The Oracle of Light

The Oracle of Light

Make the connection and receive evidence of your crossed over loved ones and their continued life on the other side. Join Shauna Domalain, Transformational Medium, as she takes you on a journey to connect with your inner mediumship gifts while experiencing the spirit world in a meaningful, loving way. Love never dies and our lost loved ones are always eager to make the connection!


July 9, 2024 51 mins

If you are truly prepared to listen to what the Universe has been trying to tell you, where you can alter your own perception, I am here to help you pinpoint where you need improvement and how to accomplish it—if you're ready to set aside your ego and listen—from a spiritual perspective. Should you decide to move forward (and it's highly recommended that you do, as you're aware, or else you wouldn't be here), I would be delighted t...

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Hello! I'm Tommy Forsyth, and I'm passionate about breathwork and nervous system health.

My journey of self-discovery and healing has led me to incredible techniques that help reduce anxiety, balance nervous system capacity, and deeply enrich the overall quality of life.

Picture this: back in 2009, life had me in a tough spot with drug and alcohol addiction, even leading to homelessness. But guess what? That's just a chapter from m...

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When our loved ones transition from their physical body, they become pure energy in the Spirit World. Imagine how quickly the current travels to illuminate a lightbulb in the room - that's how quick Spirit Energy moves.

And, when we learn how to raise our vibration, and increase our energy, making the connection with our loved ones in Spirit becomes so much easier.

In this episode:

  • Learn what may impact your connection with ...
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Our loved ones in Heaven are so eager to help from the Other Side! From signs, connecting with us, dream visitations, and moving new people and experiences into our world, their love and support can be felt in a myriad of different ways. 

In this episode learn:

  • How comforting it is when your loved one brings their energy closer
  • Asking them to visit your dreams - and wake you so you know it's them!
  • How to ask for signs from your...
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April 22, 2024 25 mins

Our loved ones in Heaven are SO excited to make the connection with us! From dream visitations, feeling their presence nearby, and finding the signs they're sending, they are literally a thought away!

In this episode learn:

  • How to expand your energy to make it easier to experience your loved one
  • The 4 main spiritual gifts
  • What your strongest spiritual gift is
  • How to bring your loved one's energy closer to you
  • Asking for signs f...
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February 27, 2024 27 mins

Our angels are literally waiting in the wings to connect with us. In this episode Shauna will provide tools and different ways to raise your vibration so you can make the connection!

In this episode we explore:

1. How to raise your vibration

2. Becoming aware of distractions

3. Inviting your angels into your world

4. How your emotions play a role in connecting

5. And, so much more!


Meet Your Guardian Angel Guided Meditation: http...

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Spirit energy is very subtle and if we are not fully present in the now we can miss it. Our spiritual connection can be weakened by a myriad of different things.

In this episode I share the top 5 things that can weaken your spiritual connection, and what to do about it so you CAN make the connection!

The 5 things are:

1. Distractions

2. Alcohol or recreational drugs

3. Your mindset

4. Grounding

5. Grief


Meet Your Guardian Angel G...

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Joyful, loving and magnetic, Laurel is a teacher’s teacher who is here to inspire Lightworkers to step forward into their life mission. She firmly believes many people are here to up-level the vibration of loving on the planet, creating the next shift in the evolution of human consciousness. Laurel holds a big space in which people can experience transformation. She assists her clients in attuning to their own divinity, creativity ...

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The essence of our Loved Ones in Spirit lives on. If you look for it you'll find it. Think of all the advice your Loved One gave you, or everything you learned from them. Maybe you have features that resemble your Loved One in Spirit, I know I sure do!

Our Loved Ones live on in our hearts, leaving heart prints throughout our lives. If you look for them, you'll find them. 

In this episode:

  • How our Loved Ones leave us signs 
  • Look...
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At 34, I had near death experience due to a serious accident. Four months later, a stroke and several years after, a Kundalini awakening. My journey has been an enlightening path ever since. Helping those to heal through messages from loved ones on the Other Side, to channeling Divine words through the voice of The Higher Self, that of who we truly are.

Connect with Charlotte:  


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My name is Cathy Decker: Wife, Nurse, Auntie, Daughter, Friend, and (my favourite role) Mother to three beautiful children: Avery, Addison, and Duke.

On February 8th, 2016, my husband and I welcomed our first child into the world: Avery Violet Decker. Becoming a mother taught me the true meaning of unconditional love. Sadly, on March 9, 2017, Avery passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in her sleep.

My world completely changed that...

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October 9, 2023 51 mins

Michael Mayo is an internationally respected medium, author, astrologer, and spiritual teacher. He brings a practical, grounded, and evidential style to his spiritual work. With his passion for teaching and helping others discover their own unique spiritual connection, he has taught and worked globally. He is the founder of The Oakbridge Institute, an online school that strives to raise the standard of mediumship and psychic studie...

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September 25, 2023 57 mins

In My Grief is Not Like Yours, Theo gives an unforgettable account of how quickly life can turn to grief. Beautifully woven, this book is threaded with memories and raw emotions that are seldom discussed. Theo shows readers how she endured the unimaginable. She walks beside anyone navigating through their grief, helping them feel less alone and guiding them to hope and healing.

"We are all unique, in life and in death. We are born,...

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My world turned upside down when my father had a heart attack in May of 2017. We spent five days fighting, praying, and hoping he would make a miraculous recovery, but it never came. My family and I said goodbye to him on May 22nd. The unexpected submersion into grief was by far the most difficult time of my life. Common thoughts included: Why are people saying “it never gets better”?! How am I ever supposed to function again? My l...

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August 21, 2023 46 mins

The spirit world is always eager to create with you. In this episode, Shauna shares 4 ways that you can create with spirit and invite more magic into your world. Your spirit team is made up of so many beings of light, who are all waiting to assist and guide you. They may be angels, archangels, spirit guides or crossed over loved ones. Spirit is literally waiting in the wings to create with you! 

In this episode learn...

  • How to ...
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Courtney is a compassionate and inspiring professional working medium and Ordained Spiritualist Minister. With her training at the esteemed Arthur Findlay College in Stansted England and by mentoring with renowned international medium Tony Stockwell, Courtney is incredibly experienced. Her knowledge has been further enhanced by gaining her Spiritual Life Coaching certification from the celebrated medium James Van Praagh and her Usu...

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Michelle Clare is a Certified Medium, Angel Intuitive, Spiritual Coach, Energetic Healer, Intuitive Life Coach and 3 time Near Death Experience (NDE) survivor. She receives messages from loved ones who have crossed over, as well as Angels and Life Guides.

In a span of 11 years she had 3 near death experiences, the first was in April 2000, the second was in May 2006 and a monumental life changing event in which Michelle suffered a ...

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"We’re Keri and Brittany, a mother-daughter team dedicated to helping others through their grieving process.

When we lost Jacob, our beloved son, and brother, in a tragic motorcycle accident at the age of 22, we found ourselves face-to-face with the ugly reality of grief. We know firsthand how difficult and lonely the grieving process can be. We also know how hard it is for our close friends and family to know what to do or say in ...

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June 26, 2023 57 mins

Jack and Reyna, delivered their first born son stillborn in March of 2021. Through the traumatic delivery of their son Weston, they searched and continue to search for guidance and hope that this turmoil shall too pass. Reyna shares her thoughts, and feelings as a loss mom trying to navigate life along side her grief. Hoping to help normalize the taboo that baby loss carries, and make more loss parents feel comfortable, and most im...

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I created The Understanding Heart, a blog and Instagram account to help give women and families who have experienced pregnancy loss a space to grieve and share their stories. I had a miscarriage in early 2020 at 10 weeks and 5 days. It was my first pregnancy and we named him Anthony. As if the experience of losing our first pregnancy wasn’t enough, what we experienced after our loss was why I created this space. I realized there w...

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