you with vitamins and minerals that you need.

HOWEVER - we talk to a lot of women who say they eat “clean” and are stuck.

They aren’t seeing results so obviously this is something we need to cover.

So in this episode I unpack the 8 thin...

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If you have been listening for any amount of time many of you know that you are probably not eating enough.

Maintenance is the place where your body stays relatively stable AND feels good.

If you have low energy levels, have hormonal symptoms, are struggling to get results in the gym then your metabolism has slowed down and your body has adapted to the low calories, crazy exercise, lack of sleep etc.

This is your ...

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I get these questions a lot:

- How many calories do I need to lose weight?

- How long do I drop my calories for?

- What happens if I plateau?

- How many fat loss cycles do I need?

And those are all great questions but the answer to all of them is “it depends”

In this episode I go into all those questions and give some background information to give you a better understanding of everything!



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Menopause needs to be taken more seriously. Period.

I see so many women that get their concerns brushed off as “no big deal” just because they don’t feel like themselves and want to lose weight.

And they get told the same advice over and over despite it not working: “eat less move more”

And quite frankly - all of that pisses me off.

If it is a big deal to them then it should be a big deal to you.

This is what is leaving women ...

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I swear this is like a switch – we can pinpoint the exact moment this happens with a client and it is like all of a sudden they start achieving everything and the results start coming!

And it all has to do with mindset - which I am sure a lot of you are rolling your eyes BUT this podcast I did with Coach Beth will make you so much more aware of struggles that are keeping you from seeing results and how to get past them!


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There is a reason that we recommend all women in perimenopause and onwards focus on increasing their magnesium intake through food or supplementation!

Here is what I covered!:

- What is magnesium

- Risks of low magnesium

- Magnesium for thyroid function + improving metabolism

- Magnesium for cortisol control

- Magnesium for hormone production

- Magnesium in the menstrual cycle

- Types of magnesium to take based on your symptoms


Mark as Played

I had a fellow Canadian coach on the podcast and we talked about a lot!

We covered:

- Guilt around food and binge eating

- The truth about health foods

- What health and self care really look like


A little about Taylor:

Taylor Temple owner of Mind & Body by Temple - a holistic health & wellness coaching company. Focusing on pain-free movement and women's weight loss. Streamlinin...

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