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Embarking on Healing Horizons with Muneeza Ahmed - The Michael Esposito Show

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From childhood dreams of a healing medicine bag to supporting thousands globally, Muneeza's intuitive gifts manifest through visions, feelings, and a deep 'knowing.' Today, she reveals her inspiring story – a journey from sickness to self-healing, and then to guiding others on their paths to wellness.In this episode, Muneeza shares her discovery of an obsessive passion for health and an innate intuition about others' well-being. Despite an initial career in accounting and finance, a personal health crisis led her to explore nutrition, coaching, and emotional wellness. Her relentless pursuit of healing brought her to the profound teachings of Anthony William, where she unearthed her powerful gift of medical intuition.As the first practitioner endorsed by Anthony, Muneeza's journey unfolds, touching on her experience teaching hypnobirthing, navigating motherhood, and developing her unique healing method – The Muneeza Method.
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Embarking on Healing Horizons with Muneeza Ahmed - The Michael Esposito Show