The Money Runner - David Nelson

The Money Runner - David Nelson

David Nelson launches The Money Runner. In the end money touches everything. The show will take on topics that resonate from Wall Street to Main Street and of course Washington.


May 29, 2024 8 mins

Dive into the complexities of managing investor capital in today's dynamic market. David Nelson, a seasoned portfolio manager and host of the Money Runner Podcast shares his insights on navigating the high-stakes world of finance.

Market Realities: Understand the pressures and responsibilities of managing money, with a focus on maximizing returns and identifying risks.

AI and Investment: Explore the evolving ...

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Welcome to "The Money Runner" with your host David Nelson, where we dive deep into the current state of financial markets. In today's episode, we explore the recent surge to all-time highs by the S&P 500 and Nasdaq, and discuss the implications for investors, advisors, and portfolio managers. We'll examine the market's quick recovery from April's lows and offer strategies for those looking to re-en...

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The Money Runner" podcast, hosted by David Nelson, offers a no-nonsense approach to finance and investing. Shunning the complicated jargon of Wall Street, Nelson advocates for straightforward strategies. 

Throughout the episodes, he provides insights based on his extensive 25-year experience, tackling topics such as market timing, corporate finance dynamics, and economic indicators like the ISM PMI data. With a critic...

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The Money Runner hosted by David Nelson dives deep into the heated debate between index funds and active management. There's a "perfect storm" brewing on the horizon. Ai, the Fed and Apple are colliding creating an opportunity too good to pass up. 

00:00 Index Funds vs Active Management
00:33 Change is the True Constant
00:55 The Perfect Storm
01:36 Rise of Index Funds
02:36 Interest Rates, Q...

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Uncover the Truth Behind the Bull Run: Dive into the frenzy driving today's stock market highs and discover if your investments are at risk.

Decode Nvidia's Earnings: Get an inside look at Nvidia's much-anticipated earnings report and what it means for the future of AI and your portfolio.

Learn from History's Investment Lessons: Explore how past market predictions can guide today's investm...

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Join David Nelson, CFA for a very special episode of the Money Runner podcast. This is a deep dive into markets and tech stock valuations. Plus 3 things that could end the current love affair with technology shares. 

Expert Analysis on Tech Stock Valuations: Explore the fascinating world of tech stocks, including companies like Nvidia and Apple, and understand what their current valuations mean for investors.


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Uncover Investment Insights for 2024 with Hedge Fund rocks star Dan Niles on The Money Runner! Join David Nelson as he delves into the crucial investment questions of "What's working, what didn't, and what's next' with Dan Niles founder & senior portfolio manager for the Satori Fund. This in-depth discussion offers valuable perspectives on 2023 and potential market surprises for 2024. 

00:00 Wh...

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Join David Nelson, CFA host of the Money Runner Podcast for an exclusive interview with a tech luminary who navigated the high-stakes world of Silicon Valley, shaping the very internet we use today. From early days at eBay to pivotal roles at Google, Jeff Huber unveils the transformative power of data and the inside story of a leader at one of the world's most powerful tech companies. Discover the intricate culture of Google a...

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In episode 2 of The Money Runner interview with Tech visionary Jeff Huber David and Jeff discuss the rising concern over biased or inaccurate output from some large language models.  

Concerns Over AI Bias and Security Risks: The conversation highlights that 79% of senior IT leaders have concerns about potential security risks in AI technologies, and 73% worry about biased outcomes. 

AI's Tendency to Confirm ...

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Welcome to "The Money Runner," hosted by David Nelson. In this episode, we delve deep into the ever-changing investment landscape.

Change is the only Constant: Discover why adaptability is your most valuable asset

Investor Sentiment and the VIX: The VIX is at lows showing investor complacency is high

AI Revolution in Investing: Like the title says, every company is an AI company even if they don...

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Join us in an eye-opening episode of The Money Runner, where host David Nelson sits down with Jeff Huber, an influential pioneer in the tech industry, to discuss the rapidly evolving world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Jeff is the co-founder of Triatomic Capital, a former senior vice president at Google, the founding CEO at Grail and sits on the board of too many companies to mention. This podcast will shine a light on the power...

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David recaps the Fed decision day. "I'm sitting in front of my Bloomberg screen digesting all we learned today on the heels of one of the more important Fed meetings of the year. Let me know what you think. If you think I got it wrong shout it out. Best, David Nelson, CFA aka The Money Runner. 

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Join David Nelson on The Money Runner as he delves into the dynamic world of commodities trading with seasoned expert Carley Garner of DeCarley Trading. In this insightful interview, Carley reveals the nuances of trading commodities versus the stock market, shares her groundbreaking call on the S&P 500, and discusses the intricacies of futures trading. With her extensive background including appearances on CNBC and Bloomberg an...

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The rise of Javier Milei in his quest to become Argentinia's next president parallels the election cycle playing out here in the United States. People are fed up with the current political parties desperately looking for an alternative to the status quo. 

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Big Tech's Market Influence
Walmart's Earnings Report as an economic indicator
Small Cap Stocks - Is this the beginning of a sustained rally
Fed - Can they pull off a soft landing
When the Fed will cut

David Nelson host of the Money Runner dives into last week's data. What worked? What didn't? and What's next. David also shares his report card. Do you think the grade is fair? How wo...

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Dive into the intricate world of financial markets with this week’s episode of ‘The Money Runner’ hosted by David Nelson. This week’s special guest is Michael Gayed, author of the popular  @leadlagreport Whether you’re an advisor, investor, or simply curious about the financial markets, Michael has a wealth of knowledge and observations to share. David and Michael go deep into what is driving markets today and the signals that can...

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On the heels of a dovish Fed meeting and weaker than expected jobs report Wall Street Sharks smell a rate cut coming. They aren't wrong. Here's why.

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From fear of missing out to fear of losing it all. Investor emotions have been taken on a roller coaster ride. David decodes the recent market action and goes right to the heart of what is forcing traders to the sidelines
00:00 Rough Week
01:05 Houston We Have a Problem
02:02 Living below the 200-day moving avg
02:46 Surrounded
03:19 Geopolitical Tensions
04:24 Bond Supply and Demand
05:40 You have choic...

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Investors have weapons to battle the market chaos. It's time to gear up, fight back and use them. Here is my favorite plus another A.I. investment. This one will surprise you. 

00:00 Surrounded
01:38 Not my first rodeo
02:30 Financial Weapons
03:54 Do the math
04:21 Opportunity
05:06 The promise of A.I. 
05:34 Bigger than the internet
06:15 Parker
08:03 Investing in AI

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The first step to solving a problem is admitting you have one. The United States is addicted to debt. The elephant in the room is still the same elephant we've been dealing with since last year only bigger. With debts and deficits rising these are the steps we need to take to avoid a full blown financial crisis.
00:00 Threat to the U.S. Financial System
00:35 Widows and orphans aren't safe
01:21 Nonfarm payrol...

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