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Having felt the weight of burnout and the limitations of a relentless pursuit of success, Tina reached a critical juncture in her career. Her realization that there had to be a more holistic approach to professional excellence led her to embark on a profound exploration. Through years of dedicated study with experts in neuroscience, leadership, and human transformation, Tina cultivated a science-backed, heart-centered approach that would redefine her trajectory.Tina's unique perspective on leadership doesn't just stem from her impressive credentials; it's rooted in a personal journey of self-discovery and transformation. From the hustle and grind that once threatened her well-being to the development of a Pause-Notice-Choose approach, Tina's narrative is an inspiring chronicle of how authenticity and courage can reshape not just a career, but an entire leadership philosophy.Get to know more about Tina Parker, a seasoned Courageously Authentic Leadership Coach, TEDx Speaker, and Founder & CEO of Lead Outside the Lines at
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Leading Outside The Lines with Tina Parker - The Michael Esposito Show