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Welcome to the Ron Show - Atlanta's only progressive audio platform airing five days a week on AmericaOne Radio, M-F 5-6pm. Host Ron Roberts covers Atlanta, metro Atlanta, Georgia and national politics from a pretty unique lens ... he's just your run-of-the-mill Georgia-born gay cat-dad liberal realtor & talk show host. Dime a dozen, right?


November 28, 2023 44 mins

Atlanta hosted final tributes to First Lady Rosaylynn Carter - with her loving husband President Jimmy Carter in attendance - today. I've some highlights & notes.

It's "Giving Tuesday," and opted to yield the remainder of my show to providing the spotlight for A Reach - an organization empowering the brain health & mental wellness for Atlanta's underserved youth, as well as Georgia Equality and Lifeli...

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Author and Rev. James "Major" Woodall ("Wired for Racism: How Evolution & Faith Challenge Racial Idolatry") and attorney Michelle McLafferty of the firm Lawrence & Bundy (representing Fair Fight Action) join me separately to discuss the ramifications of yesterday's appeals court ruling imperiling section 2 of the Voting Rights Act.

I'm also joined by Democratic congressional candidate Shawn Harr...

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November 20, 2023 44 mins

First Lady Rosalynn Carter, wife of President Jimmy Carter, passed away Sunday at her Plains, Georgia home, surrounded by loved ones, including her husband. The Carter Presidential Library - which has a wonderful biography of her - has already mapped out three days of remembrance in her honor for the first three days of next week.

Today, I devoted the entirety of the program to sharing tributes, conversations and even a long-forgo...

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November 17, 2023 44 mins

President Joe Biden (like former VP Mike Pence) handled his classified document "finds" in a vastly more transparent & congenial manner than you-know-who, which is why Joe & Mike aren't facing charges and you-know-who is.

Fani Willis' office has indicated she and her team will be ready for trial next August - three months before the general election and just weeks after the GOP likely nominates THE defend...

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November 16, 2023 44 mins

Major League Baseball announced the All-Star Game will return to Atlanta in 2025 after it pulled it from Truist Park in 2021. I'll remind anyone who'll listen that - despite what Republicans had many believing - Stacey Abrams did *not* push for that to happen in 2021.

An antebellum building fire at Stone Mountain Park got me to reminiscing about childhood visits there and admitting that I had no idea the very creation of t...

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We now know who leaked Fani's video collection and there's little understanding as to why, really, but we'll hear the perp out. Marjorie Taylor Greene got schooled by a fellow House member for apparently skipping out on the lessons of "Schoolhouse Rock," so we'll cue one up for her. She also lost a flimsy court case.

I'm largely supportive of the "Stop Cop City" movement in general, the refe...

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While it's unclear who leaked proffer testimony from the Fulton DA case (mounting) against Donald Trump, it's also unclear how it - in any way - helps Trump or any of his associates, and yet the DA's office seems to think Harrison Floyd's folks leaked to ABC News.

Regardless, I've the audio and will share some key moments revealed, as well as Fani Willis at a WaPo conference earlier today revealing how long she...

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November 14, 2023 44 mins

As Cop City protestors gathered, marched and wound up being tear-gassed, an Atlanta apartment community is reeling from the stupidity of two individuals who put celebrating birthdays with fireworks over the safety & wellness of residents. Trust me, there's a connection I'm getting to here.

Atlanta's fire department is routinely shutting down more than a quarter of its fire stations because it hasn't enough staf...

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November 10, 2023 44 mins

Middle school math teacher, Georgia Young Dem President & Morehouse grad Bryce Berry announced he's running for the Georgia House - in district 56. If that number sounds familiar, it's the seat currently occupied by Republican Mesha Manor. I got to know him a little bit on the show today.

Outgoing West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin sat with former Senator Roy Blunt at the Isakson Symposium at the University of Georgia e...

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West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin announced he's not running for his seat in 2024, sending shivers down the backs of Democrats hoping to hold a Senate majority. I spoke with Kendal Scudder, host of "Pod Bless Texas" & vice chair of the Texas Democratic Party to discuss why Democrats struggle in rural places like West Virginia (and Texas).

Then there's the opportunity to review the latest GOP presidential prim...

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November 8, 2023 44 mins

Andrew Heaton, political consultant & advisor for the Jerica Richardson congressional campaign, rejoined me today to bask in the afterglow of Tuesday election gains for Democrats and choice advocates. Don't worry, my pessimism kept him honest, to a degree.

New AJC/UGA polling shows a neck-and-neck race in Georgia (no surprise) between President Biden and former President Trump, but there are revealing subtexts I dove into, ...

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With polls showing some degradation of support among African Americans for the Democratic party (or at least it's presumptive nominee & incumbent President), I sought out someone I knew would give me the temperature ... so educator and author Dante King ("The 400 Year Holocaust") was my guest today. Gird your loins; it's not an easy listen.

So what do President Biden & Democrats do?

Also, why is the Missi...

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November 6, 2023 44 mins

No sugarcoating the latest New York Times / Sienna College presidential polling data that just dropped; so I won't try to.

Instead, I'll pontificate as to what has to be done - if anything can be - or if Democrats and Biden/Harris have to figure out a way to communicate with the America we live in - on America's level.

And before anyone goes thinking I'm only talking about MAGA voters or low=info voters (often one ...

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November 3, 2023 44 mins

So how exactly did "Stop Cop City" folks get all those signatures? A good in-depth AJC piece dove into that, plus gave some dismaying estimates from a (not hardly impartial) firm prepping to validate the petitions.

Also, noteworthy the relative relief many Cobb County residents are feeling with the hopes they'll be drawn out of Marjorie Taylor Greene's district. We think. 

In my attempt to implore that "lo...

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November 2, 2023 44 mins

I spent more than half of my show agreeing with Republican politicians, y'all. Let that sink in.

Fulton district 2 commissioner Bob Ellis went all-in on Sheriff Pat Labat's alleged mishandling of money in a fund meant for "inmate welfare" on things like soirees, party DJs and personal vehicle use. Now, while Labat - or for that matter anyone from his department - was present to speak to the allegations, commissio...

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November 1, 2023 44 mins

Dom Kelly, co-founder & CEO of New Disabled South & New Disabled South Rising PAC joined me to discuss his being a Jewish American who's pro-Palestinian and give his reaction to recent Senate subcommittee testimony that insinuates Georgia's DFCS sought to detain foster kids with exceptional needs in youth detention facilities because they were too hard to place. We also touched on the GOP's efforts to expand cas...

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November 1, 2023 44 mins

No real show agenda today, and no one "major" story to harp on, so I bounced around a good bit. There's discussion on new state maps, our cooler (and drier & windier - be careful with the yard burns) weather, how to put Georgia's $16 billion surplus to use, the escalating death toll in Gaza, the rise in ugly antisemitism here in Georgia and the prospects of an MTG presidential campaign?

Hasn't America suf...

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October 30, 2023 44 mins

Georgia's Department of Family & Childres Services were accused - in a Senate subcommittee hearing today - of seeking permission to detain special needs kids in the foster system. DETAIN. The state with the $11.7 billion (or more) surplus, with a stretched-thin DHS system and inadequate facilities for the special needs community, has a foster system looking to "detain" kids as a temporary (or is it?) solution. Let...

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October 27, 2023 44 mins

"MAGA Mike" Johnson, new Speaker of the House, got the soft glove treatment from Sean Hannity Thursday night on Fox News, but there were a handful of moments worth hearing & chiming in on. They touched on gun policy (sort of), which gave me an excuse to share some Randy Rainbow work, aid to Israel & Ukraine (Sean, invoking the 'European fair share' trope - roundly debunked), Johnson's anti-gay work &am...

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October 26, 2023 44 mins

Another deadly mass shooting has a community and surrounding state essentially on lockdown and a numb nation is immobile to do anything. I spoke with Leigh Richardson, licensed counselor, founder of The Brain Performance Center and author of the book "Turn Your Brain On to Get Your Game On: The How, What, Why to Peak Performance" to ask how survivors & grief-stricken loved ones handle such a scenario and what, if anyt...

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