The Midlife Career Rebel Podcast

The Midlife Career Rebel Podcast

Host Dr. Carol Parker Walsh is on a mission to empower professional women at midlife to tear up the rule book, take control of their careers, and get the life they want. This podcast takes a fresh and unconventional approach to career growth and development. Dr. Carol Parker Walsh's advice has been featured in Forbes, Thrive Global, Newsweek, and more!


March 30, 2023 21 min

Episode #59 - Leaving a Legacy: How Executives & Senior Leaders Can Fix the Leaking Pipeline for The Next Generation of Female Leadership


Not only are there not enough talented, skilled, early-career professional women making it to the next leadership level, but we also saw the most significant drop in the percentage of women going from mid- to senior-level positions than we've seen in years. So when organizatio...

  • Episode #58 - Creating a Culture of Authentic Trust


    A culture of authentic trust values and respects all employees' individual and collective contributions and recognizes the importance of building and maintaining relationships based on trust and respect. But does that speak to the environment that you're currently working in? In this episode, we'll discuss what it takes to create a culture of trust within...

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    Episode #57 - What If I Don’t Want to Step Into Leadership?


    You can be a leader in many ways without having a formal leadership title, particularly if you're more concerned about the impact you can make in your organization or the world than your title. While there’s often a lot of pressure to promote into leadership and climb that ladder to the next level, it’s not always the best move or right fit for everyone. So...

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    Episode #56 - Fixing the "Broken Rung:" Replacing the Career Ladder with a Career Lattice to Advance Career Mobility


    In traditional organizations, career advancement has often followed a linear path that resembles a ladder. It was created out of a need for standardized career paths and structured career development programs. But let's face it, the career ladder has worked better for men than it ever has for women, a...

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    Episode #55 - Why Organizations Need to Tap into The Power of Executive Masterminds

    I LOVE supporting professional women in midlife, fearlessly navigating or reinventing their careers, and gaining unstoppable confidence in the process. I also love when our company gets the chance to work within organizations committed to creating cultures of trust, safety, and inclusive leadership for their clients and stakeholders and the...

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    Episode #54 - The 4 Levels of Careerist Part 4: The Rebel


    Rebels are unapologetically authentic, unbounded and limitless, and unstoppable in what's possible for them because they know who they are, are confident in what they have to offer the world, and use their voice to get what they want. Here it's not just about reaching a "new" level or a perceived career destination; it's more about becoming a Rebel ...

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    Episode #53 - The 4 Levels of Careerist Part 3: The Established

    The Established Level is where you begin to question if where you are in your career is where you genuinely want to be. You're starting to think deeper and more purposeful about where you are in your career, what you're doing, and the contributions and impact you want to make. In today's epis...

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    Episode #52 - The 4 Levels of Careerist Part 1: The Hustler


    Context is important. Much of what has contributed to how the Hustler shows up in the workplace is due to the context in which they stepped into their career. You can see the influence of societal messages through the television shows and movies of the 80s and 90s that informed how midlife Hustlers thought about career success. Today’s episode is Part 2 of ...

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    Episode #51 - The 4 Levels of Careerist Part 1: The Drifter


    If you’re trying to find the right pathway in your career, it’s essential to know your starting place. That’s where the 4 Levels of Careerists come in. Over the next four episodes, I will break down each of these levels, how to tell which level you’re currently situated on, why, and the impact it will have on your career and your leadership. So, join me on ...

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    Episode #50 - Three Proven Steps to Achieving Your Goals & Getting What You Want


    Eight-six percent (86%) of people fail to keep their new year's resolutions and achieve their goals. There are several reasons, but it starts with a faulty strategy or plan. Whether you've never created a goal or have already put one together, you'll want to check out today's episode. In this episode, I'm walking you through a prove...

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    Episode #49 - Four Career-Crushing Myths Professional Midlife Women Need to Overcome


    Getting what you want in your career isn't just about taking action; it's also about managing your mind and guarding against the thought errors that keep you from achieving the success you want. Today on the podcast, we'll talk about the four myths that can keep you from taking the necessary actions to achieve your goals and what yo...

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    Episode #48 - How to Build a Resume that Combats Ageism with Nickquolette Barrett


    According to a study conducted by AARP, 61% of respondents over 45 reported having seen or experienced age discrimination sometime in their careers. In addition, people 55 and over are the fastest-growing age group in the workforce and are expected to make up a quarter of the employed workforce by 2026. Therefore, knowing ...

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    December 15, 2022 18 min

    Episode #47 - Is Coaching For You?


    Coaching has evolved over the years. In the past, hiring a career coach meant that your performance was deficient and needed some improvement, so the focus was all on rehabilitation. Over time, executive coaches became popular as a developmental tool to help high-potential leaders earmarked for promotion fine-tune their skills and position themselves for success. While people still...

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    Episode #46 - Creating and Managing Boundaries For Yourself & Your Time


    What is a boundary? You create boundaries for yourself to achieve your desired results. A boundary is not about training other people or controlling others' behavior but about learning how to express and prioritize what you need and want and protect yourself and what matters most to you. Today on the podcast, I'm sharing how to set and use b...

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    December 1, 2022 23 min

    Episode #45 - Your Resignation Game Plan


    Feeling like it's time to make that move? Whether you've had this feeling for the last month or the last year, you must consider a few things before leaving your current job. Today on the podcast, we're breaking down what to consider before you decide to walk away from your current position. If you have a game plan for before, during, and after the process, you'l...

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    Episode #44 - Quiet Quitting, the Great Breakup, and What it Means for Women Leaders


    Quiet quitting is a term that became popular in late summer to describe folks who have decided to do the bare minimum to get by without any extra effort. But what are the causes of quiet quitting? How is it related to the Great Breakup, where women leaders are increasingly leaving their jobs because they're not getting ...

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    Episode #43 -

    The Danger of Tolerating & Setting for Good Enough with Guest Lori Saitz

    What makes us tolerate undesirable circumstances and situations? Why are we more accepting of sitting in the discomfort of the known as opposed to the discomfort of the unknown? Why do we settle in our lives and careers instead of taking active steps to get and have so much more? These are the ques...

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    Episode #42 - The Economic & Influential Power of Your Image

    What you wear effects and influences how others see, respond, and interact with you. It can also profoundly alter your mood, stimulate your mind, enhance your self-worth, and make you feel more confident and powerful. In addition, your appearance is the filter through which everything you say or do is evaluated, which can significantly impact your income. Res...

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    Episode #41 - The Fear of Authenticity & Struggle of Conformity

    Why is it that when we’re asked to present to the board, give a talk to your fellow members, or even prep for an interview, we become more consumed with what people will think about us than just showing up authentically sharing our brilliance? Why are we afraid to just be ourselves? Today...

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    Episode #40 - Is Entrepreneurship Right For You? with Kathy Galloway


    Are you thinking of starting your own business? Or are you in the early stages of doing so? This can be an exciting but also daunting time. It's essential to know if it's right for you. There are a few key factors to consider. First, are you comfortable with risk? Starting a business is inherently risky – there's no guarantee of success. Second, do...

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