The Polymath PolyCast with Dustin Miller PolyInnovator

The Polymath PolyCast with Dustin Miller PolyInnovator

Welcome to The Polymath PolyCast! I'm Dustin Miller PolyInnovator, your host, guiding you through a journey of polymathy, where we celebrate the intellectually curious, the creatively diverse, and the endlessly innovative. In Season 7, we continue exploring the limitless potential of polymaths, multipotentialites, and generalists. Join us as we delve into the minds of extraordinary individuals who embody the polymathic spirit. Our show offers two captivating series: Multidisciplinary Interviews: Discover unique approaches to learning and gain insights from polymaths and masters of diverse skills. Fireside MicroPolyCast: Experience stimulating conversations with me, Dustin Miller, offering bursts of ideas and thought-provoking discussions. At The Polymath PolyCast, we believe in the boundless pursuit of knowledge and interdisciplinary thinking. Join us to unleash your own polymathic potential and discover the beauty of versatile thinking. Explore The Polymath PolyCast at and ignite your curiosity today!


June 13, 2024 90 mins

This time we are talking with Federica Bressan a Science communicator, author, speaker, host of the Techno-culture podcast, and doctor of science!
We go over the various aspects to life as an academic, choosing your own adventure in life, following your curiosity deeply, and much much more. She shared many stories/anecdotes to help explain some really deep thoughts about how life is. How she is in her path of life, and ...

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►Welcoming back to the show Puranjay Savar Mattas and thank you for coming onto the Round 2 PolyCast! 
He is a software engineer, tech enthusiast, researcher, and AI / ML thought leader.


Previous Interview:

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►This time we are talking with J. J. Jerome the Author of Evolution Ended, Futurist, an award-winning Engineer, and Former Director of Future Home Institute.


The Mentioned:

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Understanding what is happening in the content creator world meta is hard. There are so many changes happening all of the time, and most people don't stay on the pulse. If you even can tbh.

The idea behind this post was to discuss the meta, and potential changes that are going to happen. I didn't even get into the fact that if Tiktok is forced to close up shop. Then the ripple effect it will have on other short form video p...

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This time we are talking with Jeremy Lasman - A Creative Force for Imagination, former SpaceX technologist, Superhuman Founder, Visionary Pioneer.

Jeremy and Dustin discussed the importance of pursuing unconventional career paths, the concept of an operating system for conscious evolution, and the interconnection between mind, body, spirit, and emotions. They also explored the relationship between curiosity and wisdom, the ...

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This is a very special episode, it was actually recorded way back in 2020. Was almost a prototype for my Round 2 PolyCast, but in reality it was just a conversation between two polymathic friends. I think due to that I felt like it was too personable to share, but in retrospect I was just simply overthinking it.

It is a great discussion on what polymath education would look like, how we learn, what are the challenges, and m...

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This time we are talking with Orion Siebert the host of "Cast of All Trades Podcast", author, content creator, inventor, and generalist.

## Links:

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Alrighty folks, you know what time it is! There is a NEW #POLYCAST season!!

I'm super excited to share this with you all. I tried taking off for the month of April, as there were a lot of things I needed to take care of. Although like I mentioned in the Micro-PolyCast I did end up taking until the start of April to finish Season 6.

However I think I'm much better off to go, and now that I have an editor to help take the pres...

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I asked myself when I first came up with this episode idea that is it a blog post or fireside type post. Which would be like a public journal, hence the fireside micropolycast being that type of vibe when I make these.

The idea is that after all of this time I wanted to look back on what has happened!

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Dr. Angela Cotellessa discusses her personal updates and involvement in multiple businesses and projects. She shares her passion for knowledge creation and ideation, defining polymathy as a commitment to lifelong learning.

Dr. Cotellessa emphasizes the value of being a polymath and challenges the narrative of specialization. She discusses the importance of broad exposure for young people and the lifelong learning mindset. D...

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► This time we are talking with Barry James a Transformation Architect, Eco Changemaker, author, and systems thinker.


Barry James discusses his background in technology and innovation, including his early exposure to electronics and his involvement in various technological revolutions. He shares his journey from being an innovator to becoming an advocate for humane economics and the need to change our operating s...

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This time we are talking with Itamar Bar the global citizen, a strategist, master diver, musician, and Co-founder at Jorny “a movement for lifetime growth.”.


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Mastering Expertise: 80,000 Hours in a Life - 10,000 Hours Per Career

"In this polycast episode, we embark on an exploration of the concept of spending "80,000 hours in a life" and the intriguing idea of devoting "10,000 hours per career." Inspired by Malcolm Gladwell's 10,000-Hour Rule, we unravel the significance of this benchmark in the pursuit of mastery across various fields. We delve into the debate surrounding the ru...

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►This time we are talking with Shaun Gold from 2x best-selling author to entrepreneurship, being a speaker, and #superconnector.



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The phases are the various niches/focuses of the brand/channel. I spent most of 2023 trying to balance out a few of them.

They evolved in their own rights, and this year I think they have a lot of potential ahead.

MAIN - Knowledge Management for Polymaths:

SUB - PolyInnovator Gaming/Generalist Gamer:

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The journey of creating content is a long one, and if you want to accelerate it. A great way is to create content every single day.

How do you go about doing that? How can you avoid burnout? I talk about these things today.

Here is the PolyInContent Digest newsletter:

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►Welcoming back to the show James Henderson and thank you for coming onto the Round 2 PolyCast! Since the last time he came on he had moved around, worked some interesting jobs, and ever expanded his Hospopreneurs brand.

Previous Interview: ## Timestamps:

0:00 Intro

3:00 His journey since the last time he was on the show

5:30 Beverage Alcohol Rep life

10:00 Hospopreneurs

15:00 Global su...

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Creating your plan for life is more than just writing it down. It is bringing back to your values, understanding how you spend your time, and keeping track of multiple focuses.

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This time we are talking with Martin Hristov a holistic well-being expert, private bliss coach, biohacker, philosopher, entrepreneur, author, speaker, and coach.


0:00 Intro

3:00 Being able to connect the dots

5:00 Organizing your life

10:00 The mind is constantly updating

15:00 What was it like growing up in Bulgaria

20:00 Being a self-learner and being a bliss coach

25:00 Life is dribbling inbetween

30:00 Life is not c...

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