The Resilient Entrepreneur with Michelle Mercier

The Resilient Entrepreneur with Michelle Mercier

Ever found yourself wanting to throw in the towel? Or wondering...who actually succeeds at this entrepreneur thing?!'ve come to the right place! In 2016, I made the bold decision to walk away from the corporate space to build my dream business. Little did I know that I'd be building it alongside two amazing but medically complicated children, debt up to my eyeballs and two life changing diagnoses of my own. Fast forward to today - I now have two flourishing businesses, a healthy family and am loving my life! If I can do can you! In this podcast, I'll share all my lessons learned along the way, as well as interview other entrepreneurs who have succeeded despite adversity. We’ll help you cultivate the right business knowledge and soft skills to succeed on your entrepreneurial journey. This show is for the entrepreneur who has an incredible vision to bring to the world and is determined to see it through no matter what life throws at them! Are you up to the challenge?!


January 23, 2023 16 mins

I'm wrapping up a remarkable three year journey with this podcast by sharing my top five lessons learned. I've had the privilege of speaking to so many incredible people throughout my time hosting this show and couldn't have asked for a better ride!  

A huge thank you to all my supporters. This podcast has impacted me in ways you can't even imagine. Don't worry...this isn't goodbye...just a big SEE YOU SOON!!


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Have you ever felt uninspired by life? That feeling might be directly connected to your ability to regain your agency by embracing creativity & innovation. 

Today, Susie deVille speaks to us about doing things that we love and connecting with our true self on a fulcrum of creativity is the key to success. It may sound like magical thinking, but she has worked with entrepreneurs for years and has the data to back it up! 

We discuss to...

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We’re speaking to David Perry, CEO of Carro, about his journey through entrepreneurship. He starts by speaking about the current level of adversity he’s facing as he’s moved from the video gaming industry over to ecommerce. From a pandemic to shipping issues to a war to a crypto market crash to a technical recession….this is not a market for the weary!!  For him, this has been one of the most turbulent periods of time to build a co...

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This is one of my all-time favorite episodes!!  Do. Not. Miss. It!

The New Year is almost upon us…and so is the “new year, new you” marketing. We’re taking a fresh look at this concept, as well as goal setting with today’s guest, Tara McMullin. 

Tara has recently published an incredible new book entitled: “What Works: A Comprehensive Framework to Change the Way We Approach Goal Setting.”

We discuss topics such as the: 

  • Challenge th...
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What happens when you are 150% dedicated to a company but you’re treated like a stranger? How is your mental health impacted by this level of toxicity and the decision to walk away?

Monica Adwani speaks to us today about how she left what she thought would be her forever job after realizing her level of dedication was underappreciated and she meant nothing to her employer. We chat about how Monica walked away without a plan and had ...

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What is one of the top things that entrepreneurs don’t like to admit? BURNOUT!! Why don’t people speak more openly about this topic and the major impacts it has on their lives?

Ivan Palomino speaks to us about how he set the stage for burning out early in his career in the corporate space. He thought he’d overcome it until it reared its ugly head again while he was raising funds as an entrepreneur. Now, he looks at burn out in a sim...

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Are you open to growing, evolving, and authentically telling your story to the world? Well, today’s guest is a fantastic example of how to do just that!

Brandon T. Adams speaks to us about how learning the importance of storytelling changed his professional trajectory for the better. He also speaks about how he overcame adversity by safeguarding what he lets into his mind. Brandon ensures that everything from his self-talk to inform...

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How do you get back up again when the blows just keep coming? Where do you find the drive to keep moving forward despite years of adversity?

Laura Spaulding speaks to us about her resilience journey that spans 20+ years of taking blows from life and getting back up. Her story is one of the craziest we’ve had on this show. Laura is an excellent example of charting your own course through adversity and never giving up. 

We discuss topi...

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Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to stop striving and start thriving? How about what it would feel like to reboot your life and step more fully into your authentic self?

Chanel Dokun speaks to us about her journey to discover the parts of her authentic self that had been buried under layers of societal expectations and pressures. Chanel spent years building the life she believed would make her happy only to emerge feel...

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Have you ever felt overwhelmed by adversity? Have you ever wanted to give up on your dreams?

Brent Freeman speaks to us about how adversity brought him to his knees…while simultaneously providing the inspiration he needed to make monumental changes in his life. 

We discuss topics such as how to:

  • Interrupt your adversity and thrive in all areas of your life
  • Identify the things that make you smile from the inside out 
  • Create a practic...
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Do the tasks involved with scaling your business feel insurmountable? 

Stacy Tuschl is an expert in creating processes and procedures that will help you successfully scale your business. She covers important topics such as:

  • Tackling the fear that accompanies taking your business to the next level
  • Embracing the many changes that can come with becoming a CEO
  • How to hire people that are in full alignment with your values
  • Why having sol...
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Did you know there are seven social and emotional assets for success that were developed and in place before you were eight years old? What are they? What if you didn’t develop one of the seven “success” traits?!

Dr. L. Carol Scott is here to tell us about her journey of recovering from major childhood trauma. She’ll also explain the seven traits and tell us how her Self Aware Success Strategies (SASS) can help to rewire your brain ...

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What happens when entrepreneurship doesn’t look like how you’d envisioned? How about when you’re burnt out and not feeling as connected to your business? 

Andrew Ryder is here to tell his story of how entrepreneurship ruined his life and how he was able to reinvent his business approach to ensure his personal & professional needs are met. He’s also here to tell us how to authentically connect with your business, produce content that...

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Did you know that upwards of 99% of calls made from a security system to a police department are false alarms? 😮

Today’s guest is disrupting the home security industry by pairing Artificial Intelligence with Human Intervention. David walks us through the scary experience that led him to create his company, Deep Sentinel. He also gives us a behind the scenes look at how his revolutionary approach is helping families feel safer in th...

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I’m welcoming Christina Flach who is a Celebrity Makeup and Hair artist, as well as the Creator & CEO of Pretty Girl Makeup. Christina has experienced an extensive amount of loss throughout her life – her mother, child & husband – and speaks to us about the need to find the joy and gratitude throughout life’s adversities. 


Interested in hiring Michelle as a coach, educator, or sp...

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Edgar Blazona takes us on a ride with his story of going from a high school drop out to the founder of an EIGHT figure company. His company, BenchMade Modern, increased its revenue by 100% during the pandemic (2020) and he’s going to give us the scoop on how he made it happen!


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What happens when you wake up one day and find yourself 100k in debt? How about when you take the “ignorance is bliss” approach to managing your personal or professional finances? How can facing your financial situation work to empower you? You’ll learn the answers to all of these and much more on today’s episode!  

Our guest has personally dug herself out of debt and now helps clients increase their profit margins so they keep more...

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Can you imagine going up against over a dozen doctors and not taking “no” for an answer?

Today’s guest refused to be a victim of her health circumstances and created a product that allows people to advocate for their own health. She’s on a mission to give people back their social life and feel good!


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What happens when you turn down major funding to stay true to your mission?

This guest’s story begins with the creation of a need-based product because of 9/11. The episode shows us how being dedicated to yourself and your mission can yield success beyond your wildest dreams. 


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Learn more about our incredib...

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Does this sound familiar? You go to someone with a great idea or a change you're making and the response is nowhere near what you'd expected. They call you crazy or try to change your mind. Next thing you've abandoned an idea that you thought was fantastic. I'm going to help you trust in the power of YOU over the opinions of others. 

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