The Profit Plot

The Profit Plot

Welcome to the Profit Plot, the show where we unpack and simplify one complex financial topic at a time. This show, hosted by Jeremy Millar, helps service-based business owners and entrepreneurs unlock the story behind their profitable businesses.


September 18, 2023 8 mins

How does pricing affect your business? Dive into the fascinating world of price elasticity of demand with The Profit Plot. Together, we unravel the mysteries behind successful pricing strategies, drawing parallels between the elasticity of childhood rubber bands and the demands of today's market.

Join Jeremy Millar on a transformative journey, learning how to craft a resilient brand that resonates with customers, converting...

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Scaling your business can be both an exciting and daunting process. How do you foster substantial growth without exponentially increasing resources? How do you determine the right size and pace for your business growth? The concept of "economies of scale" might hold the answers you seek.

Dive deep with host Jeremy Millar as he unpacks the buzzword "economy of scale" and delineates how it can be a game-changer in your busine...

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How do you improve a struggling business or grow an already successful one? There are so many ways to track your business's performance, but how do you know what's the right way? You need to measure and manage the right data points using the right method. 

Explore the often-misunderstood mantra, "What gets measured gets managed," and discover its potential pitfalls. Host Jeremy Millar reveals three crucial financial metrics...

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How much money should stay in your business bank account? Creating a financial safety net is essential for small business owners. Keeping enough in the bank can allow your business to weather any storm.

In this episode of The Profit Plot, Jeremy Millar explores the importance of emergency funds and strategic budgeting for businesses. We'll look at how to determine the right amount of cash to keep on hand for covering operat...

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August 14, 2023 13 mins

Debt - it's a word that can strike fear into the hearts of many. Whether it's a necessary evil or a strategic asset is a topic of endless debate among business owners. What if understanding debt could be the key to unlocking growth and prosperity in your business?

In this episode of The Profit Plot, host Jeremy Millar dives deep into the world of debt. From its roots as a promise to its modern role in the global banking sys...

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Entrepreneurship is an exhilarating journey. It allows you to tap into your unique skills and turn your passion into a profitable venture. But what happens when you realize that your business solely depends on you? How do you transition from being a high-performing individual to leading a sustainable business that can operate independently?

In this episode of The Profit Plot, host Jeremy Millar explores how to transition fr...

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Data is one of the most sought-after resources in the world right now. Protecting, interpreting, and gathering it helps companies make billions of dollars. What if you could leverage your own financial data to understand your business, resulting in a deeper understanding than ever before?

In this episode of the Profit Plot, host Jeremy Millar discusses how our world rapidly transformed into a data goldmine. From the history...

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Trying to predict sales figures for small business owners is like trying to build a time-traveling DeLorean. Sales numbers are one of the hardest components of a business's financial story to accurately predict! There are so many factors that can cause sales to fluctuate and many of them are out of your control completely.

But there's hope: a strategy known to the most savvy of business owners that can help you peel back t...

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A budget is often an afterthought in running your business. It's a stale document that collects dust and only gets updated once per year. But what if the budget you've tossed to the wayside could be used to scale your business and achieve your goals?

In this episode of The Profit Plot, host Jeremy Millar demystifies strategic budgeting, an essential tool for aligning your financial plan with your business goals. Through ex...

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A fractional CFO can be a game-changing hire for a small business owner. Fractional CFOs allow you to redirect your energy away from your business's finance and focus instead on growing your business. These essential service providers can be cheaper than a full-time executive while still delivering immense value.

In today's episode, Jeremy walks through the basics of what to look for in a Fractional CFO for small business o...

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When managing cash flow, most business owners check their Chase app every morning to ensure they still have money. Cash flow management is an essential component of running your small business. Without properly managing your money as a business owner, you run the risk of defaulting on loans, not being able to run payroll, and bankrupting your business. Luckily, cash flow management is an incredibly accessible practice!

In t...

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If you could tell the future, would it change how you make business decisions? That's what financial forecasting is for: to model scenarios and help paint a picture of the future. When done correctly, financial forecasting can help you unlock an edge in your business that is unlike any other. One that allows you to be confident in your plans moving forward, in the decisions that you're making, and in your business itself.


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Proft and Loss. Balance Sheet. Statement of Cash Flows. These statements illicit anxiety and fear in some entrepreneurs while bringing confidence and clarity to others. Your financial statements are vital documents that uniquely illustrate your business's story! Understanding and analyzing these statements is a critical component of building a successful business.

In today's episode of the Profit Plot, we'll discuss the key...

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There are many types of business coaches. Some focus on C-Suite or Executive level coaching, many focus on mindset, and still others choose to focus their coaching efforts on the business as a whole. The most effective coaches leverage data and information from the business itself in order to deeply understand the story within.

On today's episode of the profit plot, we're discussing Financial Coaching. What is a financial ...

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Business finance feels like an ethereal topic to most entrepreneurs. It's complex and confusing, and at the same time, incredibly important. Your understanding of your small business's finances is directly related to the overall success of your business. Without in-depth knowledge of your company's numbers, you're stuck on a quest for success without a map.

In today's episode, Jeremy walks through the basics of business fin...

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