The REAL David Knight Show

The REAL David Knight Show

Join the journey with David Knight, a true veteran in the realm of news and analysis, and become part of a community that values historical context, critical think, and spiritual insight in navigating the challenges of our era. LIVE every weekday morning at 9am Eastern where you'll find an honest, fresh perspective, not partisan cheerleading. WIth a background as an electrical engineer, David is focused on the interplay of technology & liberty from a Christian perspective. David has had decades of experience in the trenches of politics as an activist, organizer, candidate, reporter, analyst, and news anchor


April 19, 2024 180 mins
(2:00) PROOF: Elections no longer matter — to the TWO PARTIES
  • Millions, billions, trillions — Feds say, meh
  • If Americans think the BORDER is FAR MORE IMPORTANT THAN UKRAINE, why wouldn't they fund do something, anything, about it IN AN ELECTION YEAR?  Do deficits matter to them? Of course not
  • "Machiavellian Mike" (Johnson) — his rapid descent to the Dark Side.  Self-described "wartime Speaker" says he wants to send "bullets so we ...
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Gold, oil skyrocketing — commercial real estate (and banks) crashing. 
Can we stop the bipartisan War Party bombs falling? 
Gerald Celente,

For 10% off Gerald Celente's prescient Trends Journal, go to and enter the code KNIGHT

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April 18, 2024 180 mins
(2:00) Democide & Denial
  • It wasn't the pandemic, it was the protocol that was killing people (until the Trump shot).  "He drove there and left in a body bag"
  • FDA ignores 70% of embalmers who find white, rubbery blood clots
  • Massive increases in cancer
(42:12)  Your Credit Card Had $10 Owed When They Stole It, Now It's $34,000 in DEBT Tea Party Nation founder says the movement has been an "abject failure" — a BIPARTISAN fail...
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Inflation & war have always driven gold and they're back.  But there's something much different this time.  Gold can be a hedge against CBDC but what's the best way to hold it?

Tony Arterburn,, joins

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April 17, 2024 182 mins
(2:00) Total betrayal by "conservative" Speaker Johnson
  • Not a penny for our border but carte blanc for the military empire.  Speaker Johnson says "I'm a war time Speaker - in a literal sense".  So WHO are we at war with?  WHEN did they hold a vote to declare war?  Is Washington at war with the American people?
  • NSA is "just days from taking over the internet"
  • Opposition grows to Johnson in BOTH houses of Congress
  • Biden can't hold a ...
Mark as Played
The FBI has been running these types of entrapment for a long time but the so-called plot to kidnap Gov Whitmer brought in people and tactics that were used in Jan6. 

Christina,, lays out how the FBI manipulated people and the process from start to trail, hiding exculpatory evidence and even putting time limits on defense attorney questions (unheard of) and gives an update on the victims.

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April 16, 2024 180 mins
(2:00) Retaliation for Retaliation  - The Middle East Spiral to War
Israel won't take the win of assenting two generals on Iranian soil and they defeating Iran's attack.  But there's no interest in peace, no concern about the lives and safety of their own citizens — just like the USA
(12:51) Bishop Mar Mari Emanuel LIVE attack by Jihadi New-Comer
  • The preceding knife attack at a nearby mall — and how it was stopped
  • A young jihadi w...
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April 15, 2024 181 mins
(2:00) War between Israel & Iran now direct instead of by proxy
  • How did this start?  What happened Saturday?
  • No casualties but a big loss in asymmetric warfare
  • Will Israel take the win? Is Iran satisfied with face-saving effort?
  • What was USA involvement?  Will it continue to escalate?
(20:29) Ukraine — Drone Wars result in a World War 1, trench-like stalemate
  • Expensive tanks and soldiers are no match for improvised, home...
Mark as Played
April 12, 2024 181 mins
(2:00) The OJ Effect
  • When Karen ran into OJ
  • Trial of the century…lawfare, celebrity criminals and lawyers, reality TV, race, jury nullification, and Norm Macdonald
(18:18) Dumb and Dumber Politics: "I Am 20th Century"
  • Another incoherent gaff from Biden and Trump WANTS more debates after the artful dodger skipped the hard ones
  • We can now see why Speaker Mike Johnson has flip flopped on vital, fundamental issues — he's taken ...
Mark as Played
Jack Lawson,
Even without attacks, our fragile and complicated infrastructure puts us all at risk. 
Jack Lawson, author of the 2 volume book on prepping joins to talk about recent and potential threats and the importance (and joy) of finding community

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Mark as Played
Tony Arterburn,
  • Paper Dollars aren't the only fiat — ETF gold, ETF silver, ETF bitcoin
  • Economists, not gold dealers, say it's only just begun

Money is only what YOU hold: Go to for great deals on physical gold/silver

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April 11, 2024 180 mins
(2:00) 1864 Abortion Law Clarity vs 2024 Moral Ambiguity
  • Whoopi Goldberg's theology lesson about abortion
  • Both Democrats and Republican politicians freak out and scramble for NEW positions — but why?
  • We have more pictures & scientific information supporting the humanity of the child today, but what did they have in 1864 that was FAR more important and gave them clarity
(34:45) FISA Fight in the House: GOP Splits Into 2 Fac...
Mark as Played
April 10, 2024 180 mins
(2:41) "Civil War" will hit theaters this week.  The premise is "journalists will save us".  To fully understand how absurd that is, look at the NPR veteran of 25 years talking about his own "news" organization
(25:00) Tech's Bleeding Edge
  • A novel fix for Musk's self-driving woes?
  • Buyers are NOT happy with all the other aspects of Cybertruck
  • iPhone contains hidden threats to privacy
  • Massie: Congress is promised special privacy if i...
Mark as Played
James Roguski,, (Global), (USA)

The WHO Pandemic Treaty & IHR are constantly changing with infighting between different groups. 
  • What are the goals of different groups?
  • What are the competing interests?
  • What is the current status?
  • How can we block it?

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April 9, 2024 180 mins
(2:00) It may have been a SOLAR eclipse, but there was lots of LUNACY
  • ecstatic CNN reporters
  • baseless prophecies
  • woman on a shooting spree "sent by god"
  • Trump worship from the crowd for whom he eclipses everything 

(12:53) Hatred of Speech — crime against free speech EXPLODES in Scotland with new law and Democrats have the Jacobin mob turn agains them at universities
(31:15) Is a new bill in Missouri setting the table to come a...
Mark as Played
Joel Skousen, and
  • his candidacy to warn Americans about the global conspiracy to push us into World War 3
  • the current status of war in Ukraine & Israel/Gaza
  • how we got to this point

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April 8, 2024 180 mins
(2:32) Our Fragile Infrastructure
  • Baltimore Bridge update — How long to rebuild?  Is that possible?
  • Another barge loses power around the NY Verrazano Bridge - coincidence?
  • All the usable quartz for semiconductor silicon now comes from just 2 mines in North Carolina
(14:01) War on the Middle Class
  • Insurance companies looking for excuses to cancel car insurance and now home insurance by doing aerial flyovers of property
  • Govern...
Mark as Played
April 5, 2024 180 mins
(2:00) Headline News
  • Taiwan earthquake damage makes an interesting point about Building 7 on 9/11
  • The strange damping system of Taiwan's tallest skyscraper
  • The biggest obstacle to rebuilding the Baltimore Bridge is…
  • Newsom's gourmet restaurant is EXCEPT from 25% minimum wage increase but the crony capitalism may be MUCH bigger and more sinister
(19:32) The Hidden Agenda of THIS Bird Flu This isn't our first rodeo and many of th...
Mark as Played
Gerald Celente,
Gold is taking off and so is World War 3
  • US Sec of State and the head of NATO are now talking about NATO membership for Ukraine, essentially a declaration of war against Russia. 
  • Middle East escalation may create the worst oil scenario we've seen. 
  • Commercial Real Estate (CRE) disaster that began with lockdown  will be the biggest bank failure we've seen PLUS revenue disaster for the tax base of th...
Mark as Played
April 4, 2024 181 mins
(2:00) Wars & Rumors of Wars
  • Speaker Johnson supports every war, every where
  • Every NATO member has military personnel in Ukraine says a NATO Defense Minister
  • Will Israel's assassination bombing provoke Iran to attack?  Apparently USA & Israel hope it will
  • The targeted killing of food aid workers by Israel in Gaza has caused global outrage.  What happened and what was "accomplished"?
  • Lindsey Graham rants about Ukraine draft a...
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