The Reclamation Transformation

The Reclamation Transformation

Welcome to the official channel for the "Reclamation Transformation," a divorce and child custody podcast for education and inspiration while navigating the challenging journey of family law proceedings. Brought to you by Scroggins Law Group, this channel is dedicated to providing valuable insights, expert answers, and emotional support to those going through a divorce, marital property division, and child custody court, as well as those dealing with issues we see often in the field of family law; including alcoholism, drug addiction, infidelity, personality disorders, domestic abuse and more. Hosted by Texas board-certified family law attorney Mark Scroggins, an experienced and compassionate industry authority, episodes of the “Reclamation Transformation'' explore various aspects of divorce, from legal processes, financial considerations, and child custody matters to emotional well-being. Mark's expertise, combined with his and his guests’ understanding of the complexities surrounding divorce, child custody matters, mediation and legal separation ensures that listeners gain a firm understanding of their rights and options. Our goal is to empower you with Texas divorce law knowledge and resources necessary to make informed decisions during this challenging time. Whether you're seeking clarification, looking for practical tips on co-parenting, or simply want to find solace in shared experiences, this podcast is for you. As the proud sponsor of this podcast channel, Scroggins Law Group brings decades of experience and a dedicated team of North Texas family lawyers committed to providing exceptional representation and support. With offices located throughout North Texas, our firm has built a strong reputation for successfully guiding clients through divorce proceedings with compassion and integrity. Subscribe to our channel to stay updated on new episodes and Q&A specials. Join the supportive community of individuals facing similar circumstances, and take comfort in knowing that you're not alone in your journey. Divorce can be overwhelming, but with the knowledge and guidance, you can emerge stronger, and thrive in a new chapter of your life. And remember, change starts with you. So leave your mark. Visit our website at or our YouTube channel at


August 10, 2023 40 mins
Mark as Played

DJ Walker, Co-founder of addiction treatment center Dallas Sober Living Solutions, joins family law attorney Mark Scroggins on this episode of the Reclamation Transformation to discuss sobriety and staying clean and serene during divorce and custody matters. Stressors ranging from custody disputes, finances, nerves and living situations can come at a high emotional cost during this time. Watch episode 7 to hear just how common issu...

Mark as Played

Cindy Hyde joins Mark to discuss her role as a therapist and whom Mark sends a number of clients to that are dealing with various hot-button issues of today. Such as those dealing with divorce and narcissism, the dark triad of personality disorders, and evaluations needed for divorce court. Learn why this is not just scary terminology, but a really scary situation to those facing it.

Cindy, Licensed Professional Counselor ...

Mark as Played

Shannon White, Founder and Executive Director of GracetoChange, joins Mark to share a view into the world of addiction or alcoholism in family law as a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor. Listen as she shares her experiences with divorce and child custody proceedings and outcomes seen first-hand. From judges’ attitudes towards addicts and alcoholics to how often a chemically dependent person is awarded custody of (or visitation...

Mark as Played

Senior VP of Cresa Dallas, Roy Reis joins divorce attorney Mark Scroggins to discuss financial information gathering dos and don’ts for a divorce and offer negotiation know-how in the legal sphere. Learn what mistakes are often made before or during divorce court and how to ensure that crucial financial evidence is able to be presented in family law proceedings. 

Hear also how finances play one of the biggest roles in the ...

Mark as Played

Watch or listen to the Reclamation Transformation podcast episode 3 for an impelling look into how Mark and guest Stephen Tosha utilize self-investment, therapy and making a choice in order to bring about a life transformation. Hear Stephen’s striking and uplifting story about family and childhood trauma, addiction and obesity and how he refuses victimhood in order to have not only self-reliance, but success in relationships and as...

Mark as Played

Family law attorney Mark Scroggins from the Scroggins Law Group in Dallas, TX is joined by guest and former client Mike Boylston, Chief Marketing Officer for Old Glory bank. Watch Episode 2 of the Reclamation Transformation podcast to hear how Mike has (and continues to) overcome the devastation of the loss of a child followed by divorce from a marriage of more than 40 years. And how with the help of Mark, scripture from the Bible ...

Mark as Played

Scroggins Law Group in Dallas, Texas sponsors Reclamation Transformation podcast episode 1 with Mark Scroggins. Listen now for an enlightening and powerful discussion between Mark and guest Courtney Hemsley on experiences with the hardships of divorce and personal battles including perfectionism, alcoholism and rebuilding when it feels all is lost. Hear how they’ve learned to rise above in ways ranging from boundary-setting, s...

Mark as Played

Successful entrepreneur and former client, D’Andrea Robinson talks with Mark about her late husband’s passing and subsequent custody battle for her two children and all while maintaining multiple entrepreneurial ventures. See why her high-stakes family law proceedings led her down a path to find the best attorney possible, ultimately finding herself asking the question, “How do you know a custody/divorce lawyer is good?”. Hear the ...

Mark as Played

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