The School of Moxie Podcast

The School of Moxie Podcast

Brought to you by Sensible Woo... The business analogies you love are now in podcast form! We take popular television series and movies and use them as the lens through which we talk about building better businesses. Listen, entrepreneurship should feel fun and exciting, but when you're stuck in a rut then you know it's time to bring in a fun strategy. Analogous problem solving through entertainment sounds like just the ticket. This podcast is organized into seasons based on the show title or theme. Trying something that might be outside your normal comfort zone of television programming (or any media consumption, for that matter) is a healthy thing… Especially when it’s guided with a group that’s doing the same activity. Whether or not you feel like you’ve been struggling to connect with other people, being connected to the zeitgeist in some way is a critical component to feeling like you belong in this world. And you do. Something that’s really important about this podcast is that I want to change the way we talk about business through this medium. You will never hear about a freebie or a launch from one of my guests on this show. The goal here is for them to model for you, and to practice for themselves, how to be 100% human have a truly authentic conversation. My guests’ information will always be in the show notes and you will have total freedom of choice to go check them out, sign up email lists, follow them on social media, or whatever it is they provide as ways to connect with you. You’re officially in the drivers seat… I can’t wait to go on this ride with you!


December 13, 2023 15 mins

In the season finale of the School of Moxie Podcast, host Mary Williams reflects on the journey of Season 1, centered around the video game adaptation, "The Last of Us." She shares insights from the official podcast of the show, where creators originally aimed for ten episodes but discovered a more compelling narrative by merging the first two episodes into one. This parallels the concept of completing hard tasks, and Mar...

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In this episode, host Mary Williams and guest Chris Martin delve into the essence of authenticity in podcasting. They discuss the lack of humanity in many current business-related podcasts, emphasizing the need for genuine conversations over scripted exchanges.  The conversation touches on editing to preserve human elements, personal growth through professional work, and scripting podcast seasons based on thematic characters. This ...

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Step behind the scenes of the School of Moxie podcast with host Mary Williams as she unravels the tapestry of creativity, analogies, and business insights that shape this groundbreaking series. Discover the podcast's unique approach, diving deep into Season One of the HBO original series 'The Last of Us,' wielding spoilers as a tool for comprehensive discussions. 

Dive into the entrepreneurial realm with Mar...

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Welcome to the School of Moxie, where business meets entertainment in unexpected ways! In this episode, host Mary Williams takes you on a journey through the first season, drawing insights from the HBO series, The Last of Us. Discover the power of analogical thinking as Mary and her guests unravel entrepreneurial secrets using TV show narratives. Explore the theme of completion and its parallels in entrepreneurship.

Join Mary in a p...

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Join host Mary Williams and special guest Renee Bowen in the second of a two-part episode (see episode 3, “From Hollywood to Business” for the first part) as they dive into the realms of entrepreneurship, parenting, and personal growth through the lens of The Last of Us. Explore the challenges of carving your unique path in saturated markets and how to disrupt the ordinary. Find inspiration in their journey from starting businesses...

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Join host Mary Williams and special guest Stephanie Ayars dive deep into the emotional and thematic aspects of The Last of Us.

This week, the podcast delves into the similarities between the characters Joel and Ellie in "The Last of Us" and the challenges faced in real life, emphasizing the value of stubborn determination and adaptation.

Throughout the conversation, the hosts highlight the impact of storytelling, both in ga...

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In this week’s episode, join host Mary Williams and special guest Erica Courdae for the second part of a two part episode. 

The episode delves into the powerful realization that no one is defined solely as "good" or "bad." Instead, Mary and Erica explore the idea that all individuals possess the capacity for both light and shadow, and our unique life experiences shape our responses. Erica masterfully articulates ...

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Join our host, Mary Williams, in a stimulating conversation with Erica Courdae, an expert in discussing complex topics. Unpack the changing dynamics of identity, survival, and leadership as they relate to the show's unforgettable characters.

Discover the parallels between the fictional world of "The Last of Us" and our own lives. Explore the profound impact of messy endings and the importance of authentic self-express...

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In this week’s episode, join host Mary Williams and special guest Eunice Brownlee as they delve deep into the topics of trauma bonding, resilience, and the often-hidden coercive control dynamics present in both personal and business relationships. They explore the impact of non-disparagement clauses on transparency and accountability, shedding light on an important issue in the entrepreneurial landscape.

This episode isn't just...

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In this week’s episode, join host Mary Williams and special guest Madeline Reeves as we explore the complex tapestry of identity and self-discovery within the backdrop of a challenging world.

Discover the pivotal role of community and communal living, as we draw lessons from the characters' resilience in the face of adversity. We unravel the intricate duality of human nature, both light and dark, and how relationships can shape...

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In this week’s episode, join host Mary Williams and special guest Peya Robbins as they explore more thought-provoking themes from the HBO series "The Last of Us." Drawing parallels between the show's post-apocalyptic world and the ever-evolving landscape of business, the conversation delves into the importance of boundaries, authenticity, and finding one's own path in entrepreneurship.

Discover how building commu...

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In this week’s episode, your host, Mary Williams, dives deep into the transformative power of the arts and the nuances of life's challenges with special guest Beth Salyers. 

Join the discussion as we explore the sacrifices and resilience needed to excel in any field, the importance of embracing nuance, and how to navigate life's "sh*t sandwiches." 

Discover the parallels between the characters in the series and ou...

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Host Mary Williams engages in a thought-provoking conversation with special guest Tonya Kubo as they unravel the layers of post-apocalyptic drama and its profound impact on human behavior.

"The Last of Us," known for its gripping storytelling, vividly illustrates the breakdown of structured society. As a community designer, Tonya shares her insights on the importance of creating safe structures within both communities and ...

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This week’s episode explores the power of collaboration, resilience, and the intrinsic motivation that keeps entrepreneurs going even when faced with adversity.

Drawing parallels between the characters in the game and real-life business scenarios, host Mary Williams and guest Lindsey Pope embark on a journey to discover how lessons from the capsule episode “Long, Long Time” with Bill & Frank can translate into tangible wisdom fo...

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Ready to talk about pivotal relationships? Join us as we dive into the world of "The Last of Us" and uncover the unexpected parallels it holds with the world of entrepreneurship. Our host Mary Williams and guest Sarah Allyn Bauer explore the journey of Tess and Joel, reflecting on their transformation from a surviving duo to the emergence of new connections.

Join us in uncovering how the journey of these characters sheds l...

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After warming up into the series episodes, this week we delve into the post-apocalyptic world of "The Last of Us" by starting our episodic discussions.  This episode centers around the first episode in the television series, "When You're Lost in the Darkness" and we'll use it to uncover the unexpected lessons it holds for entrepreneurs. 

Host Mary Williams is joined by special guest Megan Grav...

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Join host Mary Williams and guest Renee Bowen in the first of a two-part discussion that will help you examine your own relationship to the business of influence and notoriety. Explore the relationship between celebrity influence, entrepreneurship, and personal development through the lens of the HBO original series "The Last of Us."  Gain practical insights and inspiration to confidently embrace imperfection, take action...

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Join host Mary Williams and guest Ashlan Glazier-Anderson as they delve into the proverbial game world of entrepreneurship. 

Ashlan shares her insights on problem-solving skills gained from gaming and how they translate to business success. With intriguing anecdotes and thought-provoking observations, Mary and Ashlan explore the profound impact of storytelling and gameplay mechanics on personal growth and business strategy. 


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Welcome to the School of Moxie podcast powered by Sensible Woo. We're flipping the script on business talk and infusing fun through pop culture, movies, and TV shows to navigate life as individuals.

Here's the deal: Analogical thinking is our superpower. We use media and entertainment to unveil our values and who we are. Analogies are the bridges between vague problems and solid solutions. Trust me, it's a game-change...

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Welcome to the School of Moxie Podcast, brought to you by Sensible Woo.  This is the podcast where we break the mold around business podcast conversations.  We make it FUN around here by using television, movies, and entertainment as the jumping off point for conversations about how we navigate the world as individuals.  

I’ve always been inspired by my early career in the media world with big entertainment and media studi...

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