The Michael Esposito Show

The Michael Esposito Show

Hello, I’m Michael Esposito, founder of an executive consulting firm and an insurance company. I host a podcast dedicated to the development and growth of our entrepreneurial community, presented by iHeart Media. I invite business leaders to talk about their successes and challenges that have led them to where they are today. It’s not an interview, it’s a guided, interesting conversation. Each episode is meant to inform, educate and inspire you to be great! Tune in every two weeks for a new episode or should I say story..


February 13, 2024 118 mins
From childhood dreams of a healing medicine bag to supporting thousands globally, Muneeza's intuitive gifts manifest through visions, feelings, and a deep 'knowing.' Today, she reveals her inspiring story – a journey from sickness to self-healing, and then to guiding others on their paths to wellness.In this episode, Muneeza shares her discovery of an obsessive passion for health and an innate intuition about others' well-being. De...
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Having felt the weight of burnout and the limitations of a relentless pursuit of success, Tina reached a critical juncture in her career. Her realization that there had to be a more holistic approach to professional excellence led her to embark on a profound exploration. Through years of dedicated study with experts in neuroscience, leadership, and human transformation, Tina cultivated a science-backed, heart-centered approach that...
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January 31, 2024 104 mins
From her misfit days in a male-dominated class where they were asked to prove the existence of a chair to accidentally stumbling into coaching through tech advice sessions, Nicole's story is a testament of the unexpected paths life takes. In this episode, we delve into the world of self-discovery and resilience as Nicole shares the intricate layers of her struggles and triumphs. Nicole’s journey wasn't a straight line but a series ...
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In the world of International Speaking, Authorship, and Success Coaching, Summer’s story is nothing short of a gripping novel, weaving through two decades of entrepreneurial success, personal tribulations, and the conquering of adversities.
From navigating the intricate maze of marriage and overcoming the shadows of infidelity, Summer emerged not only triumphant but dedicated to empowering others to unlock their divine potential.
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Amidst the corridors of academia, Shaunak faced a pivotal realization - that learning extends far beyond lectures.
Armed with a mechanical engineering degree from IIT Bombay and graduate studies at MIT, he embarked on a quest to reshape education.
Step into the extraordinary journey of Shaunak Roy, a tech luminary who navigated uncharted territories, transitioning from advising global giants to founding Yellowdig. Be inspired by hi...
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In the heart of Silicon Valley, where innovation breathes and uncertainties abound, the story of Joe Khoei unfolds. Picture a young entrepreneur, braving the chill of office floors, navigating the turbulent seas of doubt, and emerging not just triumphant but as the visionary founder and CEO of SalesX®.The tale begins with humble origins, where doubts loomed large, and success seemed like a distant dream. However, Joe was not one to...
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Join us as we uncover Dr. Keith Johnson's incredible transformation from a daunting $180,000 debt to an embodiment of confidence and success. Discover the pivotal moments when life pushed him to share a roof with his mother-in-law, and witness the remarkable comeback that not only reshaped his financial destiny but his entire life.
In this motivating discussion, Dr. Keith Johnson delves deep into his story, sharing the highs, the lo...
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December 27, 2023 72 mins
Reflect upon the cherished moments spent fishing with your father. How did these experiences shape your inspiration and thoughts?Deeply influenced by his father's extraordinary flexibility and entrepreneurial freedom, he observed his dad seamlessly navigate work and life, leaving an indelible mark. Greg realized that entrepreneurship transcends mere financial independence—it offers a pathway to a fulfilling lifestyle, allowing indi...
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December 20, 2023 110 mins
Find the need, make use of your skill to create solutions and tap on your network.
Known as "Mr. E-Commerce," Mitchell Levy has redefined business landscapes, fostering growth and authenticity. He shares his insights on founding businesses, sparking thought, and elevating business acumen. Mitchell empowers individuals and organizations to articulate purpose with clarity. Mitchell Ranked #1 Thought Leader in Ecosystems and among the...
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What began as a hobby and love for capturing vast landscapes and navigating incredible horizons soon evolved into a side hustle, capturing the attention of realtors propelling Keith to take the bold leap of starting his own drone business.With almost five years of experience in the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) industry, Keith shared his journey from successful ventures in the HVAC and insurance industries to becoming a prominent f...
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Have you ever found yourself so passionate about learning and learning, and learning and sharing your ideas?
Dive into the world of training and development with Jason Helfenbaum, the visionary owner of ClicKnowledge. With over two decades of experience, Jason's consultancy prowess spans sectors, crafting tailored solutions from sales training to cutting-edge tech integration.
When not immersed in the world of training and developme...
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Do you believe that we all have a shot to upscale our business through the right strategy?
In this episode, we will soak up the expertise of James Foo Torres, a true example of perseverance and grit. He overcame many challenges and is here to share his insights.
From the enchanting landscapes of Puerto Rico and Spanish as his main language, my podcast guest, wanting to win big in life, looked out for opportunities to learn and grow. ...
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November 23, 2023 85 mins
Wealth is the ability to fully experience life. - Henry David Thoreau
From an unemployed school teacher who knew nothing about business who braved himself up and embarked on a journey that would transform his life. What began as a business venture flourished into a multi-million dollar success, featured in Inc and Entrepreneur magazines.
However, success brought its own challenges. Trapped as an owner-operator, Jason found a way out...
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Changing your perspective, changes your experience. - Dan Brown
From a traumatic childhood marked by family tragedy and addiction, my guest found himself entangled in a life of drugs and crime. However, a near-fatal accident served as a wake-up call, sparking his path to recovery and self-improvement. My guest, Ryan Zofay’s relentless pursuit of personal development eventually led to the creation of "We Level Up," a platform that of...
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As he graduated from his college class with almost 2000 people, he thought, "How can I stand out?"
His desire to create something innovative, contribute to the success of others, and go for extraordinary sparked a fire in him - and chose to disrupt the finance industry.
And now he has been featured on Fox News, NBC, Yahoo Finance, Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, The Gary Vee Podcast, and now The Michael Esposito Show. Robert Gauvrea...
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October 31, 2023 90 mins
Take your power back and you will thrive.
Instead of playing the victim, my podcast guest decided to take action, take her power back, and live a great and thriving life she had envisioned herself to live.
We often lose hope when we’re caught up in a horrible situation, especially when people we thought are our family are the reason we experience bad things. That is normal, we all feel fear and hopelessness in the beginning, what you...
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Consistency is what transforms average into excellence. - Tony Robbins
As a young boy who always dreamt of becoming an NHL player, he started to develop discipline at a very young age. Inspired by his Father’s encouragement, one summer, he shocked everyone with a very huge transformation, from being a little chubby to becoming fit and league ready.
He believed that it is his mission to learn more and help people understand human holi...
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October 12, 2023 120 mins
Lead with passion - and find out how with today’s guest!
Creating an atmosphere where people feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and concerns comes from an empathic personality that fosters openness by being approachable, understanding, and non-judgmental.
Today’s guest, Leah Feldman, dedicated herself to helping victims of sexual and violent crimes achieve the justice they deserve. She worked her way up as an intern and is now t...
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You don’t need to do it all - take control and do less, live more, and breathe easier.
It is said that it is every woman’s nature to care for and nurture people, relationships, and everything they put their heart into. They have this characteristic in them that is natural and true to themselves - and it’s proven true for today’s podcast guest - Lisa Zawrotny.
From caring for a sick family member suffering from Alzheimer's while pregn...
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September 13, 2023 68 mins
Grew up in a Mexican household, worked at construction and did some odd jobs to get through college. His love for technology and education gave him an outlet to provide for his business, for the team that he employs, and for his family.
Victor’s creativity and hunger lead him to creating different products from scratch through other people’s money and trust. Now the very first people who believed in him are now one of his largest g...
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