Provider's Edge | Peak Performance Guide for Healthcare Entrepreneurs

Provider's Edge | Peak Performance Guide for Healthcare Entrepreneurs

Healthcare Entrepreneurs! Are you ready to rewrite the rules for your business so you can have more time off, a great team, and more income while creating a positive social impact? Then you are in the right place! Welcome to The Provider's Edge. I'm your host Sabrina Runbeck. I'm a provider, an International Peak Performance keynote speaker, and a bestselling author. Let’s open the gateway to profitability for you today! My guests and I help entrepreneurs and startup founders like you, breakthrough barriers so you can control your business, your life, and your future. This is your defining moment to be a disruptor in healthcare. For more information about the podcast or Sabrina Runbeck visit


January 25, 2023 47 min

Do you need an evergreen marketing strategy that will expose you and your private practice to new audiences for years to come? Then, you need to appear on more podcasts! 

Appearing on podcasts provide an excellent opportunity to reach potential customers in a way that leaves a lasting impression. As a podcast guest, you are able to demonstrate your expertise and share your message with new audiences who may not otherwise know about ...

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Are you ready to use Biohacking to Health for optimal wellbeing & prosperity? 

This week's episode on The Provider's Edge, with Nurse Practitioner & Biohacker Shanya Melissa Stockman, has all the answers you need. 

In this episode with Shanya Melissa Stockman, you will learn:

1. How to fight burnout with by implementing modalities with biohacking and train your patients without using medication.

2. How biohacking can be...

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If you’re a healthcare entrepreneur or startup founder hoping to reach more people and gain the impact you want from your work, it may seem like a steep climb ahead. But contrary to what you may be thinking, growing your private practice is simpler than you may think.

Entrepreneurs often come to a crossroads where they desperately want to achieve their goals and have the life they've envisioned, but feel overwhelmed and unsure o...

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Where are my fellow hustlers, medical mavens, and healthcare heroes? If that's you, then you have to listen to this week's episode on The Provider's Edge!  

A healthcare business owner must enlist the help of a practice manager to create a plan for maximum efficiency and business success without burnout.

Here's what I cover:

1. What is practice management planning and how can it help your healthcare business reach new ...

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An HR professional must take on the daunting task of managing the high turnover rate, attracting clinical talents and balancing the budget in the healthcare industry, all while ensuring employee satisfaction in 2023.

Here's what I cover:

1. What are the three major challenges for HR in the healthcare industry in 2023?

2. How does the healthcare industry's high turnover rate manifest itself in underlying issues?

3. What strategi...

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Hey there, provider pro - do you truly know the importance of developing a healthy money mindset, not only in your personal life, but within your private practice as well? What about how to accurately and meaningfully decide what to charge for your services? Good news! We have those exact answers for you in this week’s episode of The Provider’s Edge

Developing a money mindset is crucial to the success of not only your personal fin...

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Did you know that networking is the most efficient way to grow your practice and your business? 

That’s right! As practice owners, we often rely on our regular patients or references from patients to get new ones. However, the most effective way to grow your practice is through networking. 

So, what can you do? 

You can start by: 

  • Networking in the healthcare industry, both online and offline 
  • Have a social media presence. You can hire ...
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    Are you doing everything right technically in your practice, but still feel like you’re missing something? It could be that you’re disregarding the power of emotionally connecting with your patients. It’s time to learn how to make that emotional connection so that your patients are more likely to come back and refer you to others. 

    As health care professionals, we sometimes think that working long hours or the amount of letters that...

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    "When you have employees who are engaged and genuinely passionate about their work, they're more likely to be productive, motivated and committed to their job."

    As a leader, I've seen firsthand how employee engagement can benefit workplace productivity.

    Engaged employees are more motivated and committed to their job, and are less likely to leave. They're also more likely to provide high-quality customer service an...

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    Are you sure you are truly leveraging your online presence in order to engage your audience and reach new, potential patients? Let’s face it - your patients are online. You are throwing $$$ out the window if you don’t make a genuine attempt to interact with and teach them in an online space. Videos can be a powerful tool in that online space. In particular, there are four types of key videos that, if used in the correct order, can ...

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    No matter if you currently lease or own the building your practice is in, are in the early stages of scouting out a property for your own private practice, or are ready to jump into the world of healthcare real estate to increase your personal wealth - this episode is for YOU! 

    The world of healthcare real estate is lesser known, but can be lucrative and a hidden gold mine. Join us as we share key steps to consider no matter what st...

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    Are you working more hours and accomplishing more things in your practice in order to feel productive? This can all lead to burn-out. It’s time to learn how to create and maintain peak performance in your practice and in life. 

    As health care professionals, we are taught that working long hours and giving our all to everyone around us makes us productive. But, in this ‘productivity’, do you feel like you are doing so much, yet getti...

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    Do you want to learn about different systems and productivity tools that healthcare leaders can use to manage their time and work more efficiently? 

    In this episode you will learn: 

    1. What are some of the productivity time management systems out there? 

    2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each system? 

    3. What are some guidelines on what to do once you pick a time management system?


    Want to save a day of work per week whil...

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    Private practice owners and providers, do you feel out of alignment in a certain area of your life? Or do you feel like you are trying to please everyone else while running yourself ragged in the process? Time to dial things back and start spending your time on what you value most in life. 

    Scheduling your life according to what you value leaves you filled with purpose. There are seven core areas which you should be scheduling into ...

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    Attention, private practice owners! Are you so burned out, you’re starting to wonder if you should quit your career?

    First of all, don’t do that.

    Secondly, you’re not alone. 

    Over 122,000 physicians in 2022 left their jobs due to feeling stressed out and exhausted. While it would make sense to get rid of whatever is stressing you out (aka your career), the solution is actually deeper and more personal than that. You need to make real ...

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    Have you ever wondered how you can grow your practice by having your own podcast, TV show or book? Tune in for today’s podcast episode to discover how you can create an effective growth strategy for your practice using media, so you can extend your reach and step up as the expert! 

    If you’re a busy healthcare professional, you are familiar with how precious and limited your time is. As the saying goes, you can always make more money...

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    Do you feel like you're stuck in a rut, trying to improve yourself but not seeing any results? Maybe you've been told to just work harder, or that you're not good enough. Maybe you're taking action but it's not giving you the satisfaction or results you want.

    Don't let your negative Judge get in the way of your success.

    Here's a breakdown of what is covered:

  • The one thing that can get you there.
  • What is the ...
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    Is your to-do list getting longer and longer every day? Then, you definitely need to listen to today’s podcast episode! 

    Running a private practice takes a lot of time and energy to make sure everything is getting done. In addition to taking care of patients, you have to worry about your administrative tasks, technical support, customer service, sales, marketing and anything else you can name! That’s a lot. If you’re trying to run e...

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    Reaching for that second cup of coffee already? Before you fill up on more caffeine, listen to this episode first! 

    As female business owners and CEO’s, you are constantly under immense pressure to perform. Not only are you expected to deliver quality care to your clients, but you are also expected to be the senior practitioner, the team leader, the mom, and the loving partner. You feel like you have to do it all and be everything t...

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    Are you wondering how to maintain a strong relationship with your partner, even when your private practice gets super busy?

    As you very well know, your private practice demands a lot of your time and attention. When times get busy and hectic, it is easy for your relationship with your partner to fall by the wayside. Without any kind of disruption or intervention, separation or divorce is on the horizon. 

    Here is some good news: You c...

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