The Remedy with Sarah Amazing Grace

The Remedy with Sarah Amazing Grace

Real, raw talk about real circumstances, using God’s design as The Remedy


June 3, 2024 35 mins

The Remedy is BACK!

Starting out strong with Revelation 12:11.

Sarah Grace shares her powerful testimony as an encouragement.

The enemy is defeated by the blood of the Lamb and the Word of our Testimony.

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Come hang out with Sarah and LiaFaith, As they talk about the mighty move of God happening worldwide, right now. LiaFaith is a full time worship leader with #LetUsWorship. Even though she’s getting ready to embark on a multi state tour, she took the time to sit down with The Remedy and talk hope, and bring joy in unique ways. Her new hit single “There’s Just Something” is a real life fairytale come true. Listen as she so masterfull...
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February 10, 2023 28 mins
Have you ever felt overwhelmed as a woman? Have you or did you feel unprepared for life as a woman making her way in this world? Do you feel unprepared for what the world expects of us? We are navigating life in a world that can’t even answer the question, “what is a woman?”! Today we speak to founder of The Woman School, January Donovan. She has put together skills, scripts, and strategies to equip and empower the whole woman. “Ch...
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January 20, 2023 34 mins
Before the Holidays were upon us Sarah opened the floor to questions listeners wanted to know. Well, you asked, Sarah answered. Are Aliens real? Can you be a Christian, and have tattoos? Why was The Remedy Podcast started? Do you ever doubt there is a God? Enquiring minds wanted to know. Tune into todays show for the answers, at least how Sarah sees it. #TheRemedywithSarahAmazingGrace #QuestionsAnswered #Q&A
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November 15, 2022 32 mins
Bold like a LION. This is the message that keeps coming. If you’re a child of God, Be BOLD with a HOLY BOLDNESS. We are in the final days. Final hours. Final scenes in this movie. The return of the King approaches. Now is the time to be bold. In your faith. Against evil. Sarah speaks boldly in this episode against the evil that has overtaken many areas of this life. Listen, and be inspired, and encouraged in your life. —— Find Sara...
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November 4, 2022 27 mins
With a battle on free speech, ELON Musk buying Twitter is on everyone’s lips. In todays episode Sarah dives into freedom of speech, the battle field, the armor of God, and speaking truth BOLDLY. With the roar of a Lion. The Lion of Judah! #TheRemedywithSarahAmazingGrace #BeBold #Holdtheline #TheLion
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October 28, 2022 22 mins
Have you ever had one of those God moments. Where something happens. It’s meaningless to others, but to you, it means everything. A spiritual breadcrumb, a wink from God? Today Sarah tells a story about one of those moments recently in her life. It involves some shoes, and a The God Who Sees Me. #TheRemedywithSarahAmazingGrace #Godwink #Breadcrumbs #JehovahRoi #ElRoi #TheGodWhoSeesMe #NotAlone
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An epic show about hearing the voice of God. Author Sheila Ortiz Diaz joins Sarah to talk about her book “I Can Hear His Voice” Sheila ministers in the prophetic and moves in many of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. ​She sings in the prophetic and ministers impartations to others. ​ She has been featured on The 700 Club program in the United States and on Club 700 Hoy and Vida Dura programs in Latin America. Most recently on the Gra...
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October 14, 2022 54 mins
Evil forces are coming after children in every way possible. Texas mom Jamie Gooch spoke out on her local news, and her stance stirred the pot, or caldron, if you will. Tune in to todays episode as Sarah, and Jamie dive into exposing this evil agenda, and how you can take a stand for righteousness.
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October 8, 2022 21 mins
Sometimes when you’re on the battlefield you take arrows to the heart ♥️ . Thank God we have the ARMOR OF GOD, and walk in AUTHORITY. This weeks episode is different than what we had planned to bring, but it’s real life, raw and real. Thank you for your prayers for Eric. For your kindness, and care. For showing so much love. Your prayers are incense to God. We are so grateful for you. #PrayersFromTheHeart #TheRemedywithSarahAmazing...
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September 30, 2022 37 mins
Part 3 of the DEMON SLAYER series. In today’s episode: Can Christian’s be demon possessed? Very controversial subject, and many disagree, but scripturally what does the Bible say? Also, is talking about demonic activity wrong? How can we be set free? Find Sarah Grace on social media. IG:Sarah_Amazing_Grace TS: Sarah Amazing Grace Rumble: Sarah Amazing Grace YouTube: Sarah Amazing Grace #TheRemedywithSarahAmazingGrace #DemonSlayer #...
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September 23, 2022 24 mins
So, if last weeks episode, Demon Slayer Part 1 didn’t run you off, I’m baaack with part 2! What a powerful series this is. Moving forward walking in The Authority given to disciples by Jesus, people are being set free all around the world! As we continue in our series of deliverance, This weeks episode is about combating evil, taking up the mantle of the authority, suiting up in the armor, and gearing up for revival! Revival is her...
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September 16, 2022 42 mins
What are demons? What are they doing here? Possession oppression can Christian be possessed? Attachment Could you have demons messing with you, What does that mean? What does it all mean? What are the consequences of unchecked demonic attachment? Curses? Healing? Is that real? Sarah dives into Deliverance, Angels, demons, and what it means to walk in the power of the Believers Authority and being truly free in Christ. #freedomF...
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September 2, 2022 21 mins
Such a beautiful episode this week with special guest Megan Wright from Sarah and Megan talk through Megan’s latest #Youversion devotional, “Lord, Shut My Mouth” 👄. Our big mouths can get us into trouble, can’t they? More importantly we can shoot from the hip and end up stumbling others, when we aren’t careful with our words. Life and Death is in the tongue. Sometimes, the Lord fills us with the exact right ...
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August 26, 2022 21 mins
What is love? Why do we chase after it? Why do we crave love and affection, even after being hurt? What is Love, anyway? In todays episode Sarah dives into the deep waters of what love is. Who is the author of love, and why love is so important, all encompassing, and in every fiber of our being. The fingerprint of God. #WhatisLove #Babydonthurtme #Christianpodcast #GodisLove #Loveoneanother #LoveShack #TheRemedywithSarahAmazingGrac...
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August 19, 2022 20 mins
Hopelessly devoted! Have you ever been in love? Your every thought, feeling, you just can’t contain your joy. You just want to share the feeling so others can feel that joy, too. That’s human connection. What about the lover of your soul? What about the one who created love, who first loved you? Are you too afraid of being cancelled to speak of Him? Today’s show Sarah talks about falling in love, and sharing that love boldly. #Unde...
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August 12, 2022 40 mins
How do you fall in love with someone? How can you get to know them if you never actually get to know them? Are you looking to get Catfished by an imposter? Nah. So how can you know he’s the real deal? Spiritually speaking, of course. This isn’t a dating show, Silly! We are talking about setting up camp, sticking right with, and ABIDING in Christ. This episode is a wild ride, but the destination is legit. #TheDudeAbides #TheRemedyWi...
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August 5, 2022 15 mins
It’s Sarah’s birthday! Today we celebrate the gift that is LIFE. The very breath in our lungs comes from YHWH. Listen along as Sarah encourages you to view your your life is a gift. No matter your age, celebrate life. #TheRemedyWithSarahAmazingGrace #LifeIsAGift #YHWH #BreathOfHeaven #GodWins #Birthday #Gift
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July 29, 2022 42 mins
WARNING: FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY PART 2 is here!! The discussion continues about sexual perversion, and twisting what was made by God as beautiful, into something counterfeit and soul robbing. In today’s episode Sarah and her special guest: Husband ERIC unpack the subject of pornography, and worldly sexual enticement. Sex is promoted all around our lives, except in the one place it should be celebrated and promoted in, within ...
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July 22, 2022 33 mins
Caution ⚠️: today’s episode is not intended for children. Adult subject matter. Rated for mature audiences only. Do you see what’s going on? Do you see how perversion in many aspects of life is creeping in? How did we get here? Opening the door for what we feel is an acceptable sin, often leaves the door open for a flood of wickedness you didn’t intend. Give the enemy an inch, you’ll be drowned by a mile. Today we embark on part 1 ...
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