The ROL Radio - Jiu Jitsu Podcast

The ROL Radio - Jiu Jitsu Podcast

The ROL Radio Show features your host BJJ Black Belt Thomas Rozdzynski of ROL Academy and his co-host Gary Pond. Take a listen to the untold stories from the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts as well as a unique take on life itself.


June 9, 2023 18 mins

What are the principles of Jiu Jitsu and when in your journey should you learn them?

On this Takeaway Thomas and Gary discuss the differences between the techniques, concepts, and principles of Jiu Jitsu and how you can apply them to improve your JIu Jitsu. 30% discount with ROLRADIO code at checkout. Over 1000 videos for your Jiu-Jitsu journey.

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Today’s guest is a true martial artist in every sense. He s one of the most decorated martial arts instructors in the country and is a black belt or certified instructor in at least 6 different martial arts.

Today Stephen Whittier joins the show to share his decades of martial arts experience, his unique approach to training and coaching, and a ton more. 

Here is The RŌL Radio with a 4th-degree bjj black belt, one of the highest rank...

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When you receive a promotion do you feel you deserve it or do you need to grow into the new rank?

Steve McKinney always felt like he needed to grow into his new belt. On today’s Takeaway Thomas and Gary discuss how they feel whenever they get promoted and why. 30% discount with ROLRADIO code at checkout. Over 1000 videos for your Jiu-Jitsu journey.

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May 31, 2023 73 mins

Today’s guest has been in the fitness industry for over 25 years. He is a personal trainer, owner of his own fitness company, and BJJ instructor.

Steve McKinney joins The RŌL Radio to discuss longevity in BJJ, the importance of fundamental jiu jitsu, letting go of the ego to prevent injury, the defensive mindset, and a ton more. 

Here’s The RŌL Radio with the owner of Fitness and More Inc, an instructor at Headnod HQ Brazilian Jiu Ji...

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What is your objective while passing the guard? Do you pass quickly to get to the dominant position as fast as you can, or do you grind your partner down while passing, slowly and methodically so that when you get to a dominant position your partner is already finished?

On this Takeaway, Thomas and Gary discuss Viktor Doria's on how and why to only pass once. 30% discount with ROLRADIO code at checkou...

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May 24, 2023 70 mins

On this episode, Viktor Doria discusses, why you only pass the guard once, what it was like coming up under Carlson Gracie Senior, how the business of Jiu Jitsu has changed the art, and why he believes Jiu Jitsu should never be an Olympic sport.

Here is The ROL Radio with Sergio Souza black belt, multi-time Worlds and Pan American champion, and a man who has trained with some of the biggest names in BJJ, Viktor Doria.


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It is often said that Jiu Jitsu is for everyone, but is it?

On this Takeaway Thomas and Gary discuss whether or not Jiu Jitsu is for everyone and if it is, why so many people quit. 30% discount with ROLRADIO code at checkout. Over 1000 videos for your Jiu-Jitsu journey.

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May 17, 2023 72 mins

On this episode, we have an Army veteran and Purple Heart recipient who currently serves in the Missouri National Guard, Nick Sanders.

Today Nick discusses his new academy, building a jiu-jitsu community, his standards for promoting students, and how jiu-jitsu benefits veterans in their return to civilian life.

Here’s the RŌL Radio with co-owner and instructor at Revive Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy, a black belt under Leonardo Pecanha...

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Have you recognized the people who support you?

After speaking with Felipe Simplicio, who had a wonderful support network around him, Thomas and Gary discuss the importance of a support network and its sometimes unlikely sources. 30% discount with ROLRADIO code at checkout. Over 1000 videos for your Jiu-Jitsu journey.

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May 10, 2023 63 mins

Today’s guest came to the United States with the promise of a job working at a jiu jitsu academy. Upon his arrival, he found out the job was not available. But that did not deter him and with only $100.00 to his name Felipe Simpicio fulfilled his dream of becoming a BJJ instructor and the owner of his own academy.

Here is The RŌL Radio with a second-degree black belt, and owner/instructor at Redzone Jiu Jitsu in Newtown Ct, Felipe S...

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Is simple Jiu Jitsu a good thing?

Vitor Shaolin thinks that this is the worst time to be starting Jiu Jitsu. His reasoning is that we are flooded with too much information. Classes, instructionals, and social media are all places to find info about Jiu Jitsu. But can absorbing all that info make 
Jiu Jitsu too complicated, and even be a distraction from where you should focus. 30% discount with ROLRADI...

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May 3, 2023 67 mins

Considered one of the best lightweight competitors of all time Vitor Shaolin has amassed a phenomenal Jiu Jitsu record as well as an impressive MMA record having fought in multiple MMA organizations.

Today Vitor discusses his start in Jiu Jitsu, his passion for competition, and why he tells his students that this is the worst time ever to start Jiu Jitsu.

Here is The Rol Radio with the owner and instructor at Vitor Shaolin’s BJJ, six...

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How do you define your self-worth? Do you base it on how much money you make, your social status, or on your wins and losses?

After a great conversation with Bruno Bastos and how his self-worth changed over the years, Thomas and Gary discuss how they measure their own self-worth and how we see ourselves through the eyes of others. 30% discount with ROLRADIO code at checkout. Over 1000 videos...

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April 26, 2023 80 mins

On this episode, we have a 5th-degree black belt who has been on the mats since the age of 10. Out of a small town in Texas, he currently leads one of the highest-ranked competition teams in the world.

Today Bruno Bastos joins us to discuss how he started Jiu Jitsu by accident, how to deal with pressure, the importance of perspective, and a ton more.

Here is The RŌL Radio with 5th-degree black belt, IBJJF Masters gi and NOGI World Ch...

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Do you suck at jiu-jitsu and is that necessarily a bad thing?

After a great conversation with the host of The I Suck at Jiu Jitsu  Show, Thomas and Gary discuss why you should never lose the mindset of a student, why it is okay to suck at jiu-jitsu, and why thinking you have perfected something can hold you back. 30% discount with ROLRADIO code at checkout. Over 1000 videos for your Jiu-Jitsu jou...

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April 19, 2023 71 mins

We all know we suck at jiu-jitsu when we start and today’s guest wants us to keep that mindset throughout our jiu-jitsu journey. 

Josh McKinney is on a quest to “suck less at jiu-jitsu” and he shares his philosophy on why thinking we are good can hold us back, how and why he became hooked on 
jiu -jitsu, why he feels an academy owner should teach classes, and a ton more.

Here is The RŌL Radio with the owner and instructor of Heah...

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Why is it so hard to ask for help? Are you afraid to be wrong? Are you worried you will be embarrassed?

After speaking with Maggie Grindatti who believes we should focus on what we are good at and ask for help with everything else, Thomas and Gary discuss why it is so hard to admit we need help and even harder to ask for it. 30% discount with ROLRADIO code at checkout. Over 1000 videos for your Jiu Jitsu j...

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April 12, 2023 73 mins

Today’s guest is one of the most decorated bjj competitors around. She is a multi-time world champion and won 3 consecutive world championships from 2017 through 2019.

On this episode, the day after opening her new gym Champion Fit, Maggie Grindatti joins us to discuss what it takes to open your own business, why she opened a fitness gym instead of a jiu-jitsu academy, how she is able to trust and accept whatever life throws her way...

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Are you a failure when you tap out in Jiu Jitsu?

BJJ Dirty Dozen member David Meyer was a newly promoted Rigan Machado black belt who was struggling on the mats. He was so nervous about being bested by anyone since becoming a black belt that became all he could think about. That was until Rigan said, David, I give you permission to tap. After hearing those words David looked at the tap in a whole new way.

On this ...

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April 5, 2023 90 mins

On today’s episode, we have another Dirty Dozen member, David Meyer. David is not only one of the first non-Brazilians to receive a bjj black belt but he is the first American to medal in the IBJJF World Championships.

David was already a black belt in a different style of jiu jitsu before he started training with the Machados. He soon realized that what Rigan Machado was doing on the mats was vastly superior to what he knew. David ...

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