The Petcast

The Petcast

Love your pet? Love the Petcast! Emma Barton has candid conversations with celebrity guests and some of the UK’s leading pet experts about the big issues facing pet owners across the country. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


August 4, 2021 5 mins

In this final episode of our bonus ‘Ask The Vet’ mini-series, Emma Barton and Blue Cross Chief Veterinary Surgeon, Caroline Reay, discuss whether pet owners should be bathing their four-legged friends? 

Many people mistakenly believe that their pet’s coat needs to be washed as often as we wash our own hair - but in actual fact, some pets are better left for as long as possible.

A lot of our furry friends have sensitive s...

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Pet theft and pet scams have been rife over the past year, attributed to the pandemic ‘pet boom’. In this episode, Blue Cross arms pet owners – new and old – on how to protect themselves and their four-legged friends against criminal activity.

Alongside Emma Barton and Blue Cross’ Head of Public Affairs, Becky Thwaites, this episode features best-selling author, James Bowen - who talks about his own experience of being scammed w...

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Emma Barton and Blue Cross Chief Veterinary Surgeon, Caroline Reay, delve into the topic of pets and dementia.

Have you ever wondered if your pet could be living with dementia, or what would happen if their memory started to deteriorate? Perhaps you have started to notice them acting a little strangely in their old age, but aren’t sure why? 

In this episode, Caroline and Emma discuss how pet owners can spot the signs of ...

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July 26, 2021 31 mins

Emma Barton, along with pop star turned farmer, JB Gill and Becky Skyrme; Animal Behaviourist at Blue Cross, delve into the myriad of weird and wonderful ways that pets show affection, solicit love and attention, and let their owners know they’re happy.


From dogs to cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and even horses, this episode explores the sounds and behaviours that indicate your pet’s own unique love language.

Becky Skyrme shar...

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Emma Barton and Blue Cross Chief Veterinary Surgeon, Caroline Reay, discuss the strange eating habits of dogs! 

It’s a stomach-churning sight for us humans but many dogs like to eat poo otherwise known as coprophagia - the eating of faeces or dung.

Horse manure, cow pats, cat poo, fox poop and even other dogs’ faeces are common favourites. But surely our dogs don’t do this just to make us feel nauseous?  


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July 19, 2021 24 mins

TV personality, Nicola McLean, and Blue Cross’s Pet Bereavement Support Service Manager, Diane James, join Emma Barton to explore the incredible link between pets and our mental health.

Over the last year, there has been a marked increase in the number of people struggling with their mental health because of the pandemic. To help those who may be feeling the effects, Emma and her guests will be touching upon how owning a pet can...

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Emma Barton and Blue Cross Chief Veterinary Surgeon, Caroline Reay, discuss one of the most common questions asked – Is my pet too fat? 

Being overweight can have lasting consequences and can even be fatal to pets. Studies have shown that overweight pets do not live as long and are more prone to illnesses that spoil their quality of life, such as arthritis, breathing difficulties, heart problems and diabetes.

Should you ...

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July 12, 2021 22 mins

Penny Lancaster joins Emma Barton and Blue Cross Animal Behaviorist, Claire Haynes, to discuss modern family life with pets and why it’s important to read animal behaviour within a family environment. 

From tips on how to get your children stuck into caring for dogs and cats, to advice on when it’s right to introduce your young family members to new furry friends, this episode has it covered!

Delving deeper into the impa...

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In the second episode of our bonus ‘Ask The Vet’ mini-series, Emma Barton and Blue Cross Chief Veterinary Surgeon, Caroline Reay, delve into the topic of pets and allergies.

Have you ever wondered if your dog suffers with hayfever, or what to do if your pet has a food allergy? In this episode, Caroline, along with Emma and her furry co-host, Poppy Dog, discuss what pet owners can do to keep their pet pals healthy and safe all ye...

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July 5, 2021 36 mins

Emma Barton is joined by her dance-partner-in-crime, Anton Du Beke, and Blue Cross Animal Behaviourist, Leigh-Ann Reed, to discuss how pet owners can best manage their pets in social situations – especially over the busy summer period.

Whether you’re at your local park, dropping by a friend’s house, or away on staycation, socialising your pet – with both humans and other pets - can come with its challenges. In this episode, Emma...

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Introducing the first episode of our bonus ‘Ask The Vet’ mini-series, where Emma Barton and her co-host, Poppy Dog, explore some of the common questions we ask about our pets with Blue Cross Chief Veterinary Surgeon, Caroline Reay.

Should I brush my pet’s teeth? Can I use toothpaste? And is there a special brush I need to buy? In this debut episode, Caroline provides pet owners with an introduction to oral hygiene for our four-l...

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June 28, 2021 35 mins

We are all looking forward to some warm weather and sunshine this summer, but does your pet feel the same way?

Back by paw-pular demand, the first episode of this new Petcast series follows our animal-loving host, Emma Barton, and her co-host, Poppy Dog, as they explore how we can keep our pets safe this summer - along with special guests, British Paralympian, Hollie Arnold MBE, and Blue Cross Chief Veterinary Surgeon, Caroline ...

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November 30, 2020 46 mins

Is it normal for my rabbit to thump its feet all the time? And why do my dog’s ears go back? Does my cat purr too much?

In this final episode of The Petcast, Blue Cross Rehoming Manager, Kayleigh Hill, joins presenter Emma Barton to answer some of the most commonly Googled questions about our pets. Plus, Loose Women’s Kaye Adams asks some of the questions that she has always wondered about her beloved dog, Bea.

Discussing hor...

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November 23, 2020 44 mins

Emma Barton is joined by Blue Cross’s Animal Behaviourist, Claire Haynes, to discuss the rewards and realities that come with owning a puppy. Former CBBC presenter and presenter of BBC Radio 1’s Life Hacks, Katie Thistleton, also joins Emma and Claire to talk about her love of dogs and decide if now is the right time to bring a puppy into her busy life.

From puppy proofing the home during the first weeks of their arrival, to soc...

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Growing up alongside a pet can be a wonderful experience for a child, so it is essential to think about the needs of everyone in the home and ensure the relationship works for both people and pets. 

Many parents look for advice on how to get these relationships right, so in this episode of The Petcast, Emma is joined by Kerry Taylor from the Blue Cross Educational Team, to discuss the many different species that may be a wo...

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From colourful leaves and crisp morning walks, to the run up to Christmas and the prospect of snow, Autumn and Winter can be a magical time of year, but it can also present lots of hazards for our pets. 

In this episode, host Emma Barton is joined by Blue Cross Vet, Bev Wilson, who offers listeners tips and advice on how they can keep their pets warm, happy, and safe during these seasonal periods. 

The colder months...

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November 2, 2020 31 mins

Emma Barton is joined by fellow EastEnders actress, Kellie Bright, and Blue Cross Animal Behaviourist, Leigh-Anne Reed to discuss how our new way of life may have triggered different behavioural traits in pets, and how pet owners can look to address them.

From more one-on-one time with families, to less opportunity to travel outside of their local areas, our pets have certainly experienced a different way of life over the course...

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October 26, 2020 25 mins

With firework displays being cancelled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are planning to revert to traditional backyard displays for their bonfire night festivities. However, while

fireworks are fun for many of us, sadly they aren’t as much fun for our pets. So in the first of a new series, Emma Barton is joined by Blue Cross Animal Behaviourist, Claire Stallard, who shares her tips and advice on how you can keep p...

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April 6, 2020 29 mins

Alison Brennan, one of Blue Cross’ Senior Vets, joins Gemma Atkinson to discuss the key things every pet owner should know about keeping their pet healthy. They discuss good diet and exercise help pets keep in top physical condition – as well as covering vaccinations, neutering, and dental health and hygiene.  

Alison helps Gemma bust some of the most common myths around good pet health (including what they should...

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March 30, 2020 21 mins

Gemma Atkinson is joined by Kerry Taylor, Blue Cross Education Manager, to celebrate some of the phenomenal pets the Blue Cross team encounter across the UK - our real pet heroes. We hear about pet heroes like Romeo, the blood-donating 'super staffy', from his owner Steph. We also hear from Alison, the owner of Dillon the therapy pony who has helped to put a smile on the faces of hundreds of children with disabilities. Kerry a...

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