The Original canceled radio guys. Chris and Costello: SEASON 6

The Original canceled radio guys. Chris and Costello: SEASON 6

Chris and Costello: things we couldn't do or say on the radio...Chris and Costello worked in big market radio together in another life, now they bring you a rather skewed version of what's happening...interviews, Attitudes, and reviews all in an interesting and captivating way, somewhat irreverent. That's what you should expect from an American radio Icon (Chris Bailey) and a man who only has one name...and turned his back on Queen and country, Costello ( He's from England).


June 7, 2024 48 mins

Is Donald Trump really just a mischievous child trapped in an adult's body? Join us for a hilarious episode filled with wild stories and sharp satire as we kick off with Chris's terrifying hydroplaning incident on a Utah highway. From near-death experiences to beard grooming disasters and even a muscle tear that derailed his summer plans, Chris takes us on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. But don't worry, we lighten...

Mark as Played

Buckle up and brace yourselves for a wild ride through the high-stakes world of music and scandal! We're launching into the fray with our signature mix of humor and sharp insights, taking on the recent controversies surrounding P Diddy. While we might be cracking jokes and brandishing offbeat props here, the allegations against the mogul are no laughing matter. We dissect his predicament with the same fervor we reserve for rea...

Mark as Played

From the glimmer of tiaras to the grit of nuclear reactors, this episode takes you behind the curtain of the beauty pageant industry with former Miss USA, Nalia Boyd. Nalia unveils a world that contrasts starkly with the sparkling veneer, sharing her personal journey from pageantry to pursuing nuclear engineering in Russia. As we peel back layers of glamour, we examine the ripple effects of the #MeToo movement and consider the shif...

Mark as Played

Experience a mosaic of emotions and insights as we traverse through the celebration of personal triumphs and dive headfirst into the contentious waters of gun control, mental health, and the fabric of American society. Our guest, Roger Doltry, graces the HBO screen with a laser-focus on the stark differences between US and UK gun cultures. We navigate the nuances of this debate and dissect the overused narrative of mental health cr...

Mark as Played

Strap in for a wild ride as I pour one out for my fallen metal comrade, an endearing Mercedes that left its tire marks on my heart before succumbing to the cruel fate of machinery. We'll navigate the labyrinth of insurance claims peppered with humor and arm you with negotiation tactics sharper than a dealership's suit. And if the going gets tough, we might just let you in on why lawyering up could be your best bet in this...

Mark as Played

Ever found yourself chuckling over the mishaps of saltwater fishing or pondering the complexities of celebrity culture? Chris and Costello here, bringing you an episode straight from Henderson, Las Vegas, with banter as hot as the desert sun. Strap in for a wild ride through our latest escapades, from my daughter's swanky pad to the perils and delights of reeling in stingrays and catfish. We're dishing out candid tales an...

Mark as Played
April 21, 2024 18 secs

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Mark as Played
Technical difficulties  Audio not the best sorry!    Ever wondered what happens when you mix video podcasting, a dash of Botox banter, and the uncharted territory of Trump-branded Bibles? Well, buckle up, because that's precisely the cocktail we're serving this week. We kick things off with a lively discussion about expanding our podcast into the visual realm and the hilarity that ensues when contemplating cosmetic t...

Mark as Played

Ever wondered what Princess Kate might be up to if she suddenly vanished? We’ve got a wild ride of an episode that takes you through the twists and turns of royal disappearances, complete with a spoof call that’ll have you in stitches! But we’re not all about the laughs; we also get real about the increasing trend of cancer among young people, sharing our own stories of facing the big C head-on as we ponder whether modern lifestyle...

Mark as Played

Ever find yourself chuckling at the wild speculations about royal family dramas? Our latest episode takes a jaunty romp through the conspiracy theories that have the tabloids buzzing. We debunk the whispers of King Charles's health woes and Kate Middleton's mysterious retreat from the public eye with our signature blend of wit and skepticism. As we navigate prince scandals and Harry's stateside saga, we're peeli...

Mark as Played

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