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April 9, 2024 52 mins

Her quest for answers initially began with Sasquatch. Her quest for Sasquatch initially began with the surprising discovery - that it kind of runs in the family.

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with journalist, podcaster and author, Laura Krantz. We discuss some of her many projects, including her podcast, Wild Thing and her middle grade book series inspired by the show. We also delve into her journey, thoughts and approach ...

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It’s an unfortunate fact not all Sasquatch encounter reports end in a rousing rendition of Kumbaya while holding hands with our furry, forest brethren. Some native legends tell of reasons to be afraid. But, when we look at modern day accounts, does this cautionary sentiment stand?

Today we explore all aspects of what could be perceived as Bigfoot aggression, from the occasional rock throwing and car chasing to kidnapping and pos...

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Jill Shelley has been investigating the paranormal for 12 years. Her team, St Croix Paranormal has traveled across the nation to visit some of the most haunted locations in search of answers. Over the years, St. Croix has captured some incredible evidence and were even featured on the Biography Channel’s My Ghost Story for their capture of an apparition in a pub. In 2018, Jill became the owner of The Boyd House, a haunted AirBnB in...

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March 19, 2024 34 mins

Blobsquatch refers to a vaguely Bigfoot-shaped mass on film or photo. Indeterminate, non-distinguishable and frustrating for those willing to ponder this furry creature’s existence.

Luckily for us, though, there have been enough examples produced that are far more clear than a distant smudge. Footage with physical features to study, behaviors to understand and mannerisms to take into consideration. And thanks to those with expertise...

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Jefferson Davis is a paranormal and military historian who has appeared on Coast to Coast A.M., The History Channel's Haunted History, Ghost Adventures, Alaskan Killer Bigfoot and eight times as a guest expert on the Travel Channels The Dead Files. His background includes 32 years in the US Army and reserves. He received his bachelors in Anthropology and a masters in Archaeology. And is the author of numerous books covering the...

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And then we said - "Let there be STRANGE LIGHTS!!!"

Most people have experienced anomalous light phenomena at one time or another. From lights in the sky to ghost lights in the woods to flickering lights in the basement...people walk away with no explanation as to the cause...and the eery feeling there may have been something more to it than Venus or electrical malfunctions.

So fix you a ghostly cocktail and snuggle up, butte...

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We pick up part two of my conversation with researcher, Jim Brown, talking about other Bigfoot video captures he finds as compelling as the PGF, before moving into signs & evidence of the creature.

“Let’s Talk About Bigfoot”:

Patrick McWilliams / Sasquatch and the Wild:

Scott Barta's book, In...

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Resident squatcher and journal contributor at The Society for Arcane Studies, Jim Brown joins me today. He’s a previous member of Sasquatch Investigations of the Rockies, based out of Colorado and has been studying, learning about and investigating Sasquatch for many years. Jim is also an open minded skeptic with a background in science, medicine and mythology who remains open-minded to this elusive critter’s existence. He wr...

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Thank you guys for such a warm welcome of our new call in show - Beer, Boos & Boogeymen - which premiered LIVE Feb 3rd! Our first topic was "Haunted Workplaces" and Damion, Gil and I had an awesome time discussing our own experiences, as well as, hearing our caller's spooky workplace stories!

Episode 2 will stream live on March 2nd! If you have had an experience with "Strange Lights", submit your stories via ...

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Had a really exciting time at this year’s Squatchfest.

Enjoy my recap and report of the entire journey, starting with a stop into the North American Bigfoot Center in Boring, OR and followed up with a random encounter with a listener, meeting up with friends, hearing awesome new Sasquatch information, listening to incredible talks - all in all, just having a successful, memorable adventure and already looking forward to the next...

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Known for hiding Bigfoot in his paintings, Artist Timothy Wayne Williams joins us. 

Today we take a visual journey through some of his pieces and discuss the creation of the Hidden Cryptids Calendar, published by Hangar1 Publishing. Tim also shares his personal experiences with the paranormal, as well as his own beliefs regarding the Bigfoot phenomenon.

***To view the images discussed in today’s episode, please click the link...

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Hunting Yeti on the snowy peaks of the Himilayas. Smuggling artifacts to celebrities. Launching and leading historical Bigfoot expeditions. Pioneering white water river rafting in foreign countries. 

…Convincing our government to analyze suspected Sasquatch hair. 

Ho hum. 

Just a day in the life of our third horseman in the series and the subject of today’s episode, Mr. Peter Byrne.

From childhood, Peter had a fascination with The Abom...

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Richard Palmisano has been researching the paranormal for over 40 years. His thoughts, theories and books are a testament to his long-time search for answers. His novels, which cover some of the many hauntings and cases he has investigated over the years, are the inspiration behind several documentaries that have aired on channels such as Discovery and A&E. 

In 1979, Richard established a team of dedicated paranormal investigato...

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This episode is dedicated to those of you out there who contribute so much to the search for Sasquatch! 

Today, we pay homage to some of the early pioneers in the field. They may not have agreed with the title bestowed them by filmmaker Peter von Puttkamer, The Four Horsemen of Sasquatchery…but they certainly brought with them a monumental wave of change, a new dawn of information, evidence and theories and in so doing, changed the ...

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Alejandro Rojas is a writer, podcaster, lecturer, UAP pundit and digital content creator focused on science, space, science fiction and UFOs. He has a keen interest in the unexplained and is often featured in documentaries, television shows and news interviews. Alejandro runs the UFO news website, is head of content and research at Enigma Labs, is a board member of the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies, hosts the In...

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Author of the Happy Little Monsters book series and host of The Fedora Files, Gregory Fedora joins me once again! On this December bonus episode, we delve into a darker side to Christmas. A side that includes ghostly tales, kid stew and being spanked and dragged…to HELL!!... all in good Christmas fun, of course!

Learn more about my guest, grab copies of his books and enter to win the giveaway of his newest book, The Creatures Are St...

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Carter Buschardt is an experienced outdoorsman and a true boots on the ground Sasquatch investigator. He’s published nearly 100 reports of encounters and sightings, interviewed over 400 witnesses and counting and worked with BFRO for many years. His longtime special interest and focuses in this field include Sasquatch habituation, burial research, infrasound, language and stick structures. You can learn all about his research, inve...

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Today’s guest has been on the hunt for answers to the mysterious for a very long time. Steve Genier is the host and producer of the long-time running paranormal talk radio show, Nocturnal Frequency Radio. Now in it’s 16th season, you can catch those weekly broadcasts on Youtube, Twitch and the New Visions Radio Network. He also regularly investigates the vast unknown and formed the Southern Ontario Paranormal Society which has been...

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December 5, 2023 29 mins

We pick up with the Minerva Monster of Ohio and round out our 360 view of Bigfoot across the nation with apple stealin’ lil thieves, cherished boogers and devils of the forest. As we can see after today’s show, Sasquatch is not just a PNW Phenomenon. And as we shall soon see, it’s not just an American one, either. Though some of it’s superficial features may vary, the basic concept of a creature named Bigfoot, remains. There is som...

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November 28, 2023 33 mins

In the first part of our look at Bigfoot across America, we can see just how common this phenomenon is, no matter the locale. And we begin to see a strange similarity spanning the nation, from small town, to remote and wild location. From massive forest preserves to the wetlands of the south. Despite the strangeness of some of the details like glowing eyes and fluorescent hair, boiled down to it’s skunky, hairy, massive core - we a...

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