The New Business Paradigm with Elaira

The New Business Paradigm with Elaira

We live in the prominent change and radical awakening times! It's the period when old systems, structures and ways of being, relating are collapsing while giving birth to the new paradigms. My name is Elaira and in “The New Business Paradigm” podcast I go deeper in the way we work, redefine success in business, build, create, show up, and embody more ourselves and our potential in the meanwhile busting old business paradigm and bringing new perspectives, new way of BEING in the entrepreneurship journey. I focus on capacity work for conscious and heart based entrepreneurs. This work is my life work because in essence, I discovered that it's not only your strategies, your methods and trendy tools that bring you to sustainable, lasting and easeful success, it's how you show up in those strategies. It's your capacity to receive, hold and handle it all. My website for more of my work: You can also find me on instagram, facebook or telegram channel as @elairaflow. But mostly I recommend to join my newsletter for more goodness, shares and my in depth point of view. As thank you and welcome, you will receive a free gift, so you can start experiencing my work:


September 17, 2019 3 mins

My name is Elaira Tickute and I am the host of this podcast. I invite thought leaders to talk about the future of work, how the world is changing and how to build a new business paradigm from the place of care and re-write outdated definitions.

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The world is moving from business enterprises to social enterprises. This first episode introduces the concept of what is so-called "Social Enterprise", where it comes from and elaborate on a few key trends related to it.

 Show notes:

  • What is "social enterprise"?
  • Why this shift appeared and 3 main influencing causes.
  • Impact of financial crises in 2018.
  • The modern definition of what is a successful business.
  • What d...
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In this episode, I invited Atish Kalyan, a founder and principal developer of a software consultancy company Monad Labs. We discussed how technology changed on how we communicate in business and how to manage a huge informational overload.

Show notes:

  • 2 major developments that changed how we communicate in business & positive results due to that.
  • How topology of companies changed with the internet and smartphones.
  • Struggles and...
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Millennials are the most recent generation to hit the workforce. And according to Deloitte data, by 2020 millennials will cover 75% of the global workforce.

Today my special guest is Wing-Yan Man, Millenial Coach and founder of 3310 School for Millennials. In this episode, we discuss key characteristics of millennials, challenges, and opportunities


Show notes:

·       Wing-Yan Man journey and personal story of becoming a founder of 3...

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In this episode, I have a conversation with a very unique guest Dr. Jacqueline Hobbs also known as Oracle Girl ( She has had extraordinary abilities since childhood and I believe she is a very highly consciously evolved human being. We talk about the future of business, new ways of working, what steps we need to take towards that and how to live all of you and your full potential. At the end, Jacqueline does a p...

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In this fast-paced world where doing more is highly encouraged and there is no enough room to rest, stress and wellbeing naturally became quite an important topic on the agenda. But what is it and what are key misconceptions about it?

In this episode, I invited the topic expert Sander Gremmen who is the owner of the company Crystal Clarity. The company supports people to reduce stress with the help of technology. And, as S...

Mark as Played
February 6, 2020 56 mins

I just love to have conversations with non-conventional thought leaders but Dr. Jacqueline Hobbs in my eyes is beyond even that. She has an extraordinary ability to purify the blocks and patterns sabotaging your success - switching on your own innate superordinary abilities. She says she is one of a group of 5 others in the world, all with similar abilities. I couldn’t hold myself back but invite this truly unique person to my podc...

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I invited Dr. Jacqueline Hobbs again because I feel she's one of the best people to ask all the questions about what is really happening right now in the world collectively and in the business arena; how to manage the shift that is happening; and where we are going towards. We will talk about a fundamentally different approach, how to be successful in business and dealing with money in line with the new earth frequencies and t...

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What does it take to switch from manipulative & fear-based marketing to authentic marketing? And why is marketing often extra challenging for sensitive & heart-based entrepreneurs? That’s what we talk about in this episode.

My guest Ayla Verheijen decided to go to the root cause of this topic of marketing. For years she studied psychology of widely used marketing methods, and disruptively shed all the "shoulds"...

Mark as Played
  • What is the pulse of business right now and where are we going?
  • Words from Jacqueline to help us hold our nerve during these times and purify so we can shed what is the way of us abundantly flourishing and using our talents in business
  • Why decisions don’t need to be made
  • The business world is going to change radically
  • The dynamics of care: charge, adaptation and calm
  • You are using your body to generate currency
  • What’s happening the o...
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In this episode, I tackle one of the misconceptions and shadow sides of productivity and visibility in business. I go deep to explain where it comes from, what is the root cause of it all, and how it is related to the matters of the heart.

I talk about society's glorification for doing, being busy, and working hard. As well, I explore general businesses' approach to visibility and the marketing concept of being c...

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This is the 5th interview with my amazingly wise guest Oracle Girl. This was a live video event that took place on December 29, 2020.

And this time, it was an exploration of what is happening in the business and financial arena now and in a near future. 

We discussed those questions:

  • How we navigate the transition to new business and financial models where we give with integrity?
  •  How is money being repositioned...
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I am coming back with my podcast under a new name: “The New Business Paradigm”.  This new podcast will also features livestreams now. Make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel if you want to join my livestreams in the future.

On this episode, I invited another great thought leader David Khan to discuss the new financial & economic system shift - crypto currencies.

We elaborated the key question: “why crypto...

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July 19, 2022 25 mins

"There’s visibility, and then there’s BEING SEEN."

In this podcast, I talk about one of the key topics and skill in business - Visibility! I share my take on why "Visibility Capacity" is one of the core issues for many entrepreneurs and how real visibility is so much more then just implementing marketing strategies and tools.

Episode key notes:

  • Why we have marketing as we have today, what is...
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Success in the new business paradigm is not as much in the "MORE DOING" approach anymore as it is in "YOUR WAY OF BEING".

It's about how you show up in the business, how you relate to all parts of your business, what energy you infuse, and from what place you build it all - trauma or true embodiment and aligned action?

Let's be honest, historically and generationally our bodies are ...

Mark as Played
January 5, 2023 39 mins

In this episode, I covered the following key themes for conscious entrepreneurs taking leaps ahead in building the new business paradigm with ease, flow and joy:

- Building your business in a way that supports your natural creative flow, rather than inhibiting it - you are the one who gets to decide what works for you and can build your structure accordingly!
- Honoring your authentic body - get to know the car that dr...

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January 20, 2023 109 mins

What a beautiful gathering we had at Ownstream community with Bryony Perkins! It's dedicated to creative people stepping more consciously into a business world.

We discussed the way we can be fully ourselves in the new business paradigm, showing up exactly as we already are and expand from that point forward with gentleness and ease at the pace that really suits our needs. I also shared about my capacity work, my diff...

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In this episode, I share my point of view about characteristics of New Business Paradigm.

It's a recording from my free monthly community call. If you would like to see full video and people Q&A, check it out out HERE

More about my work:

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.c...

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In this "The New Business Paradigm" podcast episode, we have explored very interesting perspectives with a certified Human Design Analyst Karina Czapla. This was a talk where both of our expertise met: nervous system and 4Fs (fight, flight, freeze, fawn) and human design.

We explored how our nervous system is wired and which of 4 Fs you may be activated more often, we are more prone to based on our Human Design a...

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I met with Geraldine Huybrechts to have a podcast recording about "The hype of personal branding". But this talk turned out to be a true embodiment for what we were literally talking there on the spot: "let's just create conversational environments for us to connect".

2 more people joined us and we continued to have a great chat about the topic with 4 of us.

Geraldine writes and shares ab...

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