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The Movement Link Podcast

I'm an Accredited Exercise Physiologist & Sports Nutritionist, exploring the link between movement, mindset and lifestyle. Put your earbuds in, get moving, and I hope you enjoy everything this podcast has to offer.


April 14, 2024 17 mins

I see so many people spin their wheels when it comes to building muscle.

Having some idea of what’s involved in the process of building muscle, as well as realistic expectations around timeframes can make it easier to fully invest in the process.

In this episode I go through 5 key things that you need to understand if you want to build muscle.

If you need additional guidance, please reach out to me via t...

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Although this seems like such a trivial topic, it’s amazing how many people aren’t using the scales in a way that is going to provide them with helpful information.

Tune in to find out exactly what time of day you should be jumping on the scales, as well as how frequently you should be tracking our weight in order to determine progress.

Side note: if you are someone who finds seeing your weight and jumping on the...

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February 28, 2024 18 mins

Building muscle is tough, like, really tough!

Most of us don’t build muscle by mistake, and I don’t think anyone is at risk of going to the gym for a few weeks and suddenly waking up with too much muscle (I wish!).

I see so many people spinning their wheels when it comes to building muscle, so this episode covers the 5 most common mistakes I see people making, and what to do instead.

Questions or feedbac...

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February 22, 2024 13 mins

You’ve just eaten a burger, and some chips…and a few slices of pizza…and washed it down with some ice-cream and now you’re regretting the whole situation and feeling pretty damn uncomfortable.

So in this episode, I’m going to show you how I would troubleshoot this situation with a client of mine if someone reached out to me and said that they had massively over-eaten - because you’re a human, you have taste buds, and this ...

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In this week’s episode I’m excited to have friend, personal trainer, photographer and business owner Jenny Chan back behind the mic.

Jen has completed the 75 HARD Program (by entrepreneur Andy Frisella) not once, but twice, and although it’s often perceived as a fitness or weightloss challenge, what we find out is that it’s far more about mindset, mental resilience and forging a level of self-belief that carries over into ...

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In this episode I take you through a practical skill that I genuinely believe is the most important skill you can possibly learn if you want to be successful in improving your health, your fitness or your relationship with food.

In  both my personal experience, as well as my experience as a coach, having the ability to build this one skill is the most important deciding factor between whether someone is going to be success...

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It’s a hotly debated topic - is fasted training the secret to fat loss, and are you setting yourself up to fail if you eat before training?

Let’s find out in this week’s episode.

Questions or feedback? Contact me via the links below, or follow me on Instagram to stay up to date with each episode as well as all of my regular content.

Web: The Movement Link
Email: themovementlin...

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The 2 biggest barriers I see to people not eating breakfast is that they either aren’t hungry in the morning, or they’re rushing around so much they just don’t have time.

So in this episode I show you how I would troubleshoot these situations with clients I work with - I look at when you should eat breakfast, what you should eat for breakfast, how to manage your morning routine to better allow you to eat breakfast, and if ...

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In this episode I’m talking all things protein powder because, quite frankly, supplement stores aren’t always the most accurate (or… impartial) source of information.

If I’ve done my job well, then hopefully this episode should leave you knowing the difference between a WPI and a WPC, what to look for in a good protein powder, and if you actually need to be including protein powder in your diet.



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“I’m in a calorie deficit but I’m not losing weight - what am I doing wrong?” is one of the most common phrases I hear as a Sports Nutritionist.

And I completely understand how frustrating this can be when, despite your best efforts, you feel like you’re spinning your wheels.

But (hopefully!) I can help. In this episode I explain what a calorie deficit is, and also look at how I would trouble-shoot this situation...

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Let's talk about eating at night-time..

For some reason, eating at night-time seems to be a contentious topic and there is a lot of information (mis-information?) out there from people telling you what you should (or should not) eat after 7pm.

So should you eat after 7pm? What happens if you eat carbs after 7pm? And is it really ok to eat carbs after 7pm? Join me on this week's episode to find out.

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Wrapping up 2024 with a Q&A episode! Thanks so much to everyone that submitted questions.

Join me as I cover mini-cuts, why I don't like the term 'cheat meal,' how I'm currently managing to eat 3000 calories per day, training over the Christmas period, why I find it so valuable to have a Coach and if 10,000 steps per day is enough for weight loss. 

Questions or feedback? Contact me via the...

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One of the most common questions that comes up right now is how best to navigate Christmas functions, work parties and social engagements without completely falling off the bandwagon.

Believe it or not, there can be a middle ground where you simply go out, enjoy a few different foods, have a couple of drinks, and then carry on as usual the next day.

If you struggle with an all-or-nothing approach over this time, t...

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Pre-workout supplements come in so many forms! Some people swear by them, while others are happy to get by on a banana and a coffee.

In this episode I break down the hype behind pre-workouts and cover:

  • Why we may want to take a pre-workout;
  • What to look for if you decide to buy pre-workout;
  • If they’re really worth it.

Questions or feedback? Contact me via the links below, or follow me on Instagram to stay up to d...

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The supplement industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and if a supplement claims something that is too good to be true, then it probably is!

When looking for supplements, it's important to be choosing ones that have been repeatedly shown to have a positive effect across a large population.

The supplements I look at in this episode are ones that have been shown to be beneficial for anyone looking to impro...

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When it comes to weight loss, the message that is often put forward is that if you want to be successful, then you have to count calories, track macros, or follow a meal plan.

And yes, although these are all valid options, they’re definitely not the only way to successfully achieve your weight loss goals.

So can you lose weight without counting calories? And if so, how would you do this? Tune in to find out!

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In this week’s episode I’m joined by two of my athletes, Fiona Kelett and Micha Harper, who have kindly agreed to share an insight into their recent contest preps and journey to the stage.

Fiona and Micha competed in multiple shows during Season B this year with some incredible results. As mums in their 50’s, they have shown us that age is just a number and they are both a fantastic example of what can be achieved  when yo...

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October 30, 2023 29 mins

I’m now 49 weeks into this improvement season and thought it was time to run through another a quick update.

In this episode I go into detail about where things are currently sitting for me in terms of training, steps, cardio and nutrition, and also why the healthiest decision was to pull out of my recent mini-cut.

Questions or feedback? Contact me via the links below, or follow me on Instagram to stay up to date...

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When it comes to exercise, what is considered a 'normal' amount of exercise is going to vary between individuals.

Factors such as someone's personal goals, lifestyle, time constraints, family and work commitments , can make it a challenge to put any objective parameters around quantifying how much exercise is considered normal.

So rather than looking at what is ‘normal’ when it comes to exercise, I ...

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Entering a contest prep is a big decision and one I see often see athletes make without really knowing what is involved.

In this episode I cover some of the most important things you should be aware of before starting a contest prep - everything from the time and commitment required for training and nutrition, the constant meal preparation and weighing of food, the missing out on social occasions, the persistent fatigue th...

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