The Portable Pastor Podcast

The Portable Pastor Podcast

Applying ancient Biblical truth to today's challenges and discovering that God is pro-you in the process!


June 16, 2024 24 mins

Abraham and Isaac
Genesis 22:1-19


  1. Abraham wasn't perfect, but he was all in.
  2. Abraham had questions, but he trusted God.
  3. Abraham was a man, but he pictured God.

 How do we respond to this? Like Abraham, all disciples of Jesus must grow to the point where they are willing to say,

  1. I will walk away, God!
  2. I will trust you, God!
  3. I will reflect you, God!


Mark as Played

Jesus Heals Large Groups of People
Matt. 14:34-36; 15:29-31

 Concerning these healings by Jesus:

  1. Well people brought sick people to Jesus.
  2. Sick people interacted with Jesus before being healed.
  3. Jesus was willing to heal people.

 Why does God heal some and not others?

  1. Maybe the situation lacks promotion, transportation, and presentation from a well person.
  2. Maybe there is a lack of faith, effort, and humility in the sick pe...
Mark as Played
May 12, 2024 28 mins

Jesus Feeds the Masses
Matt. 14:13-22; 15:32-39

 Interpreting the stories through revelation and education:  

  1. Event one reveals the divinity of Jesus with some teaching time for the disciples. 
  2. Event two reveals the divinity of Jesus with some review/practice time for the disciples.

 What do we glean from this story?

  1. Jesus is still on display:
    1. He is on display in creation.
    2. He is on display through His church.
    3. He is on ...
Mark as Played
May 5, 2024 28 mins

Missional Setbacks
Matthew 14:1-13

Concerning the mission:

  1. There will be lies told.
  2. There will be casualties. 
  3. There will be times of retreat. 

 What does that mean to us, church?

  1. We, too, are special. 
  2. We might have to live with people lying about us. 
  3. We might experience some casualties.
  4. We will retreat and mourn if that happens.
Mark as Played
April 28, 2024 22 mins

Jesus Faces Rejection at Home
Matthew 13:53-58

Points of the story:

  1. His parables were retaught. (53-54)
  2. His people reacted. (54-56)
  3. His explanation was required. (57)
  4. His work was repressed. (58)

 What does this story teach us?

  1. If Jesus' hometown rejected Him, we can surely expect the same. 
  2. If Jesus did not force kingdom citizenship on those who knew Him well, we shouldn't either. 

 Question #1 - How do you ...

Mark as Played
April 21, 2024 19 mins

Kingdom Parables Wrap-up
Matthew 13:51-52

 Points of the wrap-up:

  1. Jesus wanted His disciples to understand the parables. (51)
  2. Jesus expected His disciples to become educated in the scriptures. (52)
  3. Mature disciples treasure and share their faith growth. (52)

 Main Point: Maturing disciples will value and tell others about kingdom living. 

 What do we do now? A kingdom citizen must be willing to:

  1. Sow gospel seeds. (the Sow...
Mark as Played
April 7, 2024 19 mins

The Hidden Treasure and the Pearl
Matthew 13:44-46

Points of the parable:

  1. The Kingdom of Heaven is coveted. 
  2. The Kingdom of Heaven is concealed.
  3. The Kingdom of Heaven is costly.

 The Main Point of this pair of parables:

  •  It would be foolish to refuse the opportunity to own something so valuable. 
Mark as Played
March 31, 2024 22 mins

The Mourning, the Miracle, and the Meeting
1 Cor. 15:1-8, ESV

The gospel story has been retold today. The question is, "Do you believe that story?" Millions have, and I have to tell you, the trajectory of their lives was changed forever. I know it sounds crazy. But it's true. On My granddaddy's grave, it's true. Do you believe it? 

You might ask, "So what? Why do I have to believ...

Mark as Played
March 24, 2024 24 mins

The Eating, the Examinations, and the Exit
Luke 22:14-20, 66-71; 23:44-53

 The Eating

  1. Jesus was looking forward to this Passover meal. (15)
  2. Jesus would not eat it again until the millennial kingdom. (16)
  3. Jesus would not drink again until they would be reunited. (18)
  4. Jesus instituted the Lord’s Supper. (19-20)

 The Examination

  1. The Pharisees were fishing for an excuse to kill Jesus. (66-67a)
  2. Jesus gave a leading answer. (67b...
Mark as Played
March 10, 2024 22 mins

The Leaven
Matthew 13:33

 The Communicated Part

  1. The cook already had flour.
  2. The cook added yeast to the flour.
  3. The yeast leavened all of the flour.

 The Learned Conclusion

  1. The flour mixture would increase in size.

 What do we do with that knowledge? 

  1. We pray God will work here.
  2. We join in that work by sharing the gospel.
Mark as Played
March 3, 2024 29 mins

The Mustard Seed
Matthew 13:31-32

 The Growth of the Kingdom of Heaven

  1. The Kingdom’s startup was small. 
  2. The Kingdom’s promotion will be huge.
  3. The Kingdom’s growth will be exponential. 
  4. The Kingdom's growth will be incomparable. 
  5. The Kingdom’s benefit would be universal. 
Mark as Played
February 25, 2024 27 mins

The Weeds
Matthew 13:24-30; 36-43, ESV

 Ten explanations:
Jesus is the Sower. (37)
2.       The field is the entire world. (38)
3.      The seeds are the disciples of Jesus. (38)
4.      The weeds are people who seek to thwart His work. (38)
5.      The weeds are sown by the devil. (39)
6.      The devil is the enemy of Jesus. (39)
7.      The harvest happens at the end of days. (39)
8.   ...

Mark as Played
February 18, 2024 25 mins

The Four Kinds of Soil
Matthew 13:1-9; 18-23

 Matthew 13:1-9 – The Parable
1.      A reasonable context: teaching parables (1-3a)
2.      A relatable character: a gardener (Jesus) (3b)
3.      A regular occurrence: sowing seeds (sharing the gospel message) (4a)
4.      A recognizable outcome: plant life (responses to the gospel message) (4b-9)

Matthew 13:18-23 – The Explanation
1.      Four Kinds of Soil (Hea...

Mark as Played
February 11, 2024 29 mins

The Purpose of Parables
Matthew 13:10-17, 34-35

Why did Jesus choose to teach in parables? 

 In a general sense, 

  1. The use of parables in teaching was common in those days.
  2. The desired truth was easier to remember when using a parable.
  3. The listener could easily relate to the characters in a parable.
  4. The parable was effective in altering behavior or thought. 

 In a spiritual sense, Jesus used parables because:

  1. The truth need...
Mark as Played
February 4, 2024 24 mins

The Family of Jesus
Matthew 22:46-50


  1. Jesus drove His point home using His earthly family. (46)
  2. Jesus did not demean His earthly family. (48)
  3. Jesus delineated between His earthly and eternal families. (49)
  4. Jesus defined His eternal family. (50)


  1. Jesus knows the spiritual condition of those who showed up at His house today.
  2. Jesus is acutely aware of who loves Him more than anything else and who does not.
  3. ...
Mark as Played
January 28, 2024 21 mins

That will only make it worse!
Matthew 12:43-45

 The analogy:

  • A demon will look for a human host. (43)
  • A removed demon will return to a previous host if that host is empty. (44)
  • If a demon has previously stayed there, he will bring others with him. (45 a-b)

 The Point:

  • Just as a person who is freed from a demon is worse off in the end if the Holy Spirit does not inhabit him, likewise, a man’s sins are compounded if he had...
Mark as Played
January 17, 2024 32 mins

The Proof of Your Nature
Matthew 12:33-36

 Jesus told the Pharisees:

  1. Make up your mind. (33)
  2. Snakes only speak “snakanese”. (34)
  3. Spiritual nature determines personal actions. (35) 
  4. Watch what you say. (36)
  5.  God will consider your words when determining your fate. (37)

 You should: 

  1. Reject blasphemy. 
  2. Recognize why you say and do what you say and do.


Mark as Played
January 11, 2024 38 mins

Blaspheming the Spirit
Matthew 12:22-32


  1. Jesus healed a demon-possessed person. (22)
  2. The people were amazed. (23)
  3. The religious leaders said that Jesus was working by the power of Satan, not the Holy Spirit. (24)
  4. Jesus explained why this could not be. (25-29)
  5. Jesus delineated between blasphemy and blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. (31)

 “Can I accidentally do this and be lost forever?” NO!

  • No one “accidently” stiff ar...
Mark as Played
December 11, 2023 31 mins

A Message for Joseph
Matthew 1:18-25

1.       Joseph and Mary were betrothed. (18b)
2.       Mary was pregnant before being with Joseph. (18c)
3. Joseph was a just and merciful man. (19)
4.      God chose an angel to deliver His message. (20)

The Primary Message:
1.      Don’t break off the engagement. (20)
2.       You will name your son. (21)

Joseph's Response:
1. Joseph was obedient. (24a...

Mark as Played
December 3, 2023 38 mins

A Message for Mary
Luke 1:26-38

 The HCP’s:

  • Huge contextual point #1 – God chose an angel to deliver His message.
  • Huge Contextual point #2 – God sent the angel to Nazareth.
  • Huge contextual point #3 – Jesus was in the lineage of David. 
  • Huge contextual point #4 – Mary was a virgin.

 The Primary Message

  1.  The Lord is with you. (28)
  2.  You will have a son. (31-33)

 The Response and the Response to the Response
Mary wa...

Mark as Played

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